UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones Calls for Alexander Gustafsson Next

April 28, 2013
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Alexander GustafssonDespite talk about superfights reaching a fever pitch recently, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones knows whom he wants to fight next.

And guess what, it’s not the oft-mentioned Anderson Silva.

Following UFC 159 on Saturday night in Newark, N.J., the UFC’s youngest champion let it be known that he has his sights set on Swedish stand-up wizard Alexander Gustafsson.

Sporting a 15-1 record with a recent decimation of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to his credit, the 26-year-old phenom has been on the radar for quite some time.

Currently riding a six-fight winning streak, “The Mauler” is many pundits’ choice to be next in line to challenge Jones’ throne at 205 pounds.  He brings an array of striking skills that he couples with unwavering pressure and timely aggression, and has been a credible threat to everyone in the division since making his UFC debut in 2009.

It should come as no surprise that Jones wants a crack at Gustafsson; as he’s made a career of taking on the toughest the division has to offer, no questions asked.

“I’ve fought Lyoto Machida before, and I fight for the love of the sport,” said Jones. “I fight for the people that support me, but I also fight to prove critics wrong.

“A lot of people believe that I have been successful because I appear to be larger than my opponents.  And with Alexander Gustafsson that would be no more. So fighting Alexander Gustafsson, a guy who is six-feet-six or six-five, pretty long arms himself, long legs; I think that would be a great thing and that’s who I’d love to fight next.”

As with all things UFC, however, company president Dana White has his say.  And he seemed to have reservations about a possible Jones vs. Gustafsson match-up happening anytime soon.

“Alexander should have fought that night, and he didn’t fight,” said White.

“Jon Jones isn’t going to be fighting anytime soon apparently.  He has a compound fracture.  When I went into the Octagon, the bone was sticking out of his toe.  I’m not a doctor.  I don’t know how long that takes to heal, but it can’t be too quick.”

Pressured further, a reserved White played it safe – especially considering the fact he mentioned that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva called him earlier that night about a potential superfight.

“We’ve got to see what happens with Jones, how long he’s going to be out, and we’ll go from there.”

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  • Jones is out. Mousasi vs Gustafsson. Machida vs Davis.

  • Jones still has a big reach advantage over Gustaf with an 84.5 vs 77 inch reach. It’s not just reach Jones didn’t win last night by staying on the outside and throwing shots. Jones did a great job last night. He’s talent with hard work, but I do not want to see him leave the division yet. He just tied Titos record and fighting Gustaf, Glover Tex, Gegard and possibly Machida in a rematch would make him no doubt the best. But let’s see what happens with this Silva fight. If Silva beats Jones he should retire. I would only hope Silva wins b/c I’m tired of fans calling him a can crusher saying he’s dodging Jones.

    • urdooomb

      He doesn’t have to fight any of those guys to be the best. Gustaf, Glover, Gegard needs to fight each other just to earn a chance to facing JBJ.

      • I am a fan of Jones so I’m not saying he’s not the best. He is the best, he’s the champ. But fighting the guys I mentioned would IMO wipe out the division. Anderson Silva and GSP have spent years as champs fighting guys, Jones is doing a great job so far. Each of the guys I mentioned bring a different style fight for Jones so to see him fight all of them would top off his resume in LHW division. He just tied Titos record, he could blow past it with those wins under his belt on top of what he has already done.

  • Milos Rackovic

    Gustaf is only tall noting special about his reach,i dno why are people even mentioning him being lenghty and all,its ridick

  • aggsone

    ummm silva retire after jones? aaa hello he signed a 10 fight deal…. but i hear ya .. go out on top right…

  • MMA Fan

    Gustafsson vs Teixeira, Davis vs Henderson, Mousasi vs Bader.


    Gustafsson vs Machida first, they both need a fight to stay active while Jones heals up

  • MMA Fan

    Gustafsson should fight Lyoto next.