UFC Heavyweight Matt Mitrione Suspended for “Breach of Conduct” Following Fallon Fox Rant

April 8, 2013
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Courtesy of McKinley Noble and official MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report.

Matt Mitrione may have won his most recent heavyweight bout in the UFC without an injury, but he won’t be fighting again in a hurry.

Matt Mitrione 9516 TUF 10-750x370Bloody Elbow reports that the former NFL player and Ultimate Fighter alumnus has been suspended by the UFC for a “significant” breach in the promotion’s “code of conduct” on Monday, where he insulted transgender fighter Fallon Fox during an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

As such, the UFC issued the following statement to MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report regarding Mitrione, who called Fox a “disgusting freak” for fighting in the women’s division:

The UFC was appalled by the transphobic comments made by heavyweight Matt Mitrione today in an interview on [The MMA Hour].

The organization finds Mr Mitrione’s comments offensive and wholly unacceptable and – as a direct result of this significant breach of the UFC’s code of conduct – Mr Mitrione’s UFC contract has been suspended and the incident is being investigated.

The UFC is a friend and ally of the LGBT community, and expects and requires all 450 of its athletes to treat others with dignity and respect.

While several UFC personalities (including color commentator Joe Rogan) do not believe that Fox—a 37-year-old, male-to-female transgendered athlete—should be competing with women, Mitrione is the first UFC fighter to verbally attack Fallon with insults on a widely broadcast show like The MMA Hour.

Aside from insinuating that Fox had “mental problems” for fighting in the women’s MMA division, Mitrione also joked that Fox’s fights were akin to infamous rapper Chris Brown beating up his current girlfriend, Barbadian pop star Rihanna:

He’s chromosomally a man. He had a gender change, not a sex change. He’s still a man. He was a man for 31 years. Thirty-one years. That’s a couple years younger than I am. He’s a man. Six years of taking performance de-hancing drugs, you think is going to change all that? That’s ridiculous.

That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself. And the fact that Florida licensed him because California licensed him or whoever the hell did it, it’s an embarrassment to us as fighters, as a sport, and we all should protest that. The woman that’s fighting him, props to you. I hope you beat his ass, and I hope he gets blackballed and never fights again, because that’s disgusting and I’m appalled by that.

Hence, Mitrione will be suspended for an as-of-yet undetermined amount of time.

It’s also unknown if Mitrione will be punished further for his remarks, but according to UFC COO Lawrence Epstein, any “discriminatory comment” about members of a certain community can make the responsible fighter “required” to do public service for that community.

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  • Mike mckinney

    Oh man, this could get interesting. I’m sure the comments on this topic should be intelligent and informative…..

    • Natsdad

      Ha Ha Ha well put, not a chance

      • Aaron St.Pierre

        : )

    • Sir_Roy

      Actually, a lot of them have been.

  • diggs82

    i agree witho mitrione completely

    • Edik Magardomyan

      I wish people on top would ask the opinions of the fan regarding an incident BEFORE they do anything harsh. I agree with you too.

    • giba

      I directionally agree with his statement but his language is transphobic and not acceptable.

      • fugazi71

        “transphobic” oh geez. What word will you people create next.

        • thetruth

          Who the hell is you people bro. You mean the blacks and the blues and the reds and the Jews? You better reel that discriminating bulls*** in.

          • Anthony De Nigro

            Make up your own stuff thetruth, stop stealing from Pink Floyd

          • “YOU PEOPLE” the whinney ass people complaining about anything or person that don’t like them! thats who, mainly , YOU!!

          • o,….BRO!!

          • Lindsay Day

            Hey – this comment makes you sound really intelligent. Good spelling too.

          • MJamesM

            You’re an idiot. This context clearly implies that “you people” are any who would go as far as to label Mitrione “phobic” of anything. His language was harsh. What a surprise… his career is built on aggression. However, the fact that he’s upset by another man (genetically speaking, anyway) being not only permitted but promoted to fight women is perfectly legitimate. Now, whatever race or creed or religion you happen to fit into, YOU PEOPLE are argumentative, mewling, little s**** that need to grow the f*** up, put away the bureaucratic, overly-armored, politically correct whining, and get some thicker skin. Occasionally people say mean things about other people. Those who have advanced beyond a childish adolescence are typically able to respond in kind or walk on without the need to cry themselves to sleep. Maybe Fox should get that gash sewn up and fight in the category in which he GENETICALLY belongs, maybe not. Either way, everyone, particularly the UFC authorities at large, could truly stand to man up and deal with aggressive speech as a natural part of a fighter’s life. Furthermore, I find it entirely hypocritical of them to PUNISH one fighter for using abusive language after PROMOTING a fight between TWO fighters over the exact same general concept. The only difference is that in the Mitrione case, there are members of the GLBT community involved. I move to say that any who are up in arms about Mitrione’s comments are, in fact, the ones creating a class for discrimination, rather than treating his comments as they stand, at face-value, one HUMAN BEING to another, regardless of gender, class, color, religion, or creed.

          • Sir_Roy

            Well said.

          • Arawra
          • Brad27

            THANK YOU FOR THAT!

          • $13087896

            He probably meant the political correct people, you tool.

        • rijono

          logophobia…the fear of words

        • Axiom Kennels

          amen !

        • my thought exactly!!!

        • omoplata

          Heterophobic, it’s real.

      • AtoZ

        His language is *not* transphobic. His problem is not the fact that Fallon is a transexual, his problem is that Fallon whom is a man wants to fight women and he finds that reprehensible. He is stating that men should not be sanctioned to fight women, whether or not they have a castrated penis and take hormones for a few years.

        He then further goes to state that Fallon Fox went as far as LYING to the commission that he is a man so he can go in the ring and fight women.

        Furthermore, he goes to compare this to Chris Brown beating up his girlfriend.

        Please, show me logically where his comments were ‘transphobic’, no where did he mention anything against them other than this one mans desire to fight women.

        You should take your comment back, it’s wrong and not acceptable. Do you think men should be able to cut off their privates and fight women? Yes or no?

        • Sir_Roy

          Also well said.

        • Arawra

          So even though HRT (hormone replacement therapy) drastically reduces muscle mass and aggression she should still fight men?

          • Madcap2112


          • Arawra

            So when a person has the mind AND body of a woman, they should still be subject to the same stipulations they were at birth? You sir, are an idiot.

          • AtoZ

            Arawra, do you understand this is a man who decided to castrate himself and take hormones? Something that has only been available a few DECADES in MILLENNIUMS of evolution?

            Can you please explain why they SHOULD NOT instead fight men of the same weight class instead of women? Do tell. I’m all ears.

          • Arawra

            Maybe because the HORMONES SHE TAKES limit her muscle mass so as that her body resembles a female body?

          • AtoZ

            That’s great! *HE* takes hormones to RESEMBLE a females body. He is making that personal decision and can fight MEN at his *very own weight class*. Why do women have to fight someone who is still a man on hormones? Do you really think 6 years of hormones will change your sex? You did study biology, right? There’s a lot more to it than hormones.

            He is not a chameleon or an asexual creature. HE should not have lied on his application and clearly stated ‘I am a transgendered person’ instead of letting it come up after he beats the pulp out of some woman.

            It is totally unacceptable and unfair to have a man on hormones hold the world champion title who knocks out women cold. Now all women have to fight a man to be the women’s world champion. Oh that’s great, just great. Why? Because of people like you demanding that ‘no, this man who is on hormones should not fight men in teh same weight class. He should beat up on women instead, after all, he got on hormones!’

            Could you imagine Randy Coutoure or your favourite ufc fighter on hormones for 6 years all of a sudden going up against girls? Perhaps you already have.

          • Arawra

            You have no f****** idea what hormones do to a body after 6 years.

            Your muscle mass would be the SAME as a females. Not a single molar mass more. It would come down to your training when in a fight – not the biological sex you were born with.

            HER gender is female. A transgendered person’s brain MATCHES with their intended gender – not their biological sex from birth.

            If anyone took hormones for 6 years, their muscle mass would be a fraction of what it used to be. The same can be said for a woman taking testosterone. Of course, no one ever vouched for the transmen in UFC. Let them fight men! But when it comes down to transwomen fighting women, ERRMERRGERR CALL THE POLICE. Nice double standard.

            l2rearch butthurt loser.

