UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva Back to 205? “Never Say Never”

April 21, 2011
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Anderson Silva UFC 126

Anderson Silva at the UFC 126 post-fight press conference

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will next put his title on the line when he faces Yushin Okami at UFC 134 in August in his home country of Brazil.

Prior to that fight ever being made, UFC president Dana White told the crowd following UFC 128 that Silva had told him specifically that he wanted to fight at middleweight and not go back to 205 pounds, as he had done twice before when the promotion offered him fights in the heavier class.

Silva’s focus is indeed on defending his middleweight title, but if the right opportunity came up at light heavyweight, there’s a very famous phrase that goes something like “never say never.”

“If there’s opportunities that happen to be the right opportunities at the right time, then we’ll take them. But right now he’s focused on the middleweight title,” Silva’s manager Ed Soares told MMAWeekly Radio.

White had mentioned that Silva always felt he was a middleweight, and never really expressed a great interest in fighting at 205 pounds. While it’s true that Silva has spent the majority of his time at 185 pounds, the biggest fights in the sport are what the Brazilian is focused on.

In the future, that may even mean a return to light heavyweight.

“I don’t know if he’s always felt that,” Soares commented about Silva’s mindset always being at 185 pounds. “He’s focused on defending his middleweight title, that’s his weight class, that’s where he feels comfortable at.”

Like anything else in this sport, there’s no telling what the future holds or what fights could come up for Silva as he continues his reign of terror a top the middleweight division, and is locked in a battle with Georges St-Pierre for the designation of MMA’s pound-for-pound best.

And that phrase that everyone’s heard before? Well, it’s true, at least according to Silva’s manager.

“You can never say never, that’s for sure,” Soares stated.

Silva’s main focus, at least for the next six months, is getting ready to avenge the last loss on his professional record, as he faces Yushin Okami in the main event of the upcoming UFC 134 event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If he’s able to settle that score, then Silva will think about what’s next or what weight class he may entertain.

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  • shereko

    Lemme guess though, some clown will come out and say how he knew Anderson when he was a baby on the streets of Curatiba and he is scared to fight Jon Jones or how this or that isn’t true or is true because “they know”… Lets just say Joe Silva will tell us what fights will happen and what fights won’t happen within UFC.

  • BigGuy

    Get serious! If he wants to really be the best ever, he will ABSOLUTELY need to move up. The division he is in isn’t exactly putting out the world’s toughest competition. What a joke if you think it is. Everyone knows that the light heavyweight division is the most stacked in the world. He wants to be recognized as the best? Then prove you are the best!

    • Kuch

      That same argument could be made for the Heavyweight Division. Does that tarnish Fedor’s accomplishments or diminish his status if he never drops to Light Heavyweight?

      Silva can only fight who the UFC books him to fight. Yeah, he could try chasing guys in other weight classes, but to what end? He’s already the Middleweight Champion and generally considered one of the best fighters in the world, so what left does he need to prove?

      • MrAdidas

        Kuch: Hes already beat the top contenders @ MW – eventhough they werent all that great, its fact & common sense that 1 division has to be the worst & one division has to be the best, Silva fights & owns the MW division which happens to be the worst division in the world/ufc. If Silva wants to be the best P4P fighter EVER like he says he wants to be, then he “sHOULD” move up to LHW. Its not like the UFC is asking Silva to move up to LHW where he’s going to be at a huge disadvantage or that Silva’s safety is @ a higher risk. I mean Jebus, hes a natural LHW, he’s going to be fighting more people his own size & now Silva wont ALWAYS have the size, strength & reach advantage. So lets see how he does Vs. people his own size & lets see how well he can do without ALWAYS having the advantages b4 the fight even begins.

        The questions ISNT “so what left does he need to prove?” – It’s how can he do Vs. people his own size & how/what can he do without ALWAYS having the size, strength & reach advantage?!? If you want to be the best EVER, then prove it.

        Also, what are you talking about…… “he could try chasing guys in other weight classes, but to what end?” dude were asking him to do what MANY – MANY other people/fighters have done, which is – move up 1 weight class, which happens to be his actual/natural weight class. most people who fight @ LHW weigh the same as Silva (some weigh a lil more & some weigh a lil less). Y is it okay for alot of other people to drop or move up in weight, but when you ask the supposedly #1 P4P fighter to do so people are asking questions like “he could try chasing guys in other weight classes, but to what end?”. Its not like were asking Silva to fight HW, where his life would literally be in danger.

