UFC Heavyweight Christian Morecraft Arrested

September 6, 2012
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Christian Morecraft and Sean McCorkle at UFC Fight Night 24UFC heavyweight fighter Christian Morecraft, 25, was arrested over Labor Day weekend in Hyannis, Mass.

Barnstable police charged him with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, driving so as to endanger, speeding and driving with no license in possession.

Morecraft was pulled over on the evening of Sept. 1. He refused to take a breathalyzer test, leading to his arrest. He was eventually released on bail.

Morecraft later posted and apology on his Facebook page, saying, “A good man is an honest man and i made a mistake.” He went on to also apologize to the UFC, his community and family and friends.

Morecraft is 1-3 during his UFC tenure, last fighting in January of this year.  Pat Barry knocked Morecraft out in the opening round of the UFC on FX 1 fight.

The report of Morecraft’s arrest first appeared on the Barnstable-Hyannis Patch website.

  • diazfan209

    I would scrutinize this guy if he was somewhat relevant

  • MikeMc1983

    Maybe he thought that this was the secret to becoming light heavyweight champion? Just a possibility.

  • KingSlaughter

    Is he still in the UFC?

  • shereko

    2 theorys… Jon Jones said he’d drive him home but 1. the breathalyzer starter wouldnt work when he blew into it… Or 2. Jones backed out last min and said he wouldnt give him a ride on such short notice

    • Greg Jackson advised him that they would need several weeks to study the owner’s manual to be prepared.

    • That’s funny as hell!

  • pooby

    This is not behavior appropriate for a UFC heavyweight. He’ll need to drop to 205 where this kinda thing is overlooked.

    • bajafox

      Haha, good one

  • I just don’t understand, being in the UFC isn’t enough? The things that come along with being in the UFC isn’t enough? If your a serious pro world class athlete why would you be out drinking and not having a driver, whether it’s D.D or Taxi or bus? Like c’mon man. I’m not gonna even make fun of this guy, this is serious enough and he’s gonna catch all types of hell from it as it is. Just disappointed.

  • MikeMc1983

    What do you mean when your asking if being in the UFC is enough? Enough of what? Being a special athlete doesn’t mean your a special person. I’d expect the number of people drinking and driving to rise as their Monetary status grows. DUI’s may not go up in numbers, but that’s due to who is caught/charged. There’s tons or reasons for that, but it’s not the topic.
    I’m just curious as to why one would expect someone to not get a DUI based on their job?

    • Because his career is based upon performing physically. Alcohol has no help in that. Being in the UFC one responsible or dedicated fighter would not be drinking to that extent in the first place. And even if he has just a few having a night of fun, he should have had a driver so this didn’t happen. I’m not bashing the guy, I like him but it’s just common sense. And I would expect someone who drives for a living not get a DUI. If they take the job serious. I would expect that. But I also expect a lot of stupid things to.

  • I was curious what would happen when someone not named Jon Jones would get a DUI… I got my answer because this guy is irrelevant in the UFC the lives he could take by drinking and driving now become irrelevant???? I saw the hate that Jon Jones got for weeks after it happened. Does any remember all the reports of Chuck Liddell getting bombed while he was still fighting??? It was cool cause he was the ICEMAN even though his fame was in his 30’s but Jones is a young kid like this Morecraft guy people make mistakes things happen its how you recover. I think people put way too much stock into atheletes a great athelete doesnt necessarliy mean a great person or a responsible one…..

  • shaman

    I think this is because MMAWeekly is getting trolled by Stormfront