UFC Not Sure When Mike Goldberg Will Return to Broadcast Team

January 1, 2013
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Mike Goldberg UFC 95It appears Jon Anik will be on call for the foreseeable future as the play-by-play man for the UFC with regular broadcaster Mike Goldberg taking a break.

UFC 155 ended up with a late change in the broadcast booth instead of the Octagon with Goldberg out of action, and fellow play-by-play man Jon Anik stepping in to fill the role alongside color commentator Joe Rogan.

UFC president Dana White didn’t embellish much when asked about when Goldberg could return to the broadcast booth, but it looks like he’s going to be off for a little while dealing with personal issues.

“Goldie’s out for a while and I don’t know when he’ll be back,” White said on Saturday.

Mike Goldberg has been the regular play-by-play announcer for the UFC for many years, and has also called college football and hockey for much of his broadcast life.

It was only in 2011 that the UFC hired Anik after a stint at ESPN to work play-by-play for the promotion in their ever expanding show schedule. Anik typically works alongside former UFC contender Kenny Florian covering the UFC broadcasts on FX and Fuel TV.

Anik stepped in and covered UFC 155 with Rogan, and the next major UFC card goes down on Jan 19 in Brazil, which is UFC on FX 7 that Anik will work with Florian.

It’s unknown at this time if Goldberg could potentially return for the UFC on Fox 6 show in Chicago in late January or if Anik will continue to fill his role while he’s out.

  • b-soc

    Hope its nothing serious. Comeback soon!

  • GOD

    never come back Goldberg…stay away from mma

  • name

    Come back soon!!! Jon Anik sounded like he wasn’t even watching the fights while he was commentating.

  • Teddy

    Goldberg just quotes stats and ads… Its like listening to commercials during a fight. Uuhhhgg

    • Kbroesq

      Coming up next!

  • Maddawgmar

    I can’t stand Jon Anik. I hope they bring in someone better for the big shows, til Goldberg returns.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Goldberg and rogan are amazing has a team i really hope he comes back soon

  • Progidy

    Progigy… Prodidy

  • Fighters like Frank Mir, Ken Flo and Phil Baroni are great commentators. No offense to Jon Anik I have no issue with him but anyone of those fighters with Joe Rogan is an awesome team.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Mauro Renallo!

      • Timothy Malone

        Lets pray Mauro Ranallo is not part of the package deal when Strikeforce folds

      • lol Nobody likes him. I’ve have never once seen anyone say anything positive about him. Everybody says he’s annoying and looks like a psycho killer. Not my words of course, I don’t know the guy personally. His voice commentary better suits professional wrestling IMO though. The only thing I never liked about him is in every fight in Strikeforce he would always state something made history in MMA. Like when Kimbo got KO’d. That wasn’t really a big deal in the mma world at all.

        • Mike Oxafloppin

          There’s a real good reason not to like him. When I went to Strikeforce in Cincinnati everyone from Kenny Rice & Bas Rutten to Scott Coker & Ed Soares were cool as hell and talked to the fans. Mauro was a pompous, arrogant prick who thought that none of the fans were worth his time and ignored everyone.

          • I don’t get when guys act like that. In any sport no matter what your position is. The fans help make the sport what it is along with the athletes and promoters. Every fan deserves to be appreciated.

          • Mike Oxafloppin

            Couldn’t agree more

          • DamianCross

            I met Mauro in 2007 at the M-1 deal signing in NYC. He granted me an interview even though my news site was low tier and was totally cool the whole time. He DID pause to hit on a girl that passed by us though.

        • Gary Fredericks

          LOL He’s like the Larry Merchant of MMA broadcast teams!

    • GoNoles

      how did you forget chael? dude is a beast on the mic

      • Good call. Chael has a great personality and has great communication skills. He even has a bachelor of science degree in sociology.

  • jtgoldboss

    Bad call Dana. I have one name– Mauro Ranallo!!!! (And I’d take Bas along side him!)

    • shakejunt

      ughhhhh i’d take anyone, including frank shamrock, over mauro

      • DMT

        Frank Shamrock is my favourite mma commentator, I’ll never forget his commentary over the Fedor vs Werdum fight. The UFC really should get rid of both Rogan and Goldberg, they both suck (although not as dry as Kenflo and Anik). Bas Ruten is pretty entertaining too. Even that douchebag Aussie guy “It’s the BIG KABOSH! IT’S THE BIG KABOSH!” is better than Goldberg. Whatever, just ake Rogan and Goldberg out. I’d love to see how Rogans “comedy” career takes a dive when his claim to fame dwindles out. I’ve never laughed at anything he’s said.

        • GoNoles

          your insane if you think they should get rid of rogan. how much crack you smoke today bud?

    • Kbroesq

      I really don’t get the love for Ranallo. He seems like a good guy, but how can you stand that fake, over-exaggerated ‘announcer voice’ that he has. I honestly feel like he’s a parody of an announcer voice on SNL or something.

  • Ivan

    Anik is very bad commentator (((((

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Bring is bas or randy for god sakes. Anik rogan combo was awkward and didnt flow at all.

  • Jonathan

    I’ts just not the same without him, kenflo and mir works though

  • George Sperry

    I can’t stand Goldfarb and I hope he never comes back. This isn’t to say I wish his “personal” problems continue, just that he is lousy at his job.
    As far as it goes Rogan can go too. Rogan zero’s in on one fighter and see’s little of what the other does. Goldfarb just repeats Rogan until I have to turn the sound off.