          • AtoZ

            Wow, you’re very emotional. I hope you feel better and whatever is bugging you goes away so you don’t get so reactive and hurt on respectful opposing views. Let me also give you a lesson in the art of being civil in the face of obvious trolls who resort to name calling, it is very useful.

            Yes, someone who was born a man and made a personal decision to take hormones so he can *RESEMBLE WOMEN* (using your own words) should not be able to hold a world title in the women’s league. They should fight other men who are in the same weight class. You say they lose massive muscle mass, good, so fight men who are in the same weight class and you’re golden. It’s all about fairness, not that ‘he feels like a woman today’.

            I’m sorry to state that taking hormones for 6 years and ‘wanting to be a woman’ doesn’t make you a woman no matter how hard you wish to believe it. There’s a lot of other factors, and your ‘muscle mass’ comment has already been addressed by fighting other men who have the same muscle mass.

            Also, it’s ironic that you refuse to address the point that he lied on his application to fight women, never stating he was transgendered. It only was discovered after he brutalized someone who had no idea they were fighting a castrated man on hormones.

          • Guest

            Wow, you’re very emotional. I hope you feel better and whatever is bugging you goes away so you don’t get so reactive and hurt on respectful opposing views. Let me also give you a lesson in the art of being civil in the face of obvious trolls who resort to name calling, it is very useful.

            Yes, someone who was born a man and made a personal decision to take hormones so he can *RESEMBLE WOMEN* (using your own words) should not be able to hold a world title in the women’s league. They should fight other men who are in the same weight class. You say they lose massive muscle mass, good, so fight men who are in the same weight class and you’re golden. It’s all about fairness, not that ‘he feels like a woman today’.

            I’m sorry to state that taking hormones for 6 years and ‘wanting to be a woman’ doesn’t make you a woman no matter how hard you wish to believe it. There’s a lot of other factors, and your ‘muscle mass’ comment has already been addressed by fighting other men who have the same muscle mass.

            Also, it’s ironic that you refuse to address the point that he lied on his application to fight women, never stating he was transgendered. It only was discovered after he brutalized someone who had no idea they were fighting a castrated man on hormones.

          • AtoZ

            Why not? It was a personal decision he made to do this. Why does he get to have an advantage to fighting women vs. still fighting other men? I don’t get why that is OK due to a personal decision.

        • namer of tools

          your sir are a complete tool!!

          • AtoZ

            You see what I did? I formed what are called ‘thought objects’ and gave a critical analysis of why what I think is accurate and backed it by facts.

            Now, you are entitled to your opinoin that “I am a complete tool”, in fact, many people who know me personally might agree with me. However, for the rest of the civilized and educated world to agree with you, you would need to back it up with facts and a critical analysis.

            Damn, I wrote all this after 5 shots of tequila. Excuse any spelling mistakes.

        • giba

          Calling her/him a “disgusting freak” is transphobic.

          • AtoZ

            A disgusting freak “Because he is a man that wants to beat up women”. I’m not sure why supporters of fallon fox always leave out the 2nd part of his comment. It’s kind of sad.

      • JOE SHINE

        Matt’s language was great. get it wimp?

        • giba

          If it was great, Zuffa wouldn’t be throwing him under the buss. It’s all PR, wimp.

          • JOE SHINE

            transvestite lover

    • for

      Matt Mitrione is CORRECT. But knowing the world we live in his words won’t be supported by people in power. The gay agenda is in full effect…LORD help US

      • JOE SHINE

        gays are not people

        • namer of tools

          You sir are a gay tool!!!

          • JOE SHINE


      • Arawra

        Since when did God say it was OK to hate?

        • JOE SHINE

          when God let the little kids get slaughtered in the Conn school.

          • Arawra

            You do know that free will exists, right? Everything has to do with God…. Take some personal responsibility, asshat. If you took the time to instill love into this world besides hate, we wouldn’t have as much violence in the world.
            inb4 assuming not troll

          • Trae Barlow

            Funny coming from a guy supporting a man that mutilated his own genitalia and makes a living battering women.

          • Arawra

            >Assuming I’m a guy
            SHE didn’t do anything but undergo a medical procedure that has become common place. Her opponent agreed to be in a career where they fight each other. I fail to see how your comment has any rational basis.

      • namer of tools



      we need more men like Matt Mitrone

    • namer of tools

      Biggest tool ever!!!


      thanks Matt for speaking the truth.

  • Cameron Merryman

    But Joe Rogan can go on the same rant and he isnt reprimanded?

    • diggs82


    • Trevor

      Puh-leeze. Rogan’s opinion is nothing like Mitrione. Rogan said he’s cool with whatever people want to do with/to their bodies and he supports that freedom…what Rogan is opposed to is letting Fox fight women because there are advantages that Fox has from 31 years as a man (bone structure, muscle, body type, etc…) over the women that she fights. Mitrione’s “That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak” isn’t even in the same ballpark…

      • Milosc

        He said that about the same thing Rogan said it about!!! It was the same argument!!

      • Tom

        I listened to rogans podcast, and he basically implied that men who become women and then wants to beat up other women are psycopaths, and ofcourse he is right. It is sick. The thing is, its even sicker to think as a promoter that this is something i can make money organizing.

    • Adam K Vogt

      I read Rogan’s podcast (unless you are referring to another rant that I am unfamiliar with??) and nowhere did he personally attack Fox, let alone say the things Matt said. Joe made some good points about why Fox should not be able to compete against women, and I for one agree with him. But he even went out of his way to say he had nothing against the transgender community and supported Fox’s decision to live her life as she chooses. There is a very big difference between disagreeing with a person’s decision to compete in combat sports after gender reassignment and calling them a ‘sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.’ Matt is a good guy and I like him, but he went too far with that statement. Just hope he doesn’t get suspended for very long…the point has been made.

    • It wasn’t a rant. Rogan said nothing that resembled an insult.

      • Tom

        Not in the same brutal manner as Mitrione, perhaps, but if you really heard the whole thing, it was exactly the same argument.

  • Ben

    The UFC is making a huge mistake. Matts comments were not towards the gay community. It would be the same thing as saying Chael’s comments against Silva were towards all brazilians, or towards all blacks. Simply put, the UFC has created their own liability if Matt is damaged by this.
    Matt has a very valid point and a reasonable opinion. If the he is now legally a she, how now is she part of the lesbian gay community? A gay man cannot fight a woman according to the Nevada Athletic Commission. The UFC should reconsider.

    • Adam K Vogt

      LGBT community…Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender.

      • Ben

        When it is convenient he will be considered transgender. When its convenient he is a woman. You really cannot have it both ways. If he is transgender than he is living life as a she but he is still a he. If he is now a she, than she is not a he living as a she; she would be a she and not transgender. Either way, claiming it has any ties to the LBGT community is a joke. I have no issues with anyone’s choices as long as they are fair. Even a two year old knows that men have an innate physical advantage.

    • Justin Galloway

      “That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.” is hardly an “opinion” that’s just hate.

      • KingLettuce

        It’s an easy weapon to label something that’s not hate, as hate.

        • Cptmats

          That’s hate too !

      • Anthony De Nigro

        … for trying to beat up women, as a man. That is not hate, that is truth

      • Christovich

        Umm, it’s still an opinion, hate or not.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Ben your argument is pointless. He’s not in trouble for attacking the gay community per se. LGBT …..the T stands for transgender. Figure it out.

      • Ben

        A bit naive aren’t we. It must have been the respect thing, right? The UFC thrives off of some fighters disrespecting others. Chael disrespected his way to two title shots. It is fear that led to this decision. Most men were raised not to hit girls but somehow under the guise of transgender you are allowed to. Labeling her transgender after going through gender reassignment surgery is just a convenient classification for what has been and not what is. The line that the UFC has drawn is shameful, figure it out!

