UFC May Soon Require Fighter Uniforms; Incoming Strawweight Felice Herrig Not a Fan

February 18, 2014
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Felice_HerrigUFC president Dana White, at a recent media luncheon, confirmed that the UFC is working on a deal that would require its fighters to wear a standard uniform.

MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report has sources close to the situation that said “the deal is with a major apparel company.” The uniform would likely encompass fight shorts, walkout shirt and hats, and  every fighter in the UFC would wear it. This isn’t something that would only be for fighters that have trouble securing sponsors. Even the top dogs of the UFC would be required to wear the uniform.

Bleacher Report’s sources also noted that there would be “several spaces on the shorts and shirt” that would be reserved for fighters and managers to sell their own sponsorships. Outside of those spots, however, the uniforms would “consist mostly of UFC-branded product and the brand of the apparel company.”

“It’s not as big as everybody makes it out to be,” said White, when asked about the possibility of uniforms that would put the company more in line with other professional sports leagues, in regards to presentation. “[The guys worried about big sponsorship dollars], those are the guys that are making tons of money anyway, and they make big money on sponsorship.

“The lower level guys? They’re not making a bunch from sponsorship. We just saw the thing go down with Mac Danzig. He said, ‘I’m done. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.'”

In an attempt to make a statement about companies that he said don’t care about fighters, Danzig had forgone sponsorships for his fight at UFC on Fox 9 in December.

“I’m doing everything on my own, and I’m making this statement with this fight, and I’m not having any sponsors other than my gym.” Danzig said at the UFC on Fox 9 pre-fight press conference. “That’s more of a personal thing. Over the years [I’ve just grown] tired of being a billboard for some of these companies that don’t really have a vested interest in the individual fighter.”

Danzig, who also said that he handles his MMA dealings without the use of a manager, said competing in the UFC is the bigger picture.

“They’re just about slapping a logo on your butt and sending you on your way,” Danzig said of companies looking to buy sponsorships. “I’m not going to play that game this time.”

“Do you know how many fighters call me and say they don’t want to deal with sponsorships anymore?” White queried. “What can you do? It’s not as plentiful as everybody makes it out to be.”

One fighter that disagrees is incoming strawweight Felice Herrig, who enters the UFC with a host of other former Invicta FC fighters. Despite having yet to set foot in the Octagon, Herrig is a widely popular fighter that has built herself into a brand in and of itself, putting a lot of time and effort into doing so. She feels that a standardized uniform would take away from, not help, fighters like her.

“I design and custom make all my weigh-in and fight outfits, so for me this is a very big deal and a very big part of my brand and image,” she wrote on Instagram. “A lot of fighters like myself get paid more money from sponsors and a lot is based on marketability and mother style I bring to weigh-ins and also the fights. Taking that away takes a lot away from what they are trying to do as far as getting people hooked to [women’s MMA].

“It’s called business and, regardless of what some people might think, there is a lot more to a fighter’s business than just the act of them playing their sport.”

White added that, while a deal is in the offing, the final pieces of the puzzle were not yet in place. He made no mention of how uniforms might add to a fighter’s bottom line, or if they would. The details are still “in the works.”

“We’re working on it,” he said. “But nothing yet [to announce].”

There’s sure to be much more discussion along the way as the UFC moves towards a final approach to uniforms, but it seems more than likely that it will happen. It’s more a matter of when and how than if.

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  • rondy is going down

    good idea. i want them concentrating on the fight and not on accidently showing their man t][ts..

  • Nogfan

    I’m honestley sick of Dana’s s***.

    • shawn buckley

      This is a great thing you douche so keep your mouth shut moron and quit hating on the greatest president ever dana white if you don’t like it too fn bad!

      • Seth

        Im with on opinion about Dana, but same as we have right to call Dana best promotor ever, he has same right to say his opinion about Dana – no matter if its positive or negative. He doesn’t like Dana? He has the right do to do and to write it down in comment section. Don’t blast him for freedom of speech.

        • shawn buckley

          it is freedom of speech but sometimes keep things to yourself if i was the owner of this site, id take down every negative comment whether it be about bellator ufc wsof etc. it dont matter i respect dana so much period. he needs an attitude check nogfan and fast!

          • Eric Pope

            Hey Dana shut up

      • Stupid

        Your a idiot go away

        • shawn buckley

          lmfao good one your calling me an idiot yet your the one with the name stupid stfu clown!

      • Your a cornball

        Funny how you love Dana white so much but he don’t give two shits about u your just some punk Kid with 0 mma knowledge and a big mouth take a hike reject

        • shawn buckley

          Dana white cares about me but my god guy I’m one in a million plus fan base he can’t possibly think about and remember all the fans he’s met I met him 3 years ago outside prudential center for ufc 128 and he was nice as hell so interactive that’s why he’s a great leader try getting that from vince mcmahon see where that gets you. And zero knowledge? Really? I’ve been a die hard mma fan since I was 14 in 2005 I’m 23 now I have tons of knowledge Im not just a ufc fan I’ve always been a fan of major promotions bellator strikeforce pride wec elite xc etc. Don’t test my knowledge unless you wanna look like an idiot and get proven wrong clown!