  • Not Drinking The Cool-Aid

    im glad goldberg is gone. his retarded and useless factoids can go **** themselves. did you know that fighter x likes to eat carrots? no goldberg, i didn’t know and I don’t care!

  • Lu-Cipha

    I would actually really enjoy him never coming back. I would rather listen to Ken Flo and Rogan.

  • kalbo

    lidel should try commenting…man that would be the end of ufc! lol

  • ifyouhaven’tnoticed

    rehab….this dude is always doped out of mind.

    • DMT

      Rogan is doped out of his mind before during and after every ufc, which is a good thing, but i still can’t stand the guy. As for Goldberg, he drinks several energy drinks and has to go for a piss 5 or six times during the show. That cannot be healthy.

      • Kbroesq

        My favorite is when Rogan and Goldberg will be on camera before big fights or before the PPV starts. Rogan is usually looking at Goldberg like he’s turning into a bridge troll asking in for a riddle to cross a bridge or something. He’s got to be baked out of his mind.

        • Gary Fredericks

          I laughed out loud at this! I seen the same thing! LOL

        • Geesus

          My favorite as well is watching Rogan incessantly licking his lips.

          Got some cotton mouth Joe?! xDD

  • Julio Caesar Louise Montaña

    For the show Edgar Aldo show they should have joe rogan Dana white and Forrest so we can hear the rediculous commentating like they do on TUF when they make people fight to get in the house. ie the best tuf 7 with Dana Forrest and rampage doing evaluation/comintary that **** was priceless

  • Jeffy G

    I wish Goldberg nothing but the best in dealing with whatever his issues are.

    Would have liked to see Ken Flo or Randy Couture along side Rogan instead of Anik. He does a passable job but no personality at all.

  • Mike mckinney

    It’s kinda weird how Goldie and rogan have worked out. I believe the idea was that rogan was supposed to be the color guy, and Goldie the play by play. It seems like they both meshed that up. I like it, but its not traditional. Anik will have trouble with that for awhile. Rogan does a lot of play by play, and it will be trouble for the more traditional anik to figure out his place.

  • sprackles

    good riddance.goldberg has absolutely no insight to the fight game. he obviously isnt interested in mma. he just got a nice voice and enjoys a cush job(no shame in that()
    but i wont pretend that i will miss him or that he a ‘good’ commentator. he does make joe rogan stand out that by contrast,.

  • ufosrreal

    re: Goldberg. The commentary shows a lack of respect for some of the fighters, e.g., talking up one and ignoring the other. I wonder sometimes whether should believe what I am hearing or what I am seeing. Sometimes have to turn off the sound.
    re: judging. Sometimes wonder what fights those guys are watching. Herb Dean said his job was a “sacred trust” (my favorite ref) and the fighters need to be treated equally. The judges should adopt this belief. Too many bad decisions, e.g., Bisping def. Hammil, Sanchez def. Kampmann (Sanchez’s eyes were black and blue, puffed up and almost closed; blood flowing from scalp, coming out of ear and nose; head deformed; Kampmann with only an abrasion), Cruz def. Faber, Hendricks def. Koscheck — baloney!

  • Advance*

    A lot of you guys are suggesting other color commentators. Yes, Rogan basically does the play-by-play but they need someone to bring everything together. Goldberg is basically a robot that just repeats things he’s heard and somehow STILL has no insight into MMA, but he does what he’s there for. I actually like Anik and he seems to actually know what he’s talking about. It seems like a lot of people have a problem with him though. But suggesting Mir, Florian or people like that makes no sense since that is Rogan’s job

  • George Sperry

    MMAmania is reporting Goldfarb is addicted to adderal and is going or is in Rehab.

    • Mr Potato

      That would make a lot of sense. The guy was taking an unhealthy amount of high caffeine energy drink before each show to get him pumped up. That is bound to have had a negative effect upon him, and adderall is the next step up to keep him stimulated. Joe Rogan has also been talking a lot about adderall recently and how it messes people up, how it is like cocaine etc (although he didn’t mention Goldberg, well he wouldn’t, but Goldy’s addiction could have been why he keeps thinking and discussing it).

  • Kbroesq

    Does this mean I won’t get to hear, “HE’S PUTTIN’ ON A CLINIC, JOE!”, anymore?

  • Diggler

    I seriously do not understand how anyone could want Goldberg to come back. The guy knows nothing about the sport, he blabs obvious observations, he vomits superlatives to overstate anything, he takes no time to actually get to know the fighters so that he could tell us something we don’t already know, he makes wrong observations about technique (and gets corrected), and finally he’s cheesy. What all that add’s up to is that quite simply Goldberg is a douchebag that should get a job with the WWE announcing staged theatre.

    • Guest

      So, the corporate standerd (meaning Goldberg was hired to “reach a wider audience”) doesn’t really work at all then. And should never be an excuse to put lame a$$e$ commentating on things they have NO idea about????

  • TrentSki

    Jon Anik is really bad, and makes Goldberg look good. So that sucks balls
    I remember hearing Jon in the cage with the microphone, telling a guy congratulations after he got KO’d on TUF, shocker