        • MuayThaiFood

          You’re a bit off topic with Chael. None of that has anything to do with Mitrione’s suspension. All you wanna be free speech advocates need to know that freedom of speech protection as provided by the 1st amendment protects you from the government. The UFC has conduct rules in place and Mitrione can speak his mind all he wants as long as he doesn’t mind being suspended. If he doesn’t like it then he can seek relief in the civil court system. Good luck to him on that. If he’s not smart enough to phrase something without insulting a sensitive minority group then he’d probably be better off not opening his mouth on such topics. An intelligent person could have got their point across without getting suspended.

          • Ben

            Uh what? You give me whiplash with your back and forth. First it is not about him insulting a sensitive minority group, then it is. When in all actuality it has nothing to do with anyone’s sexual desires or any sensitive minority group. It has everything to do with unfair advantages. What is a sensitive minority group anyways? If you want to be treated equally then get off of your high horse and realize that you are not any more special than everyone else that must follow the rules. What’s next, a heavyweight being allowed to fight a flyweight because of a thyroid issue? Or better yet, an adult being allowed to compete with a child because they are childish. Figure it out!!

          • MuayThaiFood

            Ben, get a grasp of English and then we can talk. The whiplash is all your own doing. It is ALL about him insulting a minority group. I never said it wasn’t. You seem to think he’s accused of insulting gays. He’s not, he’s accused of insulting a transgender. Take note here Ben…. I never said I supported transgenders fighting in women’s divisions. That’s because that’s not what the article is about. It’s about Matt Mitrione being suspended for crossing the line in the the way he attacked and offended a minority group. It had nothing to do with his view on the unfairness of it but rather how he presented his view. I’m sure you defend him for the simple reason that you can relate to his level of communication skills.

          • Christovich

            He didn’t attack a minority group, he attacked a person who happens to be a member of a minority group. I see no where in his comments where he slams transgenders in general.

          • Cptmats

            Very good point all though I believe the problem was that even though he was calling Fox a disgusting freak for wanting to fight women, He was smart enough to think before he spoke and it sounded more like he was calling Fox a Freak for being transgender there calling all transgender people freaks.

          • Alex Anderson

            It’s possible that he thinks that he accepts transgender people, and perhaps he would accept some trans people if they fit into certain parameters that he finds acceptable. I agree that we should be concerned about the fairness of transgendered people in women’s sports, but he also relies on some of the same arguments that people use to argue that transgendered people are wrong to want to identify as women, take hormone therapy, or have surgery. His argument implies a denial of the legitimacy of transgendered identity in general.

  • Sterling

    Joe Rogan never insulted Fallon. He just stated he didnt think is was fair for Fallon to fight women. Joe’s argument was much more eloquently worded.

    • Supaman

      so basically Mitrione is being suspended for being stupid…

      to his credit though, I don’t disagree w/ Mitrione’s sentiment. But he should’ve known better than to go all out. The problem, is that it’s just his personality. He was probably trying to make a joke and be the funny guy, but his low brain cell count gets him into trouble.

      • JOE SHINE

        thanks matt for speaking out the truth.

    • I listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast when he did talk about this with Bill Burr. I did not read his quote. But keep in mind Joe Rogan is a stand up comedian and tv personality who knows how to word things. Mitrione’s comments do not deserve the suspension.

      • falloniousWolf

        Then Matt should have stfu.

        You are missing the point dude.

        1. Matt’s opinion could be viewed as not transphobic.

        2. But in attempts to be funny and get attention (obviously his fighting ability is taking him no where) Matt used white trash words.

        3. The UFC has suspended Matt…but for how long? The dude just had his fight so don’t tell me that he is suspended for three months. Can the UFC schedule Matt’s fight during the suspension period? If so, then this is a joke.

    • Arawra

      “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.” Thats not insulting at all.

      • Just FYI Matt Mitrione actually has a degree in Law & Societies from Perdue University, so he knows what he’s talking about. Maybe he’s just talking specifically about this person and like always people just take it to far,

        • Arawra

          Regardless of whether he was attacking the individual, or the individual because of prejudice, it was still insulting. Having a degree in Law & Societies doesn’t disregard blatant prejudice, either.

          • falloniousWolf

            were you being sarcastic above?

            If so, I apologize for calling you a dork.

      • falloniousWolf

        ha! had I said those words to your mom, you would have been all over me on this website…you are such a dork.

      • Trae Barlow

        He lied on an application and battered a women in a cage mach, now you want to give him a gold metal.

        There is no justification for cage fighting men and women, I don’t care how much plastic surgery you’ve had.

        PS: Bone structure matters plays just as much of a role in in a fight as muscle mass. Why do you hate women?

    • If Matt Mitrione is “required” to do public service for his “discriminatory comments”. Than I want to see Joe Rogan sitting in on a Sunday morning church service for his “discriminatory comments” on people of faith. Of course some people will think this is stupid and will attack God, and the Bible, and Christians, and will try to insult me by calling me a bigot. etc.

  • I don’t see his comments as transphobic at all. I’m an ally of the LGBT community but what Mitrione is saying is factually correct. Fox is physiologically a male and, as such, should be fighting other males. I think it’s cowardly and dangerous to let her fight females.

    • Justin Galloway

      Maybe you didn’t read the quote:
      “That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.”

      How is that not attacking?

      • Well, he’s not punching her in the face. That would be sick, sociopathic, and, if he were pretending to be a woman, freakish.

      • Gryphon81

        Because he didnt say it about her/his lifestyle outside of the ring. What he said was aimed directly and only at the fact that she/he has an unfair advantage over any woman she/he faces. I agree, its disgusting for a man to hit a woman. Whether they are post-op or not.

      • twincam

        It’s an attack on men who want to fight woman, not on the trans gender community. ie. he could also say Chris Brown is a ‘sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak’ for beating up Rhianna.
        It isn’t about his choice to become a woman, but about his choice to fight women.

      • R

        He is referring to Fallon Fox’s desire to fight women, not the process of gender/sex change.

      • Anthony De Nigro

        … for wanting to beat up women. listen bud, if you are going to quote, quote, do not paraphrase, unless you are trying to get a job in the media or politics

      • lets take a stand

        If I called you a human with two eyes, arms and legs; is that an attack? Or just calling it like it is! I SUPPORT MATT MITRIONE! Fallon fox is a disgrace to humans!

      • eots

        attacking a man that lies and wants to fight woman is the part you leave out

      • Maddawgmar

        Because it’s directed to one individual, not the whole LGBT community.

  • jsela22

    This is such bullshit. That guy should not be fighting in the womens division, no matter what you do you can’t change that your a man, as in your bone density and so on, making this girl/guy having a huge advantage duhhhh

  • Just Sayin

    haha @Mike. But honestly, if a male and a female is on equal grounds as far testosterone, strength, and all that good stuff, whats the problem? I don’t see this as a man fighting a woman, but equal competitors engaging in a sport. All this argument against Fallon seems to be stating that men are stronger than women. I think we need to look past that. An even playing field is all that should count

  • Milosc

    He was calling the lack of sportsmanship/unfair advantage “disgusting”; not Fox, himself

    Put into context, this is a logical statement on competition ethics, not sex games with some hairspring agenda. They’re making an example out of him, a lamb for the new women’s division demographic

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah, somehow “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak” must have been taken out of context. English is clearly not your first language.

      • Bob

        For wanting to beat up women

        • MuayThaiFood

          Yeah, I’m sure it was all taken out of context and Matt’s ok with transgenders other than the beating up women part. Give me a break. He just wasn’t smart enough to express his view without personally attacking someone and he’s in hot water now. Case closed!

          • macgrubber

            you got a thing for this fallon chick? you seem pretty bent out of shape that people not taking its side bro.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Macgrubber, you always have something intelligent to bring to the table don’t you? You’re what, 16? Personally, I’m into genetic females so no worries, she’s all yours…..bro.

          • Tom

            You seem like a good indoctrinated, politically correct, making the same pointless personal attacks trying to convince everybody of your moral superiority. Good job, and i wish you a speedy recovery

          • namer of tools

            Chief Tool of the order of tools!!

          • Milosc

            It obviously was. It’s right there in print, chief

            Very next sentence:

            “Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting.”

