UFC Japan: Fighting Queens (Rin Nakai vs. Miesha Tate Video)

September 15, 2014
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She is known for her quirky style and eye-opening promotional stunts, yet Rin Nakai can back it up with a 16-0-1 record. On Saturday, Sept. 20, she faces former Strikeforce champ Miesha Tate as they go toe-to-toe at UFC Japan in Tokyo.

(Video courtesy of UFC.com)

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  • Terrible Fight

    This will be a terrible fight…just saying

  • burgerman7

    will be hot hot hot guarenteed however!

  • Dang

    If Rin can finish off Tate she will be a good match for Ronda

  • Michael Laham

    Meisha Tate beats Rin Nakai.

    First of all, why was Meisha Tate dressed like a fighter but
    Rin Nakai was dressed like a sex object when they showed a picture of these two
    female fighters together? Perhaps Rin
    has a fetish for showing off her body.
    But she never ever comes to the ring dressed like a playboy bunny. So I doubt Nakai requested to appear like
    that for her fight debut against Tate.
    Was this pictorial image saying that we are not to take Rin Nakai
    seriously as a fighter?

    Second of all, why can’t I find any re-play of the fight
    between Meisha Tate and Rin Nakai? Yet I
    find all of Nakai’s other fights on free video, allowing me to watch with my
    own eyes what actually happened, blow-by-blow.
    Is it because Meisha was only able to beat Rin through the so-called
    unbiased judging of their fight? Are
    the judges ashamed to show Internet readers what really happened at this

    Third of all, some of the commentators for the UFC say
    Meisha is a way better fighter than Rin.
    What nonsense! Why all the
    prejudice against Rin Nakai with the sole intent of ruining her fighting career
    by lying about her fighting ability and refusing to set her up with any
    so-called high ranking opponents in the UFC?
    Never mind that she was undefeated after sixteen fights in Japan! It seems to me that the UFC hopes to sweep
    Rin Nikai under the rug.

    Is it because she has a true fighter’s body-build? Rin Nakai happens to have a mesomorphic body
    type. This means that she has a natural
    propensity towards building and retaining large solid muscles. There are those people in power who have a
    negative stereotype of females who have a mesomorphic body structure. Unfortunately, some of them exist in, of all
    places, the fighting arena sport called anime.

    I hear the prejudice against Rin by so-called professional
    commentators who won’t stop making remarks about her thunder thighs as she
    enters the ring for a fighting match, or who claim that all of her intramuscular
    and subcutaneous muscle is fat that she can shed to drop to a lower fighting
    weight. With the exception of the
    protective fat tissue that lines her organs she is rock solid muscle. So for her to lose any weight she will have to
    decrease her muscle mass. Doing such a
    thing is dangerous and will make her sick.
    In addition, she will lose strength, which is one of her greatest assets
    as a fighter. Will we ask a male heavy
    weight fighter to lose weight? No! So why do we even bring up the subject when
    it comes to bantamweight female fighters?
    And I thought women’s liberation, especially in sports, freed us all
    from this nonsense.

    And let’s not mention the other prejudicial bias against Rin
    Nakai by ignorant people. She also
    happens to be short in stature. Short
    does not mean that she cannot connect a power punch against a tall
    opponent. When I was in high school my
    high school teacher chose me to start a basketball game by pitting me against a
    girl who was much taller than I. I
    knocked that basketball right over this girl’s head into my team’s court by
    simply jumping up on my powerful quads, which sent my five foot-two inch frame
    flying over her six-foot frame. The
    entire class was surprised. My physical
    education teacher was so surprised, borderline amused, that forever more after
    she pitted me against tall girls whenever we played basketball. And I forever more sent the ball zinging over
    their heads.

    Meanwhile, “cupcake”, as they call Meisha Tate, is
    just that, a cup cake. She has an
    ectomorphic body build, meaning she happens to be genetically designed to
    produce rather small sized muscles. My
    biceps are bigger than Tate’s and I am no fighter and I have never ever weight

    Then there is Rhonda Rousey.
    She has an endomorphic body build, meaning she has an innate tendency to
    produce decent sized muscle mass. I saw Rhonda Rousey’s second fight against
    Meisha Tate. The crowd booed both of
    them sensing that the fight was all set up.
    I also saw Rowdy Rhonda’s fight against Bethe Correia. She supposedly beat her by knocking her out
    in sixteen seconds. However, all she did
    was knock Correia down to the floor for a few seconds. All of Rhonda’s punches were so lacking in
    form they looked like she was trying to swim towards her opponent. She ought to take some boxing lessons from
    Chris Justino – the Cyborg.

    Stop ripping peoples’
    hard earned money off by fabricating fights in order to uphold some stupid
    stereotype regarding appearances! Those of you who are participating in this
    corruption are a disgrace to the Marshall Arts and ought to be banned from any
    and every aspect of the sport altogether.
    Let Rin Nakai get what she deserves, which is a fair chance to compete
    against the other so-called top rank UFC fighters. Let her fight Rhonda Rousey. I know in a fair fight Rin Nakai will beat
    the crap out of Rhonda Rousey.

    Rhonda Rousey is being touted as the so-called total package
    that we regular members of society are supposed to look up to by chanting, “These
    are the together people that we ought to strive to be more like”. Apparently the reason is because she happens
    to have what is considered by society’s conventional standards a female
    fighter’s acceptable body shape. Not too
    much muscle – otherwise she does not look feminine and not too little muscle –
    otherwise she does not look like a fighter.
    As far as Meisha Tate vs Rin Nakai goes the fight is rigged feminine –
    too little muscle – Meisha Tate wins over fighter – too much muscle – Rin


  • Rin is hot. I think the fight with Meisha was very close and possibly Rin won that fight. Meisha definitely did not run away with it.