UFC Jumps into Presidential Politics – Do You Vote #GSP or Vote #Condit?

November 6, 2012
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Do you #VoteGSP or #VoteCondit?As America gears up for Tuesday’s Presidential Election, the UFC is throwing it’s hat in the ring… sort of.

With UFC 154 right around the corner, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and interim beltholder Carlos Condit are getting ready to square off. It’s time to vote!

Do you stick with what you know and Vote #GSP? Or do you go with the new blood and Vote #Condit?

Be sure to check out each champion’s campaign video below…

Vote #GSP

Vote #Condit

  • zoltar

    lol lol – just laugh…

  • shakejunt

    either guy would be better than the two puppets on tv

    • Milosc

      Search “Saving American Democracy Amendment”

      It would realistically take money out of politics. Only private citizens could donate to campaigns, so you could run for president with the same advantage as the ORomna corporation

      Whoever has the best ideas, wins. Please share

  • yo

    Best line; “knock outs, knock outs, shorts”
    I lol’d

  • BigDaddyMMA

    I vote GSP, because Condit will only run from the tough issues, HAAAAAAA.

  • Adriana

    Both of these were very funny, but I am going to have to vote for the 3rd party candidate- Nick Diaz 😉