UFC Issues Statement on Matt Brown’s Controversial Podcast Comment

January 9, 2014
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Matt Brown 470x260In a podcast he created with a couple friends, UFC welterweight Matt Brown made a comment about female fighters that ruffled a few feathers.

“I always said, ‘I don’t know why they put women in the UFC.’ Now I know why,” Brown said, noting that women UFC viewers seemed to flock to the television when women fought, as if the Kardashians had filled the screen.

“I just think this, if I’m [going] to pay $60 for a [UFC] Pay-Per-View to watch women fight, they should at least be topless.”

The podcast, which was hosted on SoundCloud, was later removed.

The UFC on Thursday issued the following statement to MMAWeekly.com in regard to Brown’s comments:

“Matt Brown has apologized for the comments made on his podcast, and we have addressed the matter with him. His comments don’t reflect the views of the UFC. There’s no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. The UFC is built on principles of respect, and any statements to the contrary are not acceptable.”

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  • Edwin Escobar

    fired so fired

    • Edloser

      Dumb, so dumb. Almost as dumb as Brown’s comments.

      • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

        pretty sure Escobar was Columbian

      • Edwin Escobar

        It’s a reference to the Opie & Anthony show nothing more calm yourself sir

  • richard howard

    basically the UFC said “Matt brown is sorry. hes an idiot. please dont stop buying PPV’s because of him. “

    • Seth

      I don’t think people would give many fucks about it…would that impact UFC PPV sale without this statement? Most likely not. They did because media picked up this thing. There is so many comments, tweets, interviews etc that makes ppl critize fighters, but rarely those are picked up and made to look serious. But still – he shouldn’t be “joking” like that.

      • Le Mongüs

        every cent counts is the point. The UFC is basically issuing that apology to the 2 chicks it effected, and that 1 guy… as well as the 10 other people like them.

  • Jimmy Jack Simpson

    So much for being in the mix for a title shot…

    • Seth

      Nahh…Wouldn’t think so. He prolly won’t get anyone Condit-like for his next fight now, but I don’t think it push him back that far.

  • David Huenecke

    Its the same thing with the duck dynasty guy. Sure its in the constitution to give you freedom of speech. But the thing when you work for a company like UFC or A&E they have a rules and regulations department. If you say something that makes their product look bad they will penalizr you. Its not taking away your rights its simply saying that if you want to work here you should watch what you say. Same thing happened to Mitrione about Fallon Fox. It sucks but if you work for a company like UFC apparently you have to watch what you say.

    • William Skrainski

      I don’t think Matt’s religious freedoms were impinged here…….I mean unless his religion is tits…In which case, I’m willing to give it another look!

      • David Huenecke

        I wasnt saying that his views were religious based more so saying that like ppl who say they have the right to say whatever they want; when you work for a big company you gotta watch what you say. They dont want bad PR.

      • Rence

        No, Matt’s freedom of religion was not infringed upon.

        But neither were Phill from Duck Dynasty’s.

    • Rence

      Thank god…at least someone gets how the constitution works. My faith in my fellow citizens is partially restored.

  • Mike mckinney

    Alright, I normally pay no attention to likes and dislikes, but let’s do a poll.

    Everyone who came to this article hoping the UFC was going to say that they were considering Matt browns idea, and planning the next women’s fight to be contested topless click the like button.

    Everyone coming to the article hoping that the UFC planned on punishing Matt brown in anyway hit the dislike button.

    I’m curious in a privite poll how many get offended by someone sharing a thought.

    • Seth

      Im not offended, because he didn’t say anything about me – can’t see a point why people are offended by comments that weren’t directed towards them. Only people that could feel offended are female MMA fighters. However I find Matt’s comment as immature. He tried to be funny, same as Miguel Torres or Matt Mitrione. And we know how both of them ended.

      • Miguelito Angel Torres retweeted someone else’s — a professional comedian, in fact — joke. He did not author it so therefore he was not that he “tried to be funny,” so know what you are talking about before damning someone. Apples v. handgrenades.

        • Seth

          I wasn’t hating on him, just used his case as example here when you have to look what you say, how you say and when you say it. As long as you talk and you know you will have bigger public audience – doesnt matter 5 people or 50 000, because it will go over the internet either way – you have to watch what are you saying if you work for global company.

  • Anthony

    That would be awesome though

  • tallcans

    I don’t blame him….Rhonda rouseys immature bitch behavior is Makin women fighting in the ufc come off as a joke. The men can hate & each other n shake hands at the end. This is all her fault

    • Maddawgmar

      I like how you showed your complete ignorance for everything. Love or hate Ronda she is doing for Women’s MMA, what Muhammad Ali did for boxing. She brought it mainstream. Boohoo she didn’t shake hands, boohoo she is a shît talker. Quit whining and watch something else if you don’t like it.

