UFC Issues Official Statement on Vitor Belfort’s Admission of Elevated Testosterone

June 7, 2014
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Chael Sonnen vs Vitor BelfortWhile Vitor Belfort issued an admission and test results showing elevated levels of testosterone stemming from a Feb. 7 drug test in Nevada, the Ultimate Fighting Championship released its own statement, supporting its No. 1 middleweight contender.

Beflort is attempting to gain a license in Nevada so that he might fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5. He first has to go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on June 17 for a comprehensive review that is likely to partly focus on his Feb. 7 drug test where he admittedly test positive for elevated levels of testosterone due to a testosterone replacement therapy regimen.

The UFC’s statement was brief, but offered full backing to Belfort in his quest to gain a license in Nevada:

“The UFC organization supports Vitor Belfort’s application for a license to compete in Nevada, and we respect the Nevada Athletic Commission and its licensing process. Pending Commission approval, we look forward to a great fight between Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5.”

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  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Eh, Let him fight. Im a big anti-TRT guy but Vitor did stop using it after the ban. Granted he shouldnt have been using it all but he’s not doing it now, he learned his lesson

    • PaulieVegas

      So by that note, I guess all one who steals money has to do is return it and all is forgiven? Vitor needs to be punished for his past transgressions, if for no other reason that to send a message to other fighters thinking of using. If you let him off the hook for being juiced up the past two years simply because he voluntarily stopped, other fighters will try to do the same.

      • Ian Price

        I’m not saying you’re totally in the wrong, but we should consider the big picture. I’m sure for every Vitor there’s 5-10 other fighters who didn’t get caught. But all this is a moot point going forward, because we have better testing than we had 10-20 years ago….

        Another related point is that fighters who can figure out a way to cheat but pass the test will do so. That will undoubtedly happen, and it will be completely unfair.

        My personal opinion? It’s not worth much, but I think you should have no TRT under 35 years of age, and after 35 you should do however much TRT you want up to 4:1 T:epi-T ratio (the maximum TUE ratio up until the February ban was 6:1, so even stricter). Then after 40 you can do whatever you want. That’s if I were king.

    • JudoChopSuey

      So I think that there is something being missed here. In the past when someone tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, they were banned from fighting for 6 months or more so, that being said, why is this an issue he should have to wait 6 months to a year before being able to fight again in the US or anywhere for that matter. I know July is 6 months but we are talking about someone who has been taking roids for years, call it TRT if you want it all amounts to the same thing. Advantages.

      • ss@ss.com

        those were people who had already been granted licenses and tested positive within 24 hrs of competition, technically he hadn’t applied yet when they tested him, although now he is and it will certainly be brought into consideration.

        • JudoChopSuey

          Whereas I admit that there is a difference in competing on it and being found using it, the issue remains the same. If an athlete is discovered using steroids there should be consequences unless there is an allowance for it. The difference is even before they called a total ban on TRT exemptions it would still stand that his levels were not acceptable. A cheat is a cheat, the day before or 3 months before the fight.

  • Wolf Ticket

    But Dana literally said they are “testing the s–t out of Vitor”, and that even though he was on TRT, his levels were OK. Yet the guy takes 1 random test, and fails it. How is this possible. As if Dana was not telling the truth or something. This is such a shock to me… 🙂

    • zarthustra

      It shows the difference between the effectiveness of a random drug test and one where the fighter knows of the test date ahead of time and can prepare in certain ways. Hence, some have described non-random drug tests as IQ tests.

    • Ian Price

      He didn’t fail the test if he had a TUE, but he didn’t need a TUE at the time. Then 3 weeks later they simply ban TRT so it’s not even an issue now. By the time they did that, Vitor had already stopped TRT, so it will have been almost half a year off of it. I don’t think Chael has a problem with that, and he’s the main one who would have complained.

      • Wolf Ticket

        From Vitor’s statement: “The results of the February 7, 2014, test indicated that my testosterone level was above the therapeutic range.”

        So what I understand, his levels were too high even for a guy who is on TRT. That’s what I was referencing to, that Dana said UFC is making sure Vitor does not abuse TRT to go above the normal levels, but in reality … this.

  • truthbtold

    Vitor seems to be more trouble than he’s worth.

    • Ian Price

      American gangster fodder

  • TheCerealKiller

    Hang him higher.

  • Zimmerman

    How is it fair that he gets to used testosterone drugs as a consequence of screwing up his own biochemistry when he used steroids a few years ago? How is that a punishment? He should have been banned for life. You don’t reward a cheater with something that will give him an edge against his opponents! What trickery is this? UFC is so corrupt and will do anything for the bottom line.

    • UFC is corrupt? The athletic commission is who sets the guidelines. Believe me the last thing the UFC wants to deal with is this nonsense.


      • Zimmerman

        The Nevada Athletic Commission banned him already, it is the UFC who allow him to cheat once and to continue to cheat with this testosterone enhancing drugs.

    • Ian Price

      First, I partly agree that cheaters shouldn’t be allowed to fight. But it was a long time ago. Secondly, it’s what combat science is saying. UFC has no say really. It’s the commission. And they want to bring money and business into Nevada, so if it takes giving Vitor a mulligan so we can watch Chael submit him, I’m all for it.

      • Zimmerman

        There is no butt! I will not compromise my belief of what is right and what is most definitely wrong. Come on man, there are many UFC fighters who are vocally in support of my statement. What makes you the authority?

  • Denny Swain

    They need to test belfort daily

  • taylor2008

    Everyones talking about Vitor but Chael just failed a drug test and he is out of 175!