            The only other way you can take it, is what ‘you’ want to make from it. Go chase some cars

        • Arawra

          HRT reduces muscle mass and aggression…

      • Tommy McCraith

        taken into context, this transgender woman “lied” about being born a man, hence they are a liar. many transgenders want to reverse their decisions afterwards and are never truly comfortable/happy with their decision, which most psychologists would agree indicates possible mental disorders, hence mittrione’s description of “sick.” ..a sociopath is somebody with no empathy and no actual concern for the wellbeing of their fellow humans. mittrione feels this transgender fighter is aware of the advantage “she” possesses over her fellow competitors, lied about it, and has no remorse as “she” blasts women in the face, hence mittrione called her sociopathic. and maybe mittrione is disgusted by “her” advantage and is disgusted by this situation. thats what taking things into context means… you dont just look at buzzwards like “lying, sick, sociopathic, and disgusting,” but you try to figure out the meaning behind the words. you look to the surrounding context of these words and you realize that mittrione was indeed commenting about the ethics involved in competition.

      • Tom

        So deliberately lying about being a man to profit from beating up women is not all of the above?

      • AtoZ

        Could you consider reading the entire quote which is lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BEAT UP WOMEN. Because he lied on his application to beat up women.

        Why do you feel the need to literally commit libel against Mitrione and throw out half of his quote just to defend Fallon Fox? Why are you guys going so far to lie to defend Fallon’s decision to lie and beat up on women? Why can’t you “Defenders of Fallon” just stick to the facts and truth to make your case? Is that too wierd? Why is the onus on Mitrione and not Fallon who was caught lying to beat up women?

  • UncleRayRay

    +1 Mittrione

  • bob

    i agree with him hes not attacking the gay and lesbian community, he is saying its disgusting that this man is beating up women. what is wrong about that? the ufc and dana need to read or listen to what he said again.

    • Justin Galloway

      “That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.”
      I am not getting how the “freak” part is not attacking?

      • Jeremy Blake

        Because he’s right. Any dude that beats of females is exactly what he said. And I don’t even like Matt.

  • And Mitrione is 100% correct. He was speaking his mind now he gets punished for it? Screw the UFC.


      I agree with you 100%. You are correct and matt is correct. More Mitrones are needed in the world.

      • namer of tools

        Tool #2

        • JOE SHINE


    • Arawra

      Correct? Do you know the definition of the word?

      • Does it mean “dominated by commercial and industrial interests?” If not, please let everyone know what the definition of Correct is.

        • Arawra

          If disciplining from personal attacks are not in the interest of commercial and industrial interests, then no, that is not the definition of “correct.”

    • namer of tools

      Tool #1

  • jig4ev04

    hes right why would they suspend him. Guess we live in a time where the truth is shunned. Dana lost respect for you.

  • Timothy Malone

    In an ideal world all that would matter for advancement in the UFC is how good someone fights. Unfortunately we dont live in that world.

    And you can take that to mean in an ideal world people wouldn’t say these comments or that people wouldn’t be punished for these comments, either way it sucks for the sport and the spirit of fighting.

  • Nick

    Matt Mitrione clearly was proposing that the will of this transgendered individual to fight women is what makes him disgusting. He did not state that because Fox is transgendered he is disgusting, what it seems like he was trying to say was that Fox is disgusting because Fox, physically a man, is hitting women for a living. Fighting on an unfair playing field. I think it is a little overkill for suspending him but maybe they heard something else. I’ve never liked Mitrione, he has kind of seemed like an ass throughout his MMA career; starting with TUF but as the M&M’s say, “I never met the guy.”

  • Matty

    What did he say so bad? Must be the discusting freak comment. Other then that I think he is just stating facts.

  • Plotkin

    So if you didn’t say “That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that.’ Would it have been ok? B/c Rogan openly talks about it on his Podcast, and while he doesn’t call the person names, he does say he thinks it’s wrong that this guy is fighting woman. His bone structure is still that of a man, that’s not going to change, nor will his bone density, which is normally thicker than women’s (except in the upper legs). So to hit a woman with the fist, power, force of a man, is not fair to the women he’s fighting. If you look, he has DESTROYED the woman he faced.

  • me

    i agree the dude is a freak and should not be allowed to fight women.

  • Jason

    Had he left out the name calling with the sociopathic freak,he would probably have been just fine.

  • This country needs to check itself. Freedom of speech and opinion seems to be a forgotten right to most Americans. I agree with Mitrione and I don’t hate gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual people. I don’t believe his statement is hateful either. This is just horrifying that speaking your mind or opinion can cause you to lose income and even your job. Mitrione owes no one an apology or an explanation for his point of views. He should not have to suffer punishment for using his god given right.

    • Bobbs3k

      Freedom of speech in terms of the Constitution only refers to our protection from government censorship, a private company like the UFC on the other hand is not held to that. Also, with freedom of speech comes the right to get called out for the things you say. While I agree with parts of the statement some of it in my opinion does cross the line into a personal attack. He leaves out the disgusting sociopathic freak part we might not even be having this discussion.

    • hacksaw

      Um please quit with the freedom of speech stuff. That applies to the government censuring a citizen’s speech. This is about an employer disciplining an employee. You have the right to say what you want, but your employer has the right to discipline you for saying what you say.

      • Absolute tripe. So a private entity can bypass constitutional rights. Even if is common practice that doesn’t make it legal or ethically correct. Neither of which it is. The unfortunatle reality is that most people cannot afford protracted legal battles with thier employers.
        So the elites continue to get away with gagging free speech.

        • Bobbs3k

          Not absolute tripe. UFC has a code of conduct which Mitrione presumably would have had to agree to in order to be allowed to fight for the company when he signed his contract. Legally UFC has every right to suspend, fire, or punish him if they feel he violated it or any other part of his contract.

  • Bobby Mac

    He cant compete in the Olympics or any other female sports why would he be able to compete in MMA as a woman. If Fox called Mitrione a Disgusting freak he would not be reprimanded, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Dana needs to grow a set of balls and quit folding to the pressure from all these P.C. idiots.

  • Teej

    Freedom of speech. He’s entiltled to think what he likes and to say it. I agree with him.

  • BigLars

    You know where they put these people when they get put in jail or prison? They put them in a man’s facility not a woman’s so why are we confused to know better on rather this is a man or woman. Why not just make up a division for transgender men or women? Will they let a transgender female fight a male fighter…hell no! I’m tired of this bias society and rules. Nobody wants to see this I personally won’t ever pay to see this circus spectical

  • DoodyDoo

    it is a disgusting freak

  • KingLettuce

    There’s such thing as being ‘transphobic’ now? When will it stop?

  • Mike

    But he didn’t say anything offensive but the true. And I bet they will “fix” it but making him to release an apology he doesn’t feel. Great society we live in, one can’t freely say what he thinks and hipocresy is rewarded.

  • 713

    well I do think that ANY male that beats up women is a “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.” I dont think its a homophobic/hate rant, its a moral rant.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    the ufc seems to be overreacting a bit here. maybe they felt like they could deflect a potential issue with the lgbts by taking immediate action before some kind of lgbt rally could get going against mitriones comments. either way, quite ridiculous. im 100% with joe rogan in the whole trans fighting issue. wait till fallon fox puts some girl in a coma then these clowns can scratch their head and say hmmm, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

    if there isn’t already some kind of petition to support mitrione against this clowny suspension someone should get one going and link it up.

  • jon

    what is the ufc’s code of conduct exactly?? he can’t speak his mind but others can smoke dope and get dui’s and get arrested??

    • Tommy McCraith

      no, they get suspended for that too. the ufc should allow people to speak their mind and smoke dope (victimless crimes). eff drunk driving retards

      • jon

        i don’t remember hearing about jon jones getting suspended for his dui

  • Erick

    Weak move by the UFC to suspend him. Cannot say I disagree with the view Mitrione has but in todays society I suppose you have to craft your words a little more carefully before you express your viewpoint. I don’t think Mitrione was calling Fox a “disguisting freak” because of the gender reassignment but rather because Fox fights women and is structurally and has the chromosomes of a man.

    • falloniousWolf

      Certainly Matt wanted to cater to the alpha bro crowd.

      And this was an epic fail.

