UFC Granted Permission to Promote Alistair Overeem Fight, Not So for Nick Diaz

November 18, 2012

It’s not standard operating procedure that the Ultimate Fighting Championship starts putting together a fight and promoting it before a fighter under suspension returns and regains his license to compete.

That’s exactly what is happening, however, with former Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 champion Alistair Overeem.

Overeem is expected to step in the Octagon with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva on Feb. 2 at UFC 156 in Las Vegas, little more than a month after his current nine-month suspension is fulfilled.

Overeem must still go before the Nevada Athletic Commission at it’s monthly meeting in January to get approved for his license. That will be early to mid-month, which is pushing it pretty close for a fight that is slated for just a couple weeks later.

UFC president Dana White on Saturday night acknowledged the special circumstance, confirming to reporters following UFC 154, that they asked for and received permission from the Nevada commission to go ahead and start promotion Overeem for UFC 156.

“We asked the commission, can we start setting up a fight for him, but he’s still got to go before the commission (in January),” explained White.

That’s not to say that things couldn’t go awry. It’s highly unlikely that the Nevada commission would approve of promoting an Overeem bout if he wasn’t likely to regain his license in the state, but it’s not guaranteed that he will automatically be granted a license either.

“I think Alistair has been doing the right thing as far as the commission is concerned and doing all the things that he needs to do to get back in their good graces,” said White. “It’s looking positive and optimistic because he’s been doing what he’s supposed to do.”

One other fighter that could be eligible to come back from suspension soon, as well, is Nick Diaz. He is currently serving a 12-month suspension for a second marijuana offense in Nevada.

There had been some chatter on Twitter recently that Diaz and Josh Koscheck agreeable to fighting each other on the UFC 156 fight card. The problem being, Diaz’s suspension runs through Feb. 4 before he is eligible to reapply for his license in Nevada.

So would the UFC be granted any sort of exception for Diaz to return?

“Nope,” White put it bluntly, although he didn’t exactly say that they had even asked permission to promote Diaz, nor did he indicate they were working on a fight for him.

Diaz, of course, has had a much more contentious relationship with, well, just about everyone, but particularly with the Nevada Athletic Commission. His licensure may not be as cut and dry as Overeem’s is likely to be, plus, UFC 156 falls on Feb. 2, two full days before the duration of Diaz’s suspension, making it a much different scenario.

While Diaz appears to be mired on the sidelines, however, expect to see Alistair Overeem back in the Octagon at UFC 156 on Super Bowl weekend.

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  1. this is pretty bs….it is like saying fighting drunk enhances your performance

    • It’s not that fighting drunk enhances your performance it’s the fact that the drunk fighter could get really hurt or face health issues. And yea what happened to Diaz sucks, Iam a very big fan of his, but lets be honest, if they say you can’t do it and it’s illegal under federal law then theres really no arguing there. If the commission has a list of banned substances and says you cant do them whether they are legal or not then thats the rule, plain and simple.

      • Don’t the rules say something against steroid use? And overeem was caught with a high ass testosterone level…..Diaz only had thc in his system.

        • Also, steroids are illegal under federal law as well right?

          • his t/e levels were high and while that’s an indicator, i’m not sure he actually tested positive for a banned substance.

          • Thats because Overeem was taking TESTOSTERONE, not steroids. Diaz has a marijuana exemption, which due to technicalties only applies in California.

        • “Only THC”… There isnt degrees of wrong, failed test or not is failed. Roids, Heroin, THC, hell too high caffeine can fail a test…

      • 2nd time on Diaz, first time on Reem… Dont turn into favoritism, Diaz broke the rules also whether he’s your fav cause you smoke the weed to and he’s all 420 like you

        • Um I don’t smoke weed so I don’t know what your talking about and The Reem is one of my favorite fighters ever and I don’t think he should be suspended so yea….???

  2. that’s stupid… they block one of the biggest stars of mma…

    • Nick Diaz is not one of the biggest stars in MMA

      • Well, he is certainly one of the toughest, hardest working, talented fighters in MMA…

      • yes he is he’s one of the most followed fighters like it or not people watch him to win or lose but they watch him, not like koscheck or how ever u spell it they want him to lose but no one tones in to watch his ass get kicked.

