UFC Full Fight Video Flashback: Frank Mir Submits Brock Lesnar

February 17, 2015
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Former UFC heavyweight titleholder Frank Mir handed Brock Lesnar his first career loss at UFC 81, submitting the eventual champion knee bar in the first round.

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Watch Mir battle Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the main event at UFC Fight Night 61 on Feb. 22 in Brazil.

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  • Sarge

    As good as the submission was at the end, lets face it: brock lesnar had that fight won, had frank taken anymore more of those stiff punches he would’ve been out cold. steve mazzagatti is one of the worse refs in this line of work. a point deduction from hitting the back of the head?!? GET REAL. A warning should’ve been given at best.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Hits to the back of the head like that happen in a lot of fights. The ref never stops the fight and take points. They usually yell warnings to the fighter. It was almost like a WWE fight where the ref was against Lesnar.

      • Sarge


      • jrcr_15

        Yep, there were rumors going around after the fight that Maz is a member of DX

        • Collideoverme

          Yes…Yes I like that,

    • deepgrim

      mazzagatti is a joke. did you see the video of josh burkman choking out jon fitch and mazzagatti is totally unaware that fitch is unconscientious on the ground

      • Sarge

        I did and I loved it.