UFC Headliners Rustam Khabilov and Ali Bagautinov Reportedly Got into Real Fight

June 5, 2014
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Khabilov vs BagautinovWhile it’s not exactly clear why it happened, UFC lightweight Rustam Khabilov and his Jackson/Winkeljohn teammate Ali Bagautinov reportedly got into a legitimate fist-fight in the gym recently.

No, this wasn’t an overly aggressive sparring session. This was for real, at least according to the Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer.

“If that’s not bad enough, there was a real fight in the gym with Bagautinov and Rustam Khabilov,” reported Meltzer in his online newsletter. “While everyone is publicly playing it down, everyone also admits it happened. The way we heard it was Khabilov, who is a lightweight, gave Bagautinov (a flyweight) a beating, although not bad enough to cause him to pull out of the fight.”

Meltzer’s report followed an earlier report from AXS TV’s Inside MMA, which tweeted, “Training turned into scuffling at Jackson’s MMA this week between Rustam Khabilov and Ali Bagautinov…”

Khabilov is set to headline Saturday’s UFC Fight Night in Albuquerque, taking on former UFC 155-pound champion Benson Henderson in a five-round main event. Bagautinov, meanwhile, is slated to challenge UFC flyweight champion Demetrius Johnson in the June 14 headlining bout at UFC 174 in Vancouver.

There has been no reliable information on what sparked the fight between the two Dagestani imports or the exact timeframe of the altercation, although all indications are that neither suffered any serious injuries that would jeopardize either man’s upcoming bout.

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  • Artemis

    Khabilov is 15 kilos heavier than Ali. And remembering those Youtube video where he splashes Cola into some girl’s face, I won’t be surprised it was Khabilov – the reason of the tension.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Just seen the video you are referring to. What a complete douche bag he is!!!! I am really hoping Henderson gives this goat humping turd a savage beating and a one way ticket back to his little mud hut village.

      • Andrew Thomas

        Where is it located, then?

        • Gary Fredericks
          • put me in the sauna coach

            yikes…my volume on this comp sucks…why exactly did he do that? he knew her? she cheated on him? She told him to stay out of her chicken coup? what’s the deal?

          • Gary Fredericks

            I have no idea. The way they were laughing, I think they were just doing a prank?

        • Gary Fredericks

          On youtube. I tried posting the link but that didn’t work. The title of the video is:

          UFC fighter Rustam Khabilov in McDonald poured the coca cola

          Just search for that one.

      • Rick Ricky

        Woman are not equals in the religion of peace!

        • Darin

          Khabilov is a Muslim?

          • Gary Fredericks

            Yes. So are most, if not all of the Dagestani figthers..among others in the UFC.

            ALL religion sucks.

        • natpaukar7

          Have you read the bible? They’re not equal there either it’s just an American choice to interpret as it suits their politics.

  • Mark Cervantes

    Idiots! You pick a fight with your own kind.

    • Rick Ricky

      Own kind as in team mates or hailing from the same s–t hole?

      • fsunoles10

        if he meant same place thats stupid, how many americans fight each other in the gym? plenty, hell look at the gracie tapes. its the gracies beating up on a lot of brazillians. hah