  • The UFC has a right to represent their company in whatever manner they see fit. As an employee you don’t have to respect that but you have to deal with it if you want to fight on the worlds top MMA promotion. Matt has a right to voice his opinion; everyone has a right to voice how they feel but he should have kept his mouth shut on the subject. I’m upset that he even commented on the subject in such a manner knowing he should be representing the sport in the best way possible. Selling a fight is different, this was just a mistake on his part. Hopefully it’s just a 2 or 3 month suspension from fighting.

    • falloniousWolf

      You sound like a tool brain washed by the UFC propaganda.

      A typical UFC fan = blue collar white boy that needs to convince himself that he is important by showing his phyiscal toughness.

      Dana White = classless clown who nonetheless knows how to run a fight business.

      Matt Mitrione = 3rd class fighter who lost to Cheick Kongo that may get cut from the UFC any day.

      UFC contract = contains standard boilerplate vague terms like “conducting yourself outside the octagon (which is the ultimate proving ground) professionally,” whatever that means.

      Didn’t Dana make homophobic comments himself a few years back? He should have suspended himself.

      • That’s a lot of negative comments. I don’t know what your so angry about but it’s not my business.

        A typical UFC fan = No fan is typical. UFC fans have almost treated me with respect and I have always enjoyed fight talk with them and friendly debates. My favorites are of course the ones who follow me on Fbook and Twitter! Every fan I’ve met has been different in positive and negative ways. Not to be confused with a typical hater such as yourself.

        Dana White = Successful businessman who contributed more to the sport then anyone in the history of martial arts including getting involved in helping to save wrestling in the Olympics.

        Matt Mitrione = Former professional NFL player now turned professional mma fighter who went the distance with Cheick Kongo a veteran martial arts competitor who is a great fight to have on a resume for anyone.

        UFC Contract = Respect yourself and others in the best way possible to represent the UFC and sport of MMA. Just like any other job I’m sure would appreciate.

        As for Danas homophobic rant. Yes he did that A FEW YEARS BACK. And then he realized he made a mistake doing so as a business man and apologized for his remarks and even stated it wasn’t towards any group, his rant was towards a specific person really. It’s called learning from mistakes and watching what you do as a professional.

  • Jason Spangler

    The reality is these fighters live in a glass house, and most of the top fighters have managers, who they would do well to run stuff like this by for a sniff check before posting. The smart ones will not rant like this, but many will, and this is not the last time we see someone penalized for speaking their mind, right or wrong.

  • Good for Mitrione! Screw the UFC for suspending him!


    Matt Hughes referred to Fallon Fox as “IT”. Why wasn’t he disciplined?

  • Good for Matt for taking a stand.

  • When Mitrione called Fox a “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak” I think he was referring to the fact that he is essentially a man beating up women. He never commented on Fox’s choice to be transgender-ed.

  • travisb71

    Well why don’t the UFC set up a match between Fox and Mat to settle their differences in the cage? Hell it’s as fair as Fox fighting women. Fox shouldn’t be fighting women period or maybe only Cyborg on the roids would be fair?

  • fanaticny

    He’s ranting about an specific fighter, i just don’t see the offense to a specific group, his suspension is purely STUPID!!!

  • What the HELL ever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?… No matter what dumb ass’d thing he has to say, he has the right to say it. This country gets all but hurt now when some one speaks their mind! Sorry but he has a right to his opinion,even if you all don’t agree with him.

  • hes right

  • Jason Bland

    He only said what everyone is thinking…we are gettin to soft as a society…I rather someone be honest than lie say something else thats not true

  • Max

    Fox is a dude. Mitrione shouldn’t have said “freak”, but the sentiment behind his comment is 100% correct

  • R

    All this because Dana white said fag a few years ago…

  • Jay

    He meant it was sociopathic for a man to turn himself into a “woman” and than hurt other woman in a fight and I agree. I don’t think he meant she was a freak for being transgender, but for beating up on woman

  • candelario

    “divisions” are setup for purpose when you start to burr the line… nothing good will happen man’s division, women’s division… hence the word division….

  • Matty E

    this is insane. “Transphobic…” so basicly… any ufc fighter could under go the ‘procedure’, take est for 2 years, and enter the womens side of ufc – as long as they had a pair of bolt-on’s to match? This pretty well scars the womens division right off the get go…

  • thetruth

    !00% disagree with suspending him. I dont agree totally with what he said but agree with its ridiculous for some grown ass man to get a couple hormone shots and start fighting women. Rhonda would still kick that ass.

  • Mistake by UFC, go Matt go!

  • Truly well spoken! I have no problems with the LGBT community, what I do have an issue with is someone born a man, lived their life as a man and fought as a man having an operation and calling themselves a woman. I’m 6’6″ 265, if I undergo surgery to alter my gender I’M STILL THE SIZE OF AN NBA POINTGUARD!!!! And if I understand what Matt was trying to say, it was in no way a slight against the LGBT community as a whole, just that one indiviual taking pride in a legal assault on women, and the disgrace of all that this sport has accomplished.

  • Yuli Sergeivich

    I agree with Mitrione 10000000%. Suspend him for what? speaking his mind and the mind of every single MMA fan?

  • sean

    so the ufc thinks mitrione is wrong for speeking his mind but this weirdo is free to tuck his d!#k inside out take hormones and beat up women . p c cry babies have no place in a combat sport . get tough

  • Jon

    Props to Mitrione! It’s sad that this resulted in him getting suspended from the UFC.

  • Take out “disgusting freak” and I don’t think Mitrione gets the heat. I feel his comments about Fallon Fox are about a man beating up women and NOT about a person being transgender. UFC needs to rethink this one, as does the LGBT community. This is a man beating up women.

    • falloniousWolf

      No..Matt said all that stuff to get attention. He wants to stay relevant in the game.

      Do you see other UFC fighters going around using offensive vulgar words like Matt?

      Of course, Matt could always say that he learned to speak properly from Dana.

  • Neoconnected

    Props to Mitrione for saying what most of us think anyway. He is a real man for doing so and not some PC spokesmouth the UFC has hired to infringe on freedom of speech.

  • I agree whole heartedly with Mitrione. I’m a woman and would I want to step in the ring with a dude, even if he got a sex change hell no. I say if Fox wants to fight women throw him in the ring with Rhonda Rousey and she can break his arm.

  • veryphil

    Granted, it would be a PR nightmare if UFC didn’t punish him. But he’s right — the fighter has an unfair advantage. But it has nothing to do with transgender issues. Had he replaced all of the “transgender” wording with unfair advantage” rhetoric, he’d be fine. Also, transphobic is not a word. Bigoted is the correct word. Mitrione isn’t bigoted. He was simply stating publicly what he should have kept to himself. Dana white has said worse for the record. Give Mitrione a slap on the wrist, make him publicly apologize and that’s it.

  • Anthony Lopez

    So wait… Chael can attack a country and go as far as to say that they’re dirty people, can attack Anderson Silva on such a personal level that it involved his wife, but Matt (who I don’t actually care for) can make a statement about a man legally beating a woman for a living, and he’s punished? Seriously, UFC is so ass backwards with what’s “acceptable conduct” it’s ridiculous

    • falloniousWolf

      Not really.

      If you can’t differentiate between Chael’s comments (which I think are retarded) and Matt’s comments…then you sir…are truly a dooombarse.

  • Shelby

    I wouldn’t begin to insult the man’s sexuality, but as far as the sportsman aspect is concerned, he/she has an unfair advantage. He/she should not be allowed to compete in the female division.

  • ash

    Dana is just jealous he didn’t say it first 😉

  • Anthony De Nigro

    Mitrione is in the right here. I have no problem with a persons sexuality, it is a safety issue. That is why there are mens and womens divisions. Men are physiologically different from women. That is science. I am sorry that science is not politically correct, it is just science. If the DNA test says that you are a man, you fight in the mens division, it should not matter what you FEEL you are

  • Dude is so right!!! Forget the UFC… they even want to sissify the last manly sport left on the planet… geez those gays don’t know when to stop…….

  • dana anti white

    filthy ufc and dana anti white.

  • MitrioneFan

    Since when did Dana White go PC? This is bulls***. Mitrione is 100% right. Fox is a disgusting freak. When the world of pro fighting starts giving a s*** what the tranny’s think, that’s pretty much the end of our culture.

    • Lindsay Day

      What culture is that? Intolerance and bigotry?

