UFC Not Looking to Expand Women’s Division Any Further Any Time Soon

September 2, 2014
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Carla Esparza and Claudia GadelhaTheir competition might be looking to explore other women’s divisions, but the UFC is sticking to what they currently have and no more for the foreseeable future.

Company president Dana White explained during a recent media scrum that the UFC will not seek to add any more divisions to their women’s ranks, and the two current weight classes will be the only ones in the Octagon.

“No, because we have two divisions,” White said in Sacramento, when asked if he plans on adding a women’s 125-pound division. “That 125 right in the middle will screw a lot of things up. We’re going stay here for a long time. We’re going to be at 115 and 135 for a long time.”

Following the success of Ronda Rousey and her reign over the women’s bantamweight ranks, the UFC decided in late 2013 to add another division, opening up the women’s strawweight class. The first 115-pound women’s UFC fight took place last July at UFC Fight Night Atlantic City, when Claudia Gadelha defeated Tina Lahdemaki on the undercard of the event.

The bulk of the women’s strawweights will be featured on the upcoming 20th season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Bellator, the UFC’s main competitor, recently announced the addition of the women’s 145-pound division to their promotion. A fight between Marloes Coenen and Julia Budd will be Bellator’s first women’s fight since the organization abandoned WMMA in 2013. A date and venue for the fight were not revealed.

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  • Mark McDowall

    Why??? There are alot of great fights out there at 125 and 145. Oh you don’t want to take the light off of Rousey…ok I get it.

    • Don Lee

      125 yes. 145 no talent.

      • shakejunt

        barb honchak is a badass for sure, but 125 is pretty shallow outside of her.

    • Janet Doen

      If you fight at 125, you can easily move to 115 or 135 —- source: personal amateur experience.

      The best thing they did was add that 115 – where you can now get the smaller 125s and down to the 100-105s. The range of fighter right now probably sits at about 100-150 – which is where most (by a wide margin) of the female talent resides. When you have a massive supply of fighters, weight classes at every 10 lbs is great. But, if you’ve ever fought on the amateur circuit, you know that fighters are well able to make a range of weight classes.

      • Mark McDowall

        I think the 115ers are going to show up the 135ers. I have seen a bunch of fights and they are always exciting!

        • shakejunt

          they’re somewhat lacking in finishes, but they’ll put on a show regardless.

  • Mackie Rodger

    What a load of crap. 10 pounds is a massive difference, percentage-wise, at those smaller weights. We are talking big mismatches and permanent damage to records, bodies and careers.

    • shakejunt

      they can’t lose half their bw division

    • Janet Doen

      Actually, when I fought as an amateur female, I found that women are far more likely to run a 10-20 lb difference in competition classes than men. I walk around at 115, but fought in everything from 105-130. Weight management is a big deal in fighting, but not so much because of where you walk around at – more because you have to get yourself to a predetermined weight (it’s part of the mind game portion of fighting.)

    • JoeDisqus56

      The existing divisions are already laughably shallow. The novelty of watching chicks whale on each other is bound to wear off.

      • shakejunt

        nah, every invicta card is awesome.

      • Hugo

        I’m pretty sure you mean, “to wale on,” not to “whale on.” Or perhaps you were thinking about the women’s super heavy weights?

        • JoeDisqus56

          I wasn’t sure so I looked it up before posting. According to merriam-webster the definition of whale includes “to strike or hit vigorously.” Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

  • The Dude


  • MPA2000

    Of course not. He is afraid Cyborg will take over. That’s why he keeps going down in female weight divisions, than up at featherweight, where the strong women are.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Cyborgs next fight is scheduled for 135lbs.

    • who what huh

      The women’s featherweight division is garbage except for Cyborg and Coenen(who just signed with Bellator). Pretty much everyone else notable who’s fought at 145 either cut to 135 or has lost to multiple people who cut to 135.

      • shakejunt

        love watching marloes fight, but time seems to have passed her by. your point still holds though.

    • shakejunt

      145 is a wasteland. cyborg is scheduled to fight in invicta at 135 in december.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Because there is so much untapped potential out there at 125 and 145. 135 is so shallow, Tate already fought for the title twice, Carano is being talked about an instant title fight and Ronda is busy making movies and tv shows.

  • David Gerald

    See, if he opens up a 145lbs division then he can’t continue to call Rhonda the baddest woman on the planet…..not if there’s bigger and badder competing a weight class above her. The heaviest female class is the defacto HW of the females so if it only goes to 135 then Rhonda is the top of the heap

    • shakejunt

      look at who fights at 145, she’d still be the baddest. cyborg is the only exception.

    • Axx Kxx

      I agree as a women fighter in a welter weight class I would annihilate Rhonda, but as long as they refuse to put in any more weight classes then no one can challenge her or Dana.

  • ac

    So you guys say the divisions are shallow in talent and your solution is to create more divisions…

    • shakejunt

      you speaking to the ufc of towards the commenters here? if the latter, then you hit the nail on the head.

  • surfside

    Girls punching each other in the face. Just what everyone wants to see. How sick has our country become?

    • shakejunt

      as opposed to not even being allowed to choose this profession?

      tell ISIS i say what’s up.

  • Maven


  • Axx Kxx

    I am a us army war veteran and a fighter, I am in a welter weight class, that is if there was such a thing for females. Too bad the only reason the MMA has women in it at all is just for looks, if it was for fighting they would make sure to have more weight classes. I wish I could fight a male in the ring, I would love to see the look on everyone’s face as I broke my opponent.