        Funny how alot of people want GSP to move up to MW (which he said he will, but when he does it will be permanent). Y is that funny? B/C GSP is a “small” WW, he looks big b/c he looks like hes carved out of granite, but hes actually relatively “small” for a WW. The only 2 fighters he was bigger than @ WW, were BJ & Serra, everyone else were bigger than GSP. like Koscheck, Fitch, Alves & Hardy who could all fight @ MW. Koscheck & Fitch did & we all know Alves could as well. If GSP was a lil taller he would definately be able to move up to MW easily, but hes only 5’10” – which is a small frame for MW. When GSP moves up to MW, he will be at a disadvantage in almost every fight, but thats the thing – GSP loves being challenged & he loves that it will not be easy – quite the opposite, which is almost the complete opposite attitude that of Silva. Until now (hopefully)

    • MrAdidas

      BigGuy: You are 100% right, I’m not a huge Anderson fan, but now that he would consider fighting @ LHW makes me respect him alot more. Theres NO competition for Silva @ MW, everyone knows thats the worst & WEAKEST division in the UFC/WORLD, what other MW fighters (besides A. Silva) are on the top 20 P4P list?!? UGHHH NONE!!! So what does that tell people? Thats the MW division is SHIT & thats being kind. If Silva wasnt a natural 205er I wouldnt care if he fought @ LHW, but he is – Silva walks around @ 220-230lbs & that gives Silva a HUGE advanatge b4 he even steps foot in the Octagon @ MW. Silva is ALWAYS the bigger, stronger & reach advantage over every MW fighter, so why not see him fight people his own size & have him fight @ a disadvantage, rather than him always having the advantages, & lets see what hes made of.

      The LHW division is by far the best & most skilled division in the world/UFC, theres no shame in losing to the likes of Rua – Jon Jones – Rampage – Evans etc. If he loses….. well hed get owned by Jones (though everyone’s going to get owned by Jones @ LHW)

      Like I said, Silva is a HUGE MW, I mean the guy has to cut 30+lbs to fight @ MW, so his natural weight class is LHW, its not like hes going to be at a big disadvantage or anything, Silva’s still going to have the advantages @ LHW but not ALL THE TIME like he does @ MW!

      Hopefully Silva will fight in both MW & LHW divisions. Honestly, who else is there for him to fight in the MW division, that we the fans want to see?!? (someone we hasnt fought yet) The only real fight I want to see Silva do @ MW, is Sonnen – just b/c I want to know if it was a fluke or not. (Sonnen’s “substance” trouble had nothing to do with what happened – so the real question is…… was it luck or not?) If Sonnen took “illegal” steroids/substance he wouldnt of been suspended for just 6 months.

  • Jmoney

    Anderson Silva vs. Jon Bones Jones!!!!

    i think shields will pull off the upset against GSP… 2nd or 3rd round submission… leaving silva to have to go up in weight for a super fight… i dont think Shields vs Silva will be a big crowd draw….

  • BigGuy

    First off, Fedor is not what people have made him out to be. He is a guy that was masterful in dodging some of the true top fighters in his day. He was not the king all of you made him out to be. I don’t believe he would have ever been successful in the UFC.

    Anderson doesn’t HAVE to move up to prove he is the greatest, but it wouldn’t hurt. He hasn’t exactly cleaned out the toughest division in MMA. The MW division is hardly the best talent out there. Everyone knows that the LHW division is where it’s at. If you don’t think so, you are crazy! And I believe ANDERSON knows it, and is afraid to risk his legacy by chancing it.

    What I am saying is this…He is clearly big enough, strong enough and talented enough to go up. The ONLY thing keeping him out of there is his fear of losing and not being called the greatest ever. That doesn’t say much about his heart…And I am a fan of his.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      Could not agree with you more on every point. I’ve always hated the Fedor hype, I don’t think he could beat any of today’s top HW and would throughly enjoy seeing Carwin, Velasquez, Dos Santos, or even Lesnar wipe the octagon with him. And for Anderson the only fight left for him is Jones, no one in the MW division has a chance and the GSP fight would be 5 rounds of boring just like every GSP fight for the past 2 years.