      • Jeff Jones

        What about the classless way Rousey acted ? Like when she won the coaches challenge and for 20 solid seconds said F**k You over and over while giving Tate the middle finger ? Hating her is about hating her for her having no class, not her fighting ability. Her not shaking hands was just more proof she is a classless douche bag.

        • machoman

          well said jeff jones, couldnt agree with you more. maddawgmar is full of s*** comparing b**** rousey to muhammed ali, the 2 names shouldnt be said in the same sentance. gina carano brought it mainstream, now she was classy, respectful and very easy on the eye! i dont watch the women fight, it’s horrible, i do go away for 15 minutes when they fight…i would tune in to watch cyborg santos **** up that **** rousey tho! put that in ya pipe and smoke it!

          • Maddawgmar

            Why not? They approach fights the same way. Ali talked more crap, and disrespected his opponents way worse than Rousey did Tate. Like the time he slapped a boxer for calling him Clay.

          • toom

            he changed his name it was more disrespectful to call him clay and its a little early to compare to the greatest boxer of all time but i get what your saying she has done alot for wmma

        • Maddawgmar

          That’s not the way I see it. Yes, Rousey was out of line. But ppl are making judgements based on edited television. That’s like sending a jury to deliberations with only 25 percent of the evidence. I think people were looking for a reason to hate her for whatever reason. She has never acted that way to anyone except Meisha, and I don’t see her acting that way to anyone else.

      • Ken Pfeiffer

        she is not doing any good for womens MMA, she makes it look like a joke with her pore sportsmanship and her whining constantly, give your head a shake and not the one you shake while staruing at her photos.

        • Rence

          Not doing any good for womens mma? So, the UFC creating a division and putting girls under bigger contracts than they could get anywhere else because she impressed Dana and made him reconsider his stance on WMMA isnt good for the sport? Putting women in the UFC where they have a chance to fight on the main PPV card, or on a Fox card does no good for WMMA?

          Well, everyone has an opinion i guess…

    • HeavYMetaL65

      Blame it on Dana White, he wrote the script. Sad, but UFC is starting to look like wwe

    • Seth

      Hate Ronda for being immature. But at same time praise and cheer for Tate, who was as immature (or even more) than Ronda, poking her and making fun of her camp…give me a break, on TUF Tate was as bitchy as Ronda AT LEAST. But yeah, blame Ronda because she is “only woman in WMMA”. Haters gonna hate – and like Maddawgmar said – don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Go and make yourself a sandwich during UFC Female fight, come back in 10-15minutes and continue to watch Heavyweights hugging it out for 15 minutes.

      • Jeff Jones

        What about the classless way Rousey acted ? Like when she won the coaches challenge and for 20 solid seconds said F**k You over and over while giving Tate the middle finger ? Hating her is about hating her for her having no class, not her fighting ability.

        • Seth

          So Tate has class for way she acted? Nice point. I assume people around you have way more class. Who wouldn’t rub victory in rivals face? Thats pretty fn normal for people. You hate someone, you will rub stuff like that in his face. Tate fits Caraway – both are dumb as hell. Plus, Tate is a quitter.

          • archaictext

            Ronda blamed Tate for “rubbing it in the rivals face” because she was congratulating the victor. It was nonsense, and Ronda was just butt hurt. What show were you watching.

          • Seth

            Its amazing how people hate Ronda for her behavior, but has no problem with Tate…Use same rules to judge both them at least.

      • earlsimmons

        Ya pay 60 dollars to watch something and instead spend time making sandwiches…..sounds right.

        • Seth

          You pay 60$ for entire PPV. So watch 4 out of 5 fights, if you dont like certain one. Don’t buy it, if you dont like it at all. You have free choice, no one forces you to watch female fights.

          Its really simple – don’t like it, don’t watch it – then you won’t have anything to bitch about.

  • unclepaul

    Speaking as a titty lover I agree with Brown.

  • HeavYMetaL65

    He probably said no worse than the Lowlife DW when he was approached about women fighters coming to UFC, but I bet his language was more colorful. DW just wants the fighters to be his puppets and do and say as HE chooses. Piss of Dana

    • bbq

      Indeed! Piss of Dana…. Wait, what?

    • archaictext

      Piss of Dana…the goldenest of showers.

  • System

    You mean Cyborg Santos*. Corrected

  • solo

    What was he thinking making those comments?
    These womens are athletes who do all the same work that the guys do. Hard work in the gym, they sucrifice, they cut the weight so its a bit disrespectful imo.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    I was actually a fan of him before this. I bet he would be upset if someone said heroin addicts are terrible mixed martial artists.

    • taylor2008

      They are?

  • Monty Greer

    Topless?? Kids watch these fights you dumbass!!

    • JDMMA

      Kids aren’t suppose to watch these fights .. Dumbass!!

      • voiceofreason

        Why not, dumbass??

