UFC Lightweight Title Shot Awaits Jose Aldo with Win Over Anthony Pettis

February 26, 2013
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Jose Aldo - WEC 48Less than 48 hours after UFC president Dana White revealed that featherweight champion Jose Aldo was absolutely refusing to fight Anthony Pettis, the entire scene did a 180-degree switch, Aldo relenting and keeping the Aug. 3 fight with Pettis intact.

So what happened in those 48 hours to change Aldo’s mind?

A title shot of his own, that’s what.

Shortly after White confirmed that Aldo had agreed to put his UFC featherweight title on the line against Pettis, Brazilian website Tatame.com spoke with Aldo, who said that his demand was simple. If Pettis, like Frankie Edgar, was granted a title shot in his 145-pound debut, then Aldo wanted a 155-pound title shot in return if he is victorious over that division’s No. 1 contender.

White agreed, and the deal was done.

No details on whether or not Aldo would have to vacate the 145-pound belt or even if he would want the move to 155 pounds to be a permanent one have been determined, but White did later confirm in an MMAJunkie.com report that Aldo would earn a lightweight title shot with a victory over Pettis.

If Aldo were successful in defeating Pettis and then winning the lightweight championship, he would become only the third fighter in UFC history – behind Randy Couture and B.J. Penn – to become a champion in two weight classes.

Benson Henderson currently holds the lightweight belt, but has a bout on tap with Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez at UFC on Fox 7 on April 20.

Aldo will put his belt on the line against Pettis on Aug. 3 at an as yet to be determined venue and location.

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  • Lawdog1521

    Sounds like a great deal. If he wins and gets a lightweight shot, his stock will go way up. Unfortunately as amazing as Aldo is,he’s not the draw he should be. Taking two titles, one in a higher class, will change that.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this straight.To get a title shot in:
    -featherweight division, you must win a fight at lightweigt
    -lightweigt division, you must defend a title in featherweight
    – welterweight division, you must be coming off a loss and a year suspension
    – lt. heavyweight division you must be coming off a loss in a middleweight division
    – woman’s division, you simple must agree, since no one wants that shot anyway

    So, when is any featherweight getting a title shot? Seems like maybe there will be one free slot in 2014, unless Nate Diaz drops down, or Uriah Faber goes up again.

    • Cuntlick

      So true and so funny


      losses under weed don’t count dude.. look it up..

      But why don’t you add the fact that its impossible to get a shot at bantam cause the champ is never coming back
      that at flyweight all you need to do is be one the 4 midgets signed by the ufc
      that for heavyweights you just need to be the stepping stone for some overrated out of roids meatbag, even if you just got crushed by the champ 8 months ago
      and best of all at middleweight you need to be the only one left not on a losing streak because you were out for a year and you are in the crappiest division ever

      But don’t get me wrong the ufc is the most exciting its ever been and i can’t wait for any of these fights :))))

      • Google is a click away

        Loses count, but wins under the influence of marijuana don’t count.

        • bajafox

          They should count as two wins because nobody expects a stoner to win in a fight

    • Michael Bautista

      While you’re factually correct, you are also being misleading. The scenarios you point out aren’t common and were done under special circumstances.

    • b-soc

      No, you just need to create some controversy and be a potential money maker for the UFC……………then they give you what you want. Its a little simpler than your explanation, no offense.

  • Timothy Malone

    Aldo is about to make history

    • Darin

      By losing to Pettis? Aldo has been anything but impressive in his last couple fights and Pettis just looked like A. Silva against Cerrone. If Aldo gets lucky against Pettis, Bendo will put a pace on him that will have him vomiting by the third round.

      • Advance*

        Frankie makes fights close by never getting tired and doing his best to out point his opponents. Benson barely scraped by him as well. Before that Aldo knocked out undefeated Mendes which I’d say is pretty impressive. The only feasible strategy against Aldo seems to be to hope to steal one of the first 3 rounds and then have enough left to win the last 2 if he’s gassed. If Frankie couldn’t do it then I don’t see anyone else doing it. That’s it if he hasn’t knocked you out by then anyway

        • RoBeRtOe

          Pettis is about to make history by destroying Aldo, the Benson….again.

          • Cookies

            Pettis didn’t destroy Benson. He barely got the decision which was very close and could’ve easily gone the other way.

            The main reason people think Pettis won is the badass kick where he jumped off the cage and dropped Bendo. But even that round was very close.

            At most, Pettis won 3 round to 2. It’d be a great rematch.

