UFC Hackers Busted; Dana White Says, ‘We’ll See How Tough They Really Are!’

September 15, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 144At least two of the hackers that were recently snagged in a two-year sting operation by the FBI were involved in the hacking of UFC.com and company president Dana White’s personal information.

Mir Islam, aka “JoshTheGod,” and a 15-year-old hacker from California that goes by the moniker “CosmoTheGod,” were reportedly two of the key minds behind UGNazi, the group that took credit for the UFC-related hacking.

The UFC was relatively small potatoes compared to the other activities of the overall ring of hackers, which included at least 24 arrests, according to JDJournal.com. The sting focused primarily on credit card fraud related hacking and spanned four continents.

Islam was charged with the trafficking of at least 50,000 stolen credit card numbers. “CosmoTheGod” is a minor, so there is much less information available on his arrest, although Wired magazine did a profile on him and his involvement in much of the hacking.

White was confident that the hackers would eventually be caught. He and the UFC had been involved with officials on the case because of matters related to piracy of UFC properties.

“Because there’s so much piracy of UFC merchandise, the FBI was already monitoring everything that was happening,” White told Inc. magazine about his personal involvement with the hackers in a “Twitter war.” “But after Anonymous hacked our site, we also got U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Department of Homeland Security, involved.”

The hacker sting was a lengthy operation with arrests made in several countries. Authorities claimed it as a major victory against hacking activities, and White was quick to join them.

“They acted like tough guys when hiding behind a computer,” White told MMAWeekly.com. “We will see how tough they really are now!!”

  • stak

    “They acted like tough guys when hiding behind a computer,”


    • mrsister

      I kind of agree with this guy. His comments on Mayhem Miller and Fedor come to mind. What Dana says is pretty meaningless when it comes to fighting.

      Dana tells guys to ‘go for it’ when losing a fight – to ‘leave it all out there’. Dana knows exactly what this is like from his lengthy fight career. To be hurt and at your breaking point in a fight and to find what you need inside yourself to push through it.

      Saying the Mayhem was embarrassing and Fedor got knocked out by a middleweight. Such bullshit from a guy who has never walked the walk.

      As far as I know, Dana’s MMA record is 0-0.

      Do you want to be a fucking fighter? 

      Wouldn’t this mean a hell of a lot more from an actual fighter?

      • So b/c he’s the promoter and not a fighter means he can’t give advice and his opinion on the business in which he’s been in for over 20 years?

  • bluesun

    How does that make him a hypocrite you idiot?

    • jtmma

      …. because he’s twittering this and always talks shit (even about fighters) through his twitter?

      • MaritalArtist

        Sorry bro…. Dana would say whatever he needs to to anyone’s face. He may be a hothead and swear a lot, but he’s a grown-up.

        • macgrubber

          so just because you say stuff to peoples face makes you a grown up? Nah bro im grown up and talk as much crap as i can over the world wide web. Difference is he tricks people like you into thinking hes a man because he gets angry and stomps his feet and curses. reality is he actually has a va-j-j. Sorry to burst your bubble brah.

          • KBEsq

            MartialArtist was specifically responding to the comment that White hides behind his computer when he criticizes fighters by saying that White would say it in person.

            The grown-up comment was more of a side issue, but way to completely miss the point!

    • stak

      why would you call me an idiot? did I offend or attack you personally? oh my bad, did I insult your lover?

      • bigwurm

        And another statement that makes you an idiot!

  • i love how he is like yeah hiding behind computers. i bet the minor goes free and i actually will make it even better he works for the cia in the next 5 years and dana white gets to laugh about it

  • shereko

    Really its no big deal, so they took them down with a lil DDoS attack, realistically, Cosmos helped uncover major security holes in AOL, Paypal, ATT, etc… this didn’t hurt UFC too badly.

  • SICK1

    Do you guys forget Dana used to box? Was he great? No. Does he have better hands and footwork than you trolls? Yes.

  • fightfankevin

    Not so sure he should make to many cracks. There will be more hackers. This is a fight that will never be won.

  • kevstinx

    “We will see how tough they really are now!!”
    I am not sure when the hackers claimed to be ‘tough’.

    Someone getting his wires crossed again???
    If they where ‘tough’ you could put them on your TUF show. Then again standards have slacked in recent years regarding TUF. Do you accept the first 12 people to audition?

    This sport is becoming a joke, without talented all round fighters it is not long before champions are created and made to carry this sport.

    The pool of talent is not so deep, not sure why as this is meant to be the ‘fastest’ expanding sport in history’ – More like a media entertainment show, manufacturer fighters like America’s Got Talent or X Factor.

    If you have a bi-polar spokesman, you know things are not good 🙁

    Ps.Get rid of Goldberg, he talks so much shit! And 99% of that is about advertising crap!

    I think Dana really misunderstands the roles of ‘hackers’.

  • MikeMc1983

    At least your staying on topic when you explain to us how a guy who hasnt lost a fight in over 6 years, and widely considered the p4p best on the planet is scared to fight the new kid.
    Oh wait, my bad. This article had nothing to do with that.

    Ps. It’s hard to lose a fight by forfeit when you’ve never been offered. A manager saying he’d rather his guy fight a “bigger” fight is not the same thing as refusing to fight someone.
    -btw, if silva starts laying eggs, chances are when said egg hatches, the miniature Anderson that comes out is the favorite over the entire division.