        • JDMMA

          The foul language & gestures, alcohol advertisements, Anderson Silva’s broken leg, F bombs by Dana White & Diaz’s middle fingers,, if those are OK for your kids to watch then you are clearly a “low-life Dumbass” !!!!

          • them_bonez

            LMAO!! Voice of reason got owned!

          • archaictext

            Right, because those things never happen in any other sport, or anywhere else outside of the cage. Alcohol advertisements? Middle fingers? Lol. The idea is to teach your children morals in regard to these things, not shield them. This sport needs to be treated with class, and the fighters need to act with class.
            BTW It’s “supposed to” not “suppose to”….dumbass.

          • Rence

            So, in your ideal nanny state, what should the age limit on watching MMA be? I mean violent movies can still get a PG13, so is that what we should do with MMA?

            Most f-bombs during the fights on network or cable are bleeped out, and they’re not all that common during ppv’s. sure they happen but its not like they’re happening non-stop. Yeah, Dana swears during the press conferences and occasionally during interviews depending where the interview will air, but how many kids are watching press conferences or interviews with Dana White?

            Andersons broken leg? are you joking? what about when things like that happen during other sporting events? should kids not watch any sports at all just to sheild them?

            Some of us may in fact be “low life dumbasses”, but its people like you who take this politically correct nanny state BS too far that are the real problem with our country.

            Having said that, whether Matt was joking or not, it was a pretty ignorant thing to say. If he’s not a fan of women in MMA then just like people who are offended by porn, dont watch. But when your employer is dumping millions of dollars trying to add a new division to the line up, its probably not a great idea for you to say things to marginalize, or in any other way disparage it. Its probably an even better idea to support it but if you cant do that, then probably best to just STFU.

            Just sayin…

          • John Bunch

            I remember watching Muhammad Ali as a kid…I loved the fights when I was 7 and 8 years old, some of which were complete blood baths. Heck, watch any basketball game with Kevin Garnett playing and you will hear F bombs all game long. Every football game, whether it’s college or NFL, has beer sponsors loaded up from beginning to end of the broadcast. Heck, I remember during the Olympics they were advertising Sailor Jerry Rum using a Misfits song, “Where Eagles Dare” and the next line in the song is, “I ain’t no god da-mn sob” which any internet savvy kid could easily search out and listen to it on his own.

  • kixxxers

    What a Moron!

  • Truthteller

    Oh come the hell on. Obviously he was joking. Evertyone gets so butt hurt by any and everything people say these days. It’s pathetic!! If he truly feels that way then he is allowed to feel that way. I don’t agree with him but it’s his right to have an opinion. At least it use to be his right. Now that America is controlled by liberal pussies everything is changing for the worse.

    • Sounds like you are butthurt.

    • archaictext

      Who is saying he doesn’t have the right to feel that way? No one is. Most people just disagree with him and feel that it demeans the sport. He is just an idiot for voicing his opinion when it is so unpopular. That is, if he doesn’t like the backlash.

  • Truthteller

    Meisha Tate! Rhonda Rousey, Julies Kenzie, Michelle Waterson to name a few. Dumbass

    • earlsimmons

      Eww, Eww, Eww, and Eww. Some of us have standards bro.

      • Rence

        If youre “eww-ing” that list, then your “standards” are unrealistically high. If youre dating women hotter than say, michelle waterson, then all i can say is congrats, and more power to you.

        I’m guessing youre not but thats just me. I could be wrong of course, but i just dont think i am.

  • Supersartre

    So I guess it’s ok to say any kind of racist bigoted or mysoginistic thing you want as long as you are “joking”. The number of people who excuse saying stuff like this with “it was only a joke” astounds me.

  • james j

    Let’s face it Matt Brown is uneducated and is not very sharp. He will be out of the UFC in 2 years, and he will be forgotten shortly thereafter.

  • Robert Veley

    Freedom of speech! Can anyone open there mouth these days and have a sense of humor. If we’re that weak as a society to be hurt everytime a statement is made, then we definately shouldn’t be watching a sport where people punch each other in the face! I’m just saying!

    • archaictext

      Discrimination is offensive, not “punching people in the face”. It makes the sport look bad and is just classless. As a society we aren’t “hurt” by this “statement”, however some of us find this demeaning to the sport, and it’s participants, who we enjoy so much. It’s obvious that he has freedom of speech, that’s why he was able to say that, so I’m not sure what you are trying to say by “Freedom of speech!” It’s not like he is being prosecuted. If you are in the public eye and you say things that people will disagree with, then prepare for the backlash. It was just a stupid thing for him to say.

  • Robert Veley

    I’m just saying who freaking cares what someone says!

  • julian moran

    If Brown had said: “The only reason I watch men fighting is to see them topless”… no one would have mentioned “sexism”.
    I guess that makes all the complainers sexist, as they think men and women should be spoken off/treated differently based on their sex..

  • horace

    Matt Brown was right on. But most of the woman in the UFC and in MMA look like guys anyway.