  • Elizabeth

    Mitrione is a dumb ass, he constantly puts his foot in his mouth and deserves whatever he gets. Anyone who “agrees” with his statement in any way doesn’t deserve to live in this great country of ours. This generation is the one finally leaving all the racism and homophobic bs in the past. Get on board or gtfo of our country. Straight, gay, black, white… it doesn’t mean a damn thing to the majority any more, and we ARE the majority.

    • JoeDabo

      You’re an idiot, plain and simple. It’s people like you that try to find the racist in everything. Everything is hate to you people. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Mitrone could care less if Fox was LGBT whatsoever. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Mitrone doesn’t agree with Fox beating on women.

    • Tom

      Im sure some people would find pleasure in watching a guy beat a girl into a pulp, but i doubt that is what the mainstream public really pays money to watch. Making this into a discussion about discrimination is missing the point completely. Nobody is denying his right to turn his genitals inside, it is his desire to punish and hurt women that is the issue.

  • Never go full retard!

  • Do not wish to identify

    #1) A man is born with a larger brain than a women, which is why men think with half of their brain and a woman thinks with all of her brain. Thus a man can take more punishment.
    #2) A man’s fist is usually twice as big as a woman’s – You usually see women’s self defense classes teaching women to strike men with a palm heel over going toe to toe with a man. Mitrione should have used these 2 points in his argument and the LGBT Community could not defy logic. Just as being gay or being trapped in as a women in a man’s body is not a choice but it is genetic. You can’t argue the male genetic advantage in fighting.

  • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

    i agree with matt fk you dana

  • number twenty

    Wow, he got suspended for that? First and foremost, he is completely correct! Secondly, he has a right to his opinion. So many businesses are scared to piss off these freaks now a days because of political correctness BS! Screw that, Mitrione is right and I support what he says 100%!

  • xrated

    i think he could of chose his words(mitrione) a little better but yes fox should not be able nor want to compete in the female division in my honost opinion, its a legit tip in his/her favor.

  • I have to agree with Matt. It is still a man.

  • HonkieGiveMeMyDolla

    The UFC has to give him a suspension like this because its the LGBT community.

    Those freaking dummies at the Culinary Union will use this against the UFC in New York. So yes, the UFC must do damage control. That’s the freaking country we live in now. The liberals want these unions around for this apparently.

    • JoeDabo

      It’s not against the LGBT community, people are taking Mitrone’s comments at face value instead of applying them to the situation. It doesn’t matter that they THINK they need to do damage control, it’s unnecessary and downright BS. Do they really think it’s a good idea for a MAN to beat on a FEMALE? I’ve lost all respect for anyone in control at the UFC, lost me as a fan if crap like this keeps on. ONE FIGHT between that “FREAK” of a heshe and a female and I’ll never watch again. Unbelievable.

      • falloniousWolf

        that is not the issue buddy.

        90% of the population would say that Fallon should not be allowed to fight woman.

        It’s the way Matt said it.

  • Bottom line Fallon is a woman beater there is know way around it.

  • Surf Ventura

    Mitrione is RIGHT ON! There was no gender change!

  • Surf Ventura

    “Transphobic”? Ya, right! Matt is “afraid” of people who are confused about their own gender! 🙂

  • mtpineda2003

    Why punish Matt when he’s telling the truth?

    • falloniousWolf

      For the last freaking time. It is not about his opinion dude.

      It is the way he worded his opinion.

      You are such a doombass.

  • falon fox is a MAN hence should not be fighting a woman…he/she may be a female on the outside but as mitrione said….chromosomes say shes a male…

    • JoeDabo

      Still not female on the outside. Not a real vagina. Zero ovaries. No uterus. Not a female, period.

  • jcfool

    Thank you to the UFC for taking a respectful stand. Hateful comments are unprofessional and bring the sport into disrepute. Martial Arts should be based on respect between competitors and respect for the discipline. Those looking for gratuitous violence and manufactured drama can check out the WWF (or whatever it’s called now).

    • JoeDabo

      Oh, nice, so YOU think it’s fine for someone who was a MAN for more than 31 years, to get some hormone shots, turn his dong inside out, and beat on women because HE can’t win a real fight? Gotcha.

      • jcfool

        Ahh,so many manly men here defending the honor of poor defenseless professional female fighters. How about you let them decide? Or do you think that chicks probably shouldn’t be making business decisions and all.

        • macgrubber

          another mediocre troll.

  • silver85

    for the 1st time i completely agree with him. he may think he is a women which is fine with me but. genetically men are far stronger and he has that gene in him. that just plain unfair towards women fighter as she has already ahad the upper hand before the fight even began.

    • falloniousWolf

      Agree with what?????

      Dude, Matt used white trash words in expressing his opinion. He could have stfu or say he doesn’t agree.

      But he had to be a clown that he is and use degrading, insulting, offensive terms to express his opinion.

  • Whats disgusting is that a man, because he can’t compete with real fighters, takes a shortcut and now beats up women. this is something that should disgust women and other transgender people. he did it not because he really feels genuine about his transgender identity, but because he wants to win fights.

    • falloniousWolf

      Uh…yeah…that is disgusting.

      That is not the point bro.

      You can’t simply kill a person because that person is a murderer. That’s not how things work outside your mom’s basement, aka your little world.

      Fallon did something disgusting
      Matt did something digusting after observing Fallon.

      Should Matt he excused? Not really.

  • Kalei Kealoha

    While I agree with the sentiment of his statement I do not agree with how he said it. As a professional athlete he needs to understand that any public forum he participates in will necessitate that he thinks before he speaks

    • falloniousWolf

      I agree with this.

      Matt is a 3rd rate fighter. And he has to run his mouth to get attention.

      And he tried to be funny or appeal to typical alpha males that MMA has as fan base.

  • bear

    Mitrione is right!!!

  • Oliver T. Shagnasty

    Agree with you folks,, the GUY should not be fighting women and all the fighters are entitled to their opinion and this is still a FREE COUNTRY. I would have reacted very similar..

    • Oliver T. Shagnasty

      I hope the FREAK gets his a handed to him…by a woman, especially the pretty one…

      • hi

        calling him/her a freak is just proving the ufc right for suspending him. i am 12 years old and i think you grown ass adults are acting childish by calling fox a freak. you are entitled to your own opinion, but you dint gotta be a jerk about it.

        • macgrubber

          your not 12 your an amatuer troll bro. Get better.

  • John

    Well obviously the ufc doesnt support free speech

  • Shyde

    Im pretty sure its illegal in a lot of states for a gay man to fight a woman….why would this be any different just bc he surgically removed his manhood. Im not saying I agree with how Matt went about it but I damn sure dont condone a Man professionally fighting a woman.

  • itsmeusee

    Mitrione is right. No more UFC PPV fights for me. The UFC is nothing more than something to keep Dana White rich and he doesn’t give two cents about anything or anyone that doesn’t contribute to that end. I am a staunch supporter of MMA but the UFC is just a corporate pimp for all the fighters. They all know it too. Thats why most of team will never defy their cult leader. This was the last straw.

  • Blatherbeard

    So rogan can disagree but when MM states the obvious in a crass way he gets suspended? Not a big matt fan but come the f*** on.

  • Politically Incorrect

    If Mitrione is wrong, then there should be no laws for domestic violence. Mitrione is 100% right. His argument is fundamentally correct: men do not fight women.

    His argument that Fox is sick is also right because for a man to fight a woman is sick. That’s his argument and it’s clearly what he is saying.

  • eots

    this is nonsense he is right, his attack was not on gay people or transgender it was about genetic males lying on an application so they could fight with woman.

  • BigDaddyMMA

    I am a huge MMA fan and do believe the UFC is the best organization right now within this sport, but they are truly full of it right now. What Mitrione said, I believe he had the full right to state his opinion on this matter. The sad part is that so much is being made about his comments, when you have a born male that lived as one for over thirty years, being allowed to fight females. There is something seriously wrong with this picture, especially since Mitrione pointed out the fact that Fallon had lied upon the previous licensing of the fights Fallon had, it was never brought to the attention of the female’s that fought, that this person was transgender. One fighter said she would not have fought had she known this before. Bottom line is Fallon was born a man and lived as a man and still has the bone structure, density, and muscle tissue of a man. That does not change due to the introduction of some hormones. However Fallon fox chooses to live is Fox’s choice, but to be allowed to fight women now in a cage is a disgusting act and even though Mitrione put it as raw as possible, how can the UFC take away his right to do so, especially since Dana White has been the most boisterous, Ego driven, foul mouthed promoter in modern history and he’s going to tell someone their insensitive to others, REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY!