    • BOSS

      FIrst off, name me one person that had a streak like Fedor, tell me who has the amount of wins with fighters that is heavier than him? And not be successful in UFC? the BEST heavyweights was fighting in PRIDE, so dont give me that crap. Now, who knows but back then, who would he lose to? Tim?Randy? LOL, stop making me laugh. Then tel me, who is the king of heavy weights of all time? Lesnar? be real here, pull head from ass and use it for once.

      • XIRandomHeroIX

        Who said anything about Lesnar being the best? That being said he would beat Fedor. Fedor was good at a time when the HW division sucked, it would like being the smartest kid with down syndrome. Tim Slyvia is a slob and was only worth a damn because of his reach, And Randy is a small HW. Do you honestly think Fedor would stand a chance amongst any of the UFC’s top HW contenders? I’m not gonna say he is a total shit fighter but I think he is way over hyped.

        • BOSS

          Overhyped? any REAL mma fans would know he’s among the great if not the GREATEST. You didnt tell me who has fought fighters of his caliber and the size differential,tell me because I would love to hear it. Fedor was good at that time because HW was weak LOL!!!!!! How long you been watching MMA? few days ago?or are you just riding on UFC’s dick?

          Who is the best HW striker of all time? Cro Cop, who is the best HW BJJ artist Big Nog, I dont even want to list the rest, you should watch old days MMA and maybe you’ll learn. Tim is a slob but he was the UFC champ LOL!!!

          Be real man, it;s ok to be a on the UFC train but atleast give the man credit where its due. Prime PRIDE HW would slaugther current UFC HW today, no lies,ask any real MMA fan.

  • BigGuy

    I think we are seeing the REAL Fedor showing up as of late. He stepped in with guys that are actually giving him a run, and he has lost 2 straight because of it. Not because he is getting old, but because he is fighting upper end guys finally. Fedor = a farce!

    • BOSS

      I dont even want to comment your post, you CLEARLY sound like you’re new to the MMA scene. It will be like me talking to a wall. No thanks.

  • clarkw90

    How did this turn into Fedor bashing? Anyways, giving the logic some of you are using against him, does that make Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes a farce, overhyped, a joke etc…? Randy Couture got beat my a WWE wrestler, so he was “overhyped”, Chuck Liddell got knocked out way too many times, so he must have been over hyped as well. BJ Penn, Matt Hughes all those guys are jokes since they can’t beat everyone, right? Oh wait, Shogun, he must have been way over hyped since he got beat by Jon Jones, right? I could go on and on, but, those guys regardless of what you think were the best at one point in their career, but times changed, people age, the “greatest” change as well.

  • BigGuy

    XIRandomHeroIX is right!

    And BOSS is living in his mother’s basement still, so no point in arguing with him either!

    • BOSS

      LOL! man you’re riding UFC’s dick really hard huh.Why you mad bro? Another typical sherdog troller wearing TapOut t-shirts and think you’re cool.

      Whats the matter? you didnt answer any of my questions? choke artist. hahahaha. And its a wrap ladies and gentlement. You can stop replying now “BigGuy” you’re face is a farce.

  • BigGuy

    @ BOSS:

    For a guy with no life, you are actually a tiny bit funny. See, unlike you, I have been in martial arts for many, many years (not to mention that I have and received a few black belts). I am no keyboard warrior like yourself, so settle down genius!

    I will answer your question. Fedor IS among the best ever. He is just not as great as he’s been hyped. Other athletes have had great careers, but some only because they didn’t compete against the absolute best ever. For example, James Toney is considered “one of the best” boxers ever. Seriously? He wouldn’t have lasted 5 rounds with the true greats of boxing. See where I am going with this?

    I am not, “riding UFC’s dick really hard”. But let’s be serious for a moment…Do you think that Strikeforce has the best talent in the world? Do you HONESTLY believe that? Name one champ in Strikeforce that could beat a current UFC champ. Diaz is probably their best fighter, and he knows he won’t be the UFC champ anytime soon.

    Ok, now go back to watching your old Pride vids, and jerking off to Fedor in your mom’s basement. I am done with you.