UFC Hall of Famer Randy Cutoure Pleased with Son Ryan’s Progress (Strikeforce Video)

July 15, 2012
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Randy Couture at UFC 129

PORTLAND – UFC Hall of Famer Ryan Couture may done with his fight career, but his son, Ryan, is just getting started.

Ryan has been molding his career under the Strikeforce banner, having fought all six of his professional bouts for the promotion. He scored the biggest victory of his career at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy on Saturday night, earning the nod in a split decision win over Joe Duarte.

Now sitting at 5-1 as a progressional, Ryan’s dad is singing his praises. Randy is rather pleased with his son’s progress as a fighter, as well as with the way that Strikeforce has been stepping him up the ladder of competition.

MMAWeekly.com’s Travis McPherson goes one-on-one with “The Natural” to discuss his son’s latest victory and progression as a mixed martial artist…

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    Who’s Randy Cutoure?

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        Good Lord, every time a read an article I scroll down to read the comments and RubeKegal and TKD are being Internet BADASSES I don’t know what started it ……….but ………keep it going its pretty funny

  • “UFC Hall of Famer Ryan Couture”? The only UFC hall of famer to never fight in the UFC. One hell of an accomplishment. SMFH

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    Good lord. It’s like somebody just slammed their fist onto the keyboard a few times then clicked “submit”.

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    MMAWeekly, I actually find the mistakes entertaining.

    “UFC Hall of Famer Ryan Couture may done with his career” <– wrong name and "may done"?? LOL

    I want to see an article one day that makes even less sense!!! Look below for example:

    by MMAWeekly Staff

    Fedo Emelianenko may have fight in mother Russia he stop fight but come back and brother Aleks corner him he look to contender fight training Russia pancakes scratch and sniff gooch comeback the end

    ^^^ Now that's journalism!!!!