  • Steven Thurman

    I agree with him, honestly, i didnt think it was that transphobic, it just sounded like he was more pissed off about someone with years of being a male is fighting women..

  • Jack Burton

    Seems ridiculous considering that the UFC has no transgendered fighters and Dana probably wouldn’t allow it because it is a damn freak show.

    While Mitrione did perhaps go a bit far with his rhetoric, his statements about him being male are true. Fallon’s body and brain developed to full maturity as a male before his/her hormone therapy. There is already an accredited doctor on the record stating that because Fallon developed as a male into adulthood, that Fallon is essentially male physically, regardless of hormone replacement, and that hormone replacement actually has a positive effect on bone density rather than negative.

  • Jack Burton

    We’re living under politically correct tyranny. During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

    Furthermore, Mitrione didn’t state that he hated transgendered people or wished harm on them, he simply stated that within the context of a fair fight, a transgendered adult male shouldn’t be able to fight females. I’d bet that nearly everyone would agree with that statement.

    The penalty was too harsh, they should have fined him, asked him to apologize and made him do community service.


    if my sister was fighting a girl and her ball sack dropped down !! i would knock him out !!

  • earldogg

    First of all, I’m in one hundred percent agreement w Mitrione. Dana, don’t punish him..he was just doing what u normally do and should’ve done this time.
    One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned (and probably cause it might not be relevant but one obvious distinction between genders is the capability to birth a child…can this fallacy fox pop a baby out? Probably not, because it’s a dude!
    Muay thai food, are u transgendered or do u train w this fox guy? Or are u people ”supporting” this just fans of domestic abuse..genuinely wondering (not curious hahaha)…

  • Cyborg versus Fallon, i think that would be a fair matchup, one juicing up, the other juicing down. In fairness though, MMA is starting to loose all credibility, its turning into a bit of a circus. I think Dana versus Vince McMahon is not too far down the road the way things are going.

  • BoomBoom1234

    If a man wants to cut off his **** and have whatever is left over turned into a imitation vagina thats up to him, but i agree with meat head. fox should not be allowed to fight real women. he could of been more careful about his choice of words but after all it is meathead

  • robbiezz

    Doesnt Dana White curse out fans on twitter mostly everyday, but matt can’t speak his mind about a transgender freak fighting in MMA?

  • Alex Anderson

    It’s possible that he thinks that he accepts transgender people, and
    perhaps he would accept some trans people if they fit into certain
    parameters that he finds acceptable. I agree that we should be concerned
    about the fairness of transgendered people in women’s sports, but he
    also relies on some of the same arguments that people use to argue that
    transgendered people are wrong to want to identify as women, take
    hormone therapy, or have surgery. His argument implies a denial of the legitimacy of transgendered identity more generally. Furthermore, It’s possible that what he meant by the term “disgusting freak” in this context just meant that this specific person was a disgusting freak, it is more reasonable to suspect that he meant it as a slur against transgendered people. People often use slurs to try to insult just one person, but it’s a stupid thing to do, because you will inevitably insult other people as well, because that’s what the common meaning of a slur implies.

  • Carni

    Seems the UFC is suspending Mitrione for pointing out their obvious mistake. A man fighting against women, i mean, only wife beaters would find joy in watching that. Men and women dont fight against each other for a reason. I dont care if the man has tits or not


    Thanks Matt for speaking out the truth against that freak of nature the disgusting man Fallon Fox. We need more men like Matt Mitrone speaking out and being leaders. Too many girly guy wimps in the world. Fallon is disgusting.


    Ban Fallon Fox from the human race. Congratulate Matt Mitrone for being a man and correct. Thanks matt for stepping up and speaking out against that freak of nature defying God’s laws.

  • Tom

    Seems to me like the UFC is punishing Mitrione for pointing out their obvious fail. Letting a man compete against women is disturbing.

  • Sir_Roy

    While the language employed was confrontational (hey, he’s a fighter dammit!) Mitrione was not wrong.

    I am disheartened the UFC, or the sport of MMA, would even fathom placing a man with an inverted penis & hormone injections in the cage with a woman. It’s insane, and it’s the industry running after another paycheck … because they know the controversy that surrounds means folks will tune in regardless.

    Though his choice of words (a few of which were needlessly insulting) may warrant a public apology (*rolls eyes*) Mitrione should NOT be suspended for speaking his mind.

  • Tom

    Paying a guy top dollar to bash on women is going to put the ufc back to the early 90’s, regarding how the mainstream view the sport. Im embaressed on White’s behalf, but also for myself, being a long time MMA fan.
    I’ve praised Dana several times for pulling off the unthinkable. Transforming “human cock fighting” into a household, mainstream sport.

  • Chris M

    this is crazy he should have freedom of speech and 2 thats a man fighting women everyone should have somethin to say

  • Lindsay Day

    Jesus, all you idiots supporting him is truly frightening. But no point in arguing. “You can’t argue with stupid people. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    Good thing I know there’s intelligent and informed UFC fans out there – you know – the non-ignorant kind. I’ll stick with them. Oh, and Dana White.

    • Jack Burton

      Calling everyone who disagrees with you stupid and ignorant is baseless name-calling, it’s childish.

      What Mitrione said is a scientific fact. Political correctness trumps common sense these days.

  • Cereal Killer

    Matt should sue the UFC for his freedom for speech!

    If Jose Aldo got a sex change, they would let him fight women? That’s totally F’ed up! Screw it, let women take steroids up to the acceptable male levels and fight men then.

  • Chiso

    Matt’s sentiments reflect my wholly. I’m with you Matt.
    It’s all about the chromosomes, nothing else matters.

  • Chiso

    Matt’s sentiments reflect my wholly. I’m with you Matt.
    It’s all about the chromosomes, nothing else matters.

    • Jack Burton

      Of course, and Dana White feels the exact same way.

      Rogan said something very similar on his podcast, which inspired Mitrione to say what he did, yet Rogan isn’t suspended.

  • Jew Jitsu

    transphobic? are you kidding me? you cant even object to anything in society anymore without being labeled some kind of bigot. its complete nonsense and the u.s. needs to get their f****** heads on strait before we have absolutely no free speech. mitrione was spot on, bs they suspended em for letting his opinion be heard.

  • Mike Kelly

    He’s right..what a joke the UFC has become. Petty pricks!

  • Jew Jitsu

    but then on second thought if yall want to try and get a little movement going where we can get a bunch of strait people when anything negative is said to call the people hetrophobic. hell let us white people start calling people bigots too, flip the coin and let the country know what the other side looks like.

  • Neoconnected

    I think the UFC is being Mitrionaphobic, meatheadaphobic, and on top of that…since Mitrione has Italian heritage they hate Italians.

    • Jack Burton

      They have a Jewish lawyer that writes their code of conduct policy, what do you expect.

  • Neoconnected

    Dana White said this about the next TUF show which will feature Rhonda R. and another female mma star as coaches and will have both men and women as competitors and living in the same house..

    .”You better make sure that all the guys have condoms and all the girls
    are on mandatory birth control, because I’m sure it’s going to get nuts
    in there. Getting knocked up is not very good for your career as a
    female fighter.” (Dana White)

    Is that not considered inappropriate speech by the PC police? I am for freedom…not for the tyranny of PC being imposed by the left in this country. Appropriate or inappropriate it is speech and no one should be punished for it. If its OK for the boss of the UFC to say things like that…they have no business punishing a fighter for simply speaking their mind even if you don’t agree with it or even find it offensive. Its called the “1st amendment. “

    • Jack Burton

      You’re not up to speed on the politically correct tyranny that we live under. You see, certain “protected groups” are treated like royalty, like how princes and kings used to be treated, where if you spoke against them you would suffer punishment, merely for SPEAKING. That’s why when America was founded our forefathers had the sense to created the First Amendment, consider how important that is that it’s the very first one, for freedom of speech and press.