      • Real mma fan

        Get a life kid

      • Eric Pope

        Fact: ultimate fighter saved ufc financially.fact. ur best president ever was against the concept.fact even though u washed ur face, u still have Dana poop on ur nose.get a brain

        • shawn buckley

          Poop aww what are you 4? I know ultimate fighter saved ufc dana realized his mistake in that and is thankful he let it go through so keep your mouth shut dumb ass!

          • earlsimmons

            new to trolling eh? cuz its showing bad.

  • Aimed With “V”

    Felice is what is wrong with WMMA image.
    She wants fans to like WMMA for all the wrong reasons – especially, the looks of the girls.
    She claims “there is a lot more to a fighter’s business than just the act of them playing their sport”.
    Translation: “I want to sell my sexuality rather than my fighting skills”.

    Felice is a nice fighter, she’s talented, but there are fighters more talented than her, and some of those already beat her.
    Do you know their names? Usually the answer would be no, but Herrig, on the other hand, is pretty known to MMA world because of her looks.

    Carla Esparza, Barb Honchack and Tecia Torres don’t look as good as Herrig, but they’re better fighters and deserve better sponsors and more money. And if they get automatic sponsorship from the UFC uniform, I’d be only glad.
    Herrig? Whatever, I’m pretty sure that her chances to get a title (or a shot on it) are second to none.

    • Mike mckinney

      Second to none? I think you meant slim to none.
      Second to none would mean she’s the favorite to get the title.

      • Aimed With “V”

        Yeah, dunno why I wrote “second to none”.

  • Shred Man

    That is a stupid idea. This is an individual sport, not a team sport. Let the fighters be individuals and represent their own style and image. That is just a way for for the UFC to make more money through advertising. It just like their new online membership now to watch the prelims. Just another way to squeeze more money out of the public. We already pay enough for the PPV.

  • insane187288

    I am so glad I get to read all the other people on here who are presidents of multi million dollar company’s… Shred I would be glad to watch your fight name on PPV, what was it called again? ALL of the main stream sports have uniforms and im actually in awe the fighters haven’t tried to take the gloves to their own name… UFC already has started the uniforms with the gloves, don’t hear anyone complaining about those.

  • shakejunt

    i blame hallman.

    but in all seriousness, i’m guessing there will be some options like the board shorts or compression shorts. felice, you’re a model too. you can advertise all you want online or during a shoot, not on company time.

    • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

      Hallman probably did have a part in White’s decision. He was furious about that banana hammock. Ebersole was also awarded the first and only “getting those horrifying shorts off TV as soon as possible” bonus by Dana White. His sack came out during the fight and no one wants to see that.

    • Karen Meade

      Hallman was pretty scary. Cody Mckenzie gets some blame too, for showing up to fight in his boxer shorts.

  • Timothy Malone

    It’s not a big deal but I liked the individuality of fighters having their own shorts. My favorite was always BJ Penn with his “fake” black belt lol

  • Nogfan

    Yes, the best way person to head the UFC is a fat, bald, confrontational 44 year old man from Connecticut with no mental filter.

    • shawn buckley

      your a moron hes being himself hes a great man someone like vince mcmahon for example should be like dana white instead he ignores the fans like the moron he is. danas an amazing guy in person and is a great president and by the way hes not from connecticut thats mcmahon, dana is from boston maine and vegas so get your facts straight and keep your mouth closed about dana!

      • Dam luck

        Are you kidding me? Vince mcmahon be like dana white? LOL BUAHAHA Dude has way more money than dana white. Also pay his wrestlers really well. It fake and scripted but hell it way better than the boring UFC humpfest nowadays. I might just been bitter because i’m sick and tired of fights not happening due to injuries i understand people train and such but is just sickening seeing fighters i want to see fight.. never fight. All i’m saying is can they please stop training so hard and get hurt?

        Let me give you guys a few examples.. this next event is ronda vs sara mchann that is the main event.. Daniel cormier is fighting but is some guy we don’t know about that might be legit who knows. Another fight was taken down.. instead of added 2 others fights they don’t, Want us to just deal with it.. so if you are paying for the fight.. would it piss you off?

        Vince is a genius in my opinion. Has a great way marketing so fans are easily hooked. I watch wrestling as a kid and i still watch it now.. i have to admit it pretty dam boring since the attitute era. But he is able to adjust to every generation and still generate more money.. Don’t let me get started on who should be who. Vince already starting his network, Then asked the UFC to join but they declined for a business point of view is a good thing to get away from something that is fake. But if they team up alot more money would of been made.