        • “Tones in”, hahahaha. Kill yourself please.

        • Ppl tune in to Diaz because people like watching trainwrecks.

  3. Can’t wait for The Reem to return! Bigfoot had some setbacks with Cain and Cormier but hes still a beast. A very talented fighter. I was actually hoping Kongo would fight Reem b/c it would be a great kickboxing match but this is a good fight as well.

  4. They are more lenient against steroids but more strict against weed!? What’s bunch of Nancy’s

    • Diaz was busted twice. So a harsher punishment was handed down.

      • ur stupid dude he didn’t get caught everyone and there mom knows he smokes weed for “medical” purposes believe or not he has a license for it so why are they harder on him when it doesn’t make u stronger or gives u better condition and if i hear that weed makes you more tolerant to pain you clearly never smoked weed before to think that it gives a and edge in fighting . moron

        • Ok genius. He knew the rules about no weed and didn’t follow them. They busted him twice with a drug tests. So yes they caught him cheating/breaking the rules. So he got suspended for 12 month because of multiple test failures.

        • lol, get your dic* out of Nick’s a**. He got caught breaking the rules twice, dumba**. And I wouldn’t be calling someone else a moron when your grammar is fuc*ing ridiculous.

        • His MML is in California, not Nevada. He is ok in California for legal purposes but that doesn’t mean his employer will exempt him from the banned substance list. Simple truth is that he can’t smoke it within 4 weeks of testing. I’m pro MJ and I happily live in Washington State where we just made it LEGAL for recreation use. Yahhh!!!

    • Ricky go hit the pipe it will all be better later

    • Really??? You’re bringing it up again???

      1. Diaz’ SECOND offense!!!

      2. There’s no difference AS FAR AS THE COMISSION’S RULES ARE CONCERNED between them both. They’re BOTH listed against the rules, both punishable.

      So why Diaz a year and Overeem 9 months, you ask?

      3. Read #1 again, because it apparently hasn’t sunk in yet if you’re still asking that.

      So why would they be more lenient in Overeem’s case (letting them promote his fight) while they’re sticking to the rules to the ‘T’ in Diaz’ case, you ask?

      Well, when you’ve broke the rules and you want to be taken a bit easy on you become and “angel” (Overeem has voluntarily been submitting himself to tests throughout his suspension) not bicker with the commission you want to take easy on you (Diaz’ lawyer tried to pull a fast one and get his suspension revoked on a technicality, but since this isn’t a court of law, technicalities are worth a big fat NADA).

      Yes, marijuana ISN’T a performance enhancing drug.
      Yes, he’s got his stoner card.
      No, the stoner card doesn’t apply for fighting under NSAC, it applies to his life in general. If you’re playing Basketball, you can’t kick the ball and say that you’re allowed to kick balls in your back yard so you thought it applied here too. When you’re on the basketball court, you don’t kick balls. Capisce?

      Now, can we drop this once and for all??

      Dude, F’ed up. Dude got caught. Dude serving time.

  5. Split hairs piss and moan, your boy Diaz ain’t fightin. Justice served potheads.

    • you realize there are potheads who aren’t diaz fans, right?

  6. Diaz isn’t getting on the fast track because he’s a loose cannon. He’s completely unpredictable. Imagine being in Dana’s shoes right now concerning Diaz. You have a guy in Diaz who does his own thing and doesn’t give a **** about anybody else. So why would Dana go out of his way to help him? Even if Dana could get Diaz on the fast track to a fight, Diaz could have a breakdown and shatter all those plans.

  7. Its really bad for Diaz. I hate the guy with all my guts because is a sore loser ( in a ring/octogon and in life)always looking of excuses and blaming every human being on the planet except himself….BBBUUUTTTT! The guy deserve to be treated fairly. If other guy can see suspension revoke earlier, he deserve a shot at least to try. Even if you hate the guys he deserve to be treated like Overeem, regardless of the mistake and repetition…for me that’s justice. Justice’s suppose to be blind in a good way.