      Instead of princes and kings, we have trannies, queers, Jews, blacks,etc that get to decide what White people, mostly White males, get to say. They have special protections and privileges that Whites don’t.

      Miesha Tate being a female is considered a “minority group” and thus can say certain things that would otherwise put a White male in hot water like Mitrione. If a male had said that it would be deemed “controversial” and if not suspended would certain get him in trouble. It’s all about mind control.

  • Arawra

    These comments are f****** infuriating.

    Being transgender is A NATURALLY OCCURRING BIOLOGICAL CONDITION. Just because you DON’T LIKE IT doesn’t give you the right to INSULT. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20032-transsexual-differences-caught-on-brain-scan.html

    Eat a **** transphobes.

    • namer of tools

      Well said!

    • Jack Burton

      Mentally illness and sociopathy are naturally occuring conditions, but we treat people with those conditions with professional help not cater to their whims.

      • Arawra

        Even though its been proven allowing transgender people to continue the lifestyle of their choice IMPROVES their condition we shouldn’t allow them to do so? Transgendered individuals who go to professionals are instructed on how to start the life of their choosing – not shoved back into the closet. Wake up, its not 1950 anymore.

        • Tom

          Why are you so eager to make this a thing about being allowed to be transgender and dress up in womens clothing? You are clearly missing the point. Nobody is denying his right to cross dress or want to be perceived as a female. But the line has to be drawn at competetive sport, because the gender seperation is there for a reason. This is a man who went through puberty as a man, and has all the characteristics as a male MMA fighter, with regards to hand size, muscle fibers and bone density. Its insanity to avoid those facts. That he lied to the athletics commision about this is also quite disturbing

          • Arawra

            But she DOESN’T have the muscle fibers of a man. Hormone replacement therapy puts a person through puberty again, reducing muscle mass. Gender is also decided by your brain structure, not genitals…

          • Arawra

            Because after taking hormones, the physical characteristics more closely resemble that of a woman. The body changes due to hormones, and if the commission couldn’t see that then I don’t see the issue with allowing someone with a body of a woman to fight other women.

        • Jack Burton

          There could be alternative treatments, but regardless I’m not arguing whether they should or shouldn’t be allowed to indulge their urges.

          The argument that it’s a “naturally occurring condition” is meaningless.

          It’s a naturally occurring repulsion that most people have to it, yet someone can lose their job over having an opinion.

          Truth has no time limit.

          • Arawra

            Its not natural to be a fear mongering a-hole 😉

  • David H

    Same broad argument as Rogan but very poor use of language in comparison. The UFC is correct to suspend him given all that they are trying to do in growing the appeal of MMA. I have real reservations about a male to female transgender athlete fighting women because I don’t think the case has been made (via academic studies etc) that they don’t have advantages from having been born male. If athletic commissions see fit to licence Fallon and women want to fight her (or not) knowing her history then that’s their right

    • Jack Burton

      How the hell does suspending Mitrione for comments about a male tranny fighting women increase appeal? It doesn’t. Do trannies rule the world? LOL. How big is their community really, it’s absurd. It makes no sense whatsoever.

      Do you really think the UFC wants male trannies fighting women? You must be a real moron to think that. Dana White believes the same damn thing as Mitrione, as do virtually all other fighters. Why do the 1% get to decide what the other 99% get to say and if they can have a job? That’s despicable. It’s called tyranny. We used to have revolutions for that.


    Thanks Matt for speaking the truth. Everyone I spoke with today supports you.


    Mitroine is a true hero.

  • Jack Burton

    This is the reason Chael has held back his rhetoric on Jon Jon and now other fighters are paranoid about what they can say. Since 21st century America is ruled by petty, hypersensitive protected groups that are treated like royalty and get to decide if you can have a job. We are living under an anti-White, politically correct tyranny.

  • Roy Radin

    i agree with mitrione

  • Brad27

    That’s the stupidest decision the UFC ever made. He was speaking honestly and he has a legitimate point. This doesn’t offend any gays or lesbians. If anything it should offend everybody on earth that they’re allowing a man to beat a woman. This is nonsense and it’s a shame the UFC and whatever organization is limiting Mitrione from expressing his beliefs, which in this case happens to be COMPLETELY RIGHT.

  • Suspended for stating his opinion? Don’t ask if you don’t like to hear people’s honest opinions.


    Thanks Matt for speaking the truth. Fallon Fox makes me vomit. Screw Dana White.


    Thanks Matt for saying what all Americans want to say publicly that fallon Fox is a freak and disgusting.


    Who is more important in Life Matt Mitroine or the disgusting vomit freak Fallon girlguy Fox??


    Every person I have spoken with wishes Matt Mitroine was his neighbor instead of Fallon Fox. especially the ones with kids.


    Fallon Fox is a freak of nature defying God’s laws.


    Yea God intended for people to switch sexes at will when he created them. interchangeable parts were not offered?


    God created Matt Matrione some screwball made up Fox.


    Dana White is 100% wrong in suspending matt. No more PPV’s for me

  • Nate Dogg

    I’m not buying another PPV until Mitrione fights again.

  • Nickis

    It seems like a lot of people are using this incident to attack transvestites as a whole. I think it is completely repulsive that this man is allowed to jump in a cage and just knock the f*** out of genetically weaker people, and Fallon Fox is disgusting for doing so, but this is completely separate from LGBT rights issues. Transvestites should have the right to be treated as women if they choose to, but when it comes to sports and especially combat sports, these rights are secondary to women’s equality rights. To infringe upon them for the sake of political correctness is harmful to the sport, especially since women’s MMA is just starting to gain footing allowing a hulk to roam around in this division would be like allowing Overeem to take steroids while everyone else is forced to fight naturally.

  • B

    What happened to FREE SPEECH??? That is simply his opinion and as a FREE man he should be allowed to express it. We are going to enslave ourselves taking away free speech.


    I just respect Matt Mitroine so much for his truthful comments.

  • Jason Thompson

    Nothing like the thought police telling us what we can and cannot say. I’m so sick of the UFC punishing fighters for having their own thoughts.

  • Jon Fox

    “Oh God we offended a group of people, lets bend over backwards and over react”

  • Trae Barlow

    This is completely unfair to REAL WOMEN. What happens when all sports leagues become dominated by surgically modified transgender MEN. If this is allowed, you can bet it is going to happen.

    What about them, do they not count for anything? If you wanna pull out the PC bulls***, this is misogyny. This MAN obviously has gone to great lengths to psychically abuse and torment women. It’s horrible that FEMALES are being put through this. Horrible, I sincerely hope the woman lives through the fight.

    I used to think misogyny was bullshit, but now that I see the lengths men are going through to physically and mentally abuse women (getting gender-change surgery, taking hormonal treatment) in order to dominate them in combat sports, any doubt we live in a society that HATES WOMEN is gone. We literlaly live in a society that calls us “homophobic” if we don’t see cutting our penises off as a good excuse for being allowed to beat up women or as a way for unfairly dominating women in competitive sports.

    For men to stand up for men who want to beat women, just because they have been surgically modified and are undergoing hormonal treatment…. to pay money to watch for enjoyment…. misogyny is real.

  • Trae Barlow

    Another thing. How come every other fighter gets “trash talked”, degraded, humiliated, even some of the gay fighters have been dumped on without any concern.

    But when it’s a transvestite who has brutalized unwitting women who didn’t know they were really fighting a man the LGBT community rushes to his defenses.

    Why not protest for Joyce Grace or Liz Carmouche? They didn’t care. They care now because they have an opportunity to watch women brutalized by a she-male in a cage match. They HATE women. They’re so twisted they project their misogyny on men who think women should have a league of their own to fight in without having to be forced into fighting surgically modified men.

    That poor girl had broken cheek bones, a bodied face and teeth knocked out, and they argue that we should all be okay with it because the man mutilated his genitals and took estrogen pills for a few years.

    It all boils down to the LGBT community looking for an excuse to batter women. It seems that just as many misogynists are closeted homosexuals, that many homosexuals are closeted misogynists.


    Thanks Matt for the honest comments on that freak Fallon.