        I don’t dislike dana white i appreciate what he has done. But he does alot of fighter bashing, if the fights doesn’t go his way, He talks shit about them because.. well he can. Lol. What he has to realize this is his own business sometimes things can’t always go his way. Instead of fighter bashing reward the fighters to actually try and do harder instead get FIRED for a lousy performance rather than losing, Is a sport people lose or win.. Fighters should be fired for not trying, Playing around or taking the easy way out like laying on fighters and not doing anything.

        • shawn buckley

          It’s not a hump fest it’s mma I love boxing as well but mma is more than just punching it’s ji-Jitsu wrestling etc. It’s very rare that ufc and other mma companies have horrible events last bad ufc event was ufc 149 that was shit and before then ufc 33 was the last bad event very rare. Yeah vince mcmahon has more money but wwe has been around a lot longer than ufc and actually if I’m not mistaken it was reported in forbes I believe dana white and frank and lorenzo their salaries combined are more than Vince’s. Ufc is much bigger than wwe mma period not just ufc is bigger than pro wrestling mma is

          in the same spot pro wrestling was at in it’s hey day back in the 90s when wwf wcw and ecw were around. I’m absolutely gonna pay for ufc 170 this weekend hey injuries happen it’s not like dana pays the fighters to get off the card shit happens I pay for every mma event and watch as much mma on tv as I can not just ufc.

          Mma will always be fun to watch there will always be down times there’s down times in everything I love football too the nfl has had down times in the past when players retired Etc. But we adapt to the future of mma it keeps evolving some people are bitter because they can’t accept change but everything has to change if ufc was like 2002 still right now they’d be dead. Wwe is in big trouble because that senile idiot can’t get with the times it’s like the boring 80s again, wrestling was amazing back in the day. Mma is where it’s at now most fans that watched wrestling back in the day watch mma now that’s why it will always be more popular than wrestling you can’t deny that,

          Dana is an honest man I love he doesn’t have a filter he even said in an interview the best advice he received was from frank fertitta back when they took over ufc in 2001 frank said be yourself and don’t worry about what others think. And man don’t get mixed up I respect all mma promoters bjorn Rebney etc.. They’re all geniuses. Vince ain’t a genius to me anymore he’s screwed up wwe so much since 2004 it’s hard to respect him he’s an idiot and is son in law who’s gonna take over wwe when vince dies is w

          • The Don

            Why are you guys arguing about which is better, THere is nothing to compare. One is a sport. THe other is a show. Both are at the top of their respective businesses. White is trying to level the playing field to possibly help lower tier guys. Vince knows what he is doing. Example. You are talking about it. People are still tuning in to buy the PPV’s. Please stop comparing them. You might as well compare MMA to a movie fight scene..

        • shawn buckley

          Worse pro wrestling is dying I respect tna and roh I like watching them because they’re trying they know wrestling is hopeless at this point but they still put on amazing shows. Wwe doesn’t try at all because theyre a multi million dollar public company that don’t care, mma keeps flourishing eventually it’lll take over the world it’s happening now it’s everywhere!

    • Scott Looper

      without dana you would not have been a fight fan. he put on the map

      • UOENO

        …girl stop.

      • Eric Pope

        Lmao if you are a “fight fan” cause of whose president of a mmspromotional company, then yyou really aren’t a fight fan. Your just a grown up wwe fan that still lives at home, and has lame tattoos

    • UOENO

      Dana White is the Grim Reaper of MMA.

  • Nogfan

    There’s being yourself. And then there’s being unprofessional when you’re the president of a huge company.

    • shawn buckley

      He’s not unprofessional but when you open your mouth and say stupid s–t your gonna get it back a lot of promoters are afraid to say something back vince mcmahon for example would have no balls to say something back to fans who talk s–t i don’t agree with everything dana says but I think he does a great job and I’m glad he doesn’t have a flilter a lot of times I respect the f–k out of him!

      • Chicago

        that is one really long sentence.

  • Ed5

    What’s the big deal? They specifically mentioned that fighters would still have spots available on the shorts for sponsors so why do some of you whiney keyboard warriors who have absolutely nothing at stake here have to conplain. They already do it on TUG so no big deal. Those guys are in there to fight not model their personal choice of shorts so what’s the big deal?

    • Aimed With “V”

      It doesn’t let Felice Herrig to represent her buttocks in a proper way at the weigh ins, and she considers her buttocks a part of her fighting personality.

      Thus, she rants about it.

  • George Sperry

    It’s funny… when people complain that the the UFC pays fighters too little to fight White tells them that the fighters get big bucks from sponsors,so quit complaining. Today he says sponsor money is no big deal to most fighters. It seems the foul mouthed man speaks with a forked tongue.
    Truth is that this way the UFC gets the bulk of the sponsorship money and the guys that take the beatings take the dirty end of the stick into a dirty place.