      • kbroesq

        How can you say he’s been anything but impressive. He just decisively beat a guy who even Bendo couldn’t beat decisively, and Bendo is a beast size wise over Edgar.

        More accurately, Aldo has had some close performances, but all against guys who are top notch. Keep in mind, the champ is constantly fending off the number one contenders and good guys from other weight classes. Aldo doesn’t get any gimmie fights.

  • Mike mckinney

    Weight classes are there to handicap fights. Lets not forget this. It would make less sense for Aldo to get a shot vs. bendo than for pettis to get one vs. Aldo.
    The number 5 ranked 155er is almost certainly a stronger contender than the # 1 contender at 145. It’s that way in just about every division. There are exceptions to this of course.
    One of the biggest reasons we don’t see it happen more is that most guys can’t drop any more weight.
    (Sorry to double post. Posted in the other article on accident.)
    I don’t have a problem with either fight. It is pretty strong of Aldo to want to move up though. Bendo is a real bad matchup for Aldo.
    Pettis vs. Aldo is a really fun matchup. It’s really rare to have a fight in these light weight classes where both guys are serious threats to finish the fight anywhere, at anytime.
    I normally don’t like the high school cheerleader like weight classes but this one is intriguing.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Your post really isn’t relevant here because Jose Aldo is the champ at 145, not the #1 contender for one. Frankie Edgar is smaller than Jose Aldo naturally and he was the champ at 155 and Aldo just beat him. So, it makes perfect sense for Aldo to get an immediate title shot at 155.

    • shakejunt

      high school cheerleaders weigh 145?

      • Hah ha! Yeah,

        … why, wasn’t your high school jam-packed with Christy Cyborg she-beasts?

      • Mike mckinney

        Come on, every high school has the fat chick cheer leader. But on a more serious note there are quite a few 5’7″ish athletic girls that are 135lbs. Certainly 125lbs. Rhonda is 135lbs and isn’t imposing at all.
        I just referred to the lower weight classes as being the weight of cheerleaders. Not specificaly 145lbs. But 145lbs is close enough.
        It’s funny that combat sports is one of the few sports that the smallest on our planet compete at. At a pro level at that. Got to love handicapping sports.

  • boomboom1234

    Damn good deal. If the ufc will allow him to hold two division titles, i think He will the be first in ufc history to defend both titles in two different division at the same time. Go Aldo

    • kbroesq

      The story doesn’t say that is the case, and as I know, White doesn’t allow that anymore. If you get the belt at another division, you have to sacrifice the original. They cannot have the same champ at two weight divisions anymore. They need the champ to fight a certain amount of times per year. This isn’t the 90s anymore.

      • boomboom1234

        Like i said ”if the ufc will allow him”.
        have to wait and see if dana will change his mind on that rule.

  • mmaking505

    Itz about making super fights dat ppl wanna see unlike boxing if u dnt like it go WATCH! boxing

  • numberonefan81

    Don’t read in to this too much knuckleheads. Aldo could possibly be the best pound for pound fighter in the world. There’s only one way to find out. No doubt, he deserves it! Good job Dana!

  • kbroesq

    I think this crap about Aldo deciding the fight Pettis because he’s allowed a title fight at LW is a pretext. I think Aldo just got a stern talking to from White, and had to change his mind. Saying that he changed his mind because the LW title shot was thrown in there makes Aldo look less weak.

    I mean think about it, do you really think Aldo would have to negotiate with White to get a title shot at LW? Even if he didn’t fight Pettis, I’m sure White would allow Aldo to go up to LW at any time and get an immediate title shot.

    In any event, I’m glad to hear both pieces of news: that Aldo is going to fight Pettis, and that he will get a shot and Bendo if he wins.

    • numberonefan81

      Good point

    • Supaman

      agreed. exactly my thoughts b/c rumors of Aldo moving up to 155 have been going on for awhile and Aldo has said himself multiple times that he’s still a year or so away.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Agreed, I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure it’s just PR response after the backlash for initially refusing it. The only way he doesn’t get an immediate title shot at 155 is if HE decides he wants to test the waters first.

  • John Bunch

    I’m confused….I thought Aldo was a coward and “skeered” of Pettis…and of his own shadow apparently. Did he piss all the yellow out and grow a pair…or are some people just dumba$$es?

  • The thing that changed Aldo’s mind is $$$$$$$$$. Probably Dana offered him mindblowing amount of money so he couldn’t resist.

    • Robert Shapiro

      i don’t think so, Aldo is already under contract. Dana could just say fight or forfeit title.