  • King Of The Spread

    I think this is a good thing for fighters especially the ones without the management to get them sponsors. This deal is one big fighter sponsorship will spread the wealth across all fighters.

    Also allowing them to sell their own sponsorships.

    • Aaron James

      Don’t get confused, this is all about money in Dana’s pocket, not the fighters. This is a deal between Dana White and the clothing manufacture. You’re silly to think anything other than a few pennies on the dollar will go to the fighters.

      • King Of The Spread

        It is obviously about money because the UFC is a business.

        It is obviously a deal between Dana and the clothing manufacturer because he is the president of the UFC.

        It also should be obvious that only pennies on the dollar will go to fighters but less than that will goto Dana White.

        Think of all the other things that that money has to pay for:

        UFC headquarters property tax and insurance, all the computers and office equipment for employees, it has to pay employees (IT, HR, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Business Development etc) It has to pay for the octagon & associated equipment. That money has to help pay corporate taxes, rent venues, pay for the travel of stage hands and employees, The list goes on and on.

        There is more to a business than most people understand and Dana has a lot more to worry about than just fighters.

        Yes they will only be getting some of the money from the deal but is more then they were getting before the deal.

        Dana also deserves every penny he gets. With out him there is no UFC or mainstream mma for that matter. He runs a multi-million dollar company.

        • joe

          Dana is cool, deserves to be rich. But uniforms are ridiculous. And I know there are a lot of bills to pay like you described, but UFC does well on live gates, ppv, tv deals, selling products, and sponsors. So I think the uniform deal is pure greed. No need for it. Look at wwe, they have all the same type of bills the ufc has and pay there fake fighters way more money, but don’t have a budlight logo in the ring and don’t need an apparel deal.

          • King Of The Spread

            The WWE is a 62 year old company that is publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange. The UFC is 20 years old and 10 years under the Zuffa brand.

            The WWE has 2-3 weekly events, pay-per views, and royalties from all the clothing, action figures, video games for years.

            Simple time value of money is the difference between the two companies.

        • Chris Conforti

          Dude, you’re so wrong. 1st off, they make mad profit and i have no problem with that but they have nothing without the fighters so to take money out the fighters pocket cause you see an angle to make more money for the org is BS, besides the fact that this is how the fight game has always been. 2nd, you cannot list costs that already exist for the UFCs bottom line calculations and act like they have any bearing on this subject. Those costs already exist and have been paid and the org is in the black and profitable enough that the owners are able to keep their casinos that they have mismanaged open so this money they are trying to make is coming directly out of the fighters pocket. And honestly, Dana referring to one fighter who has no clue how to profit from exploiting himself as an explanation why he is going to take money out of the fighters pockets is ridiculous and even more ridiculous is him saying that the fighters that make money off endorsements dont need this little amount of money they get from ads on their fight gear. So basically the fighters dont need that money but the org that signs their checks is desperate for those so called pennies. Ive always supported Dana but lately he has been a real jerk and for all his talk of caring about his fighters he has an odd way of showing it.

  • Glenn Primo

    Dana White is hell bent on destroying the UFC. He is the worst commissioner in pro sports history as well as being the biggest douche bag who ever lived. I can’t wait for the day someone knocks him on his ass or he loses everything….one or both will happen.

    • joe

      I like dana, but I really don’t see what he is thinking with uniforms.

  • joe

    Uniforms sound like a very dumb idea. I don’t really see a purpose other than a way for the ufc to make money.

  • joe

    I think they should be concentrate more on creating better fights. They keep trying to make changes that suck..like the new ppv intro, going to fox..I mean I don’t care about the channel, but the broadcast with going back to the studio and the pre fight talking is boring. Now adding uniforms? I mean I know they are trying to make the sport main stream, but the reason it was growing so much is because the real product aka “the fights” were amazing. Now there is just a lot of filler and no thriller. Like Rousey headlining another PPV? come on that really isn’t interesting.

  • King Of The Spread

    I don’t think uniforms will be all the same color like on the TUF show. I think fighters will be able to choose, color, style, etc it will just be the brand that is standardized.

  • bvol

    Uncalled for. A lot of these guys make more money in sponsors than salary. I find it very difficult that a fighter would “struggle” to find a sponsor. To argue that this is somehow benefiting a fighter is comical.

  • Chris Conforti

    This is bullshit. Besides the fact that in all fight related sports for all of history fighters have been able to pick their outfits and the fact that each fighter typically wears what they wear for a reason like comfort, etc…This is definitely taking money out of fighters pockets and the UFC pays less then most boxing promotions that are less successful to many of their fighters so why do they feel the need to use another angle to squeeze out a few more bucks that they dont deserve. Freakin sad and even kinda cheezy