UFC From All Angles: Anderson Silva, “Maybe God Has Big Plans for Me” (video)

June 30, 2013
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Anderson Silva UFC 126It cannot be denied that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is the most dominant champion in UFC history. He has never lost inside the Octagon… a feat that stretches back to 2006.

Silva will put his belt on the line again when he steps into the cage with Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6 in Las Vegas.

The Brazilian is a man with as many facets to his life as there are to his fighting skills. Silva sat down with Fuel TV’s Karyn Bryant for UFC From All Angles: Anderson Silva. The champion talked about numerous subjects, including the things that are more important to him in life and than his fighting career.

Watch the full episode of UFC From All Angles: Anderson Silva

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  • silvas daddy

    Silva and munoz used to train together and munoz was pretty much ragdolling silva, so much so that munoz started calling out silva. Silva responded, “we are friends, i dont understand. ” I say you a fighter then fight! Silva was in full “ducking mode, ” against munoz. Then silva sees weidman destroy munoz easily and decides to duck weidman for over a year, coming up with so many excuses that it was hard to count them all. Weidman became number one contender after destroying munoz who was the number one til the weidman fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if silva comes up with an injury before fight.

    • tizatmoney

      Silva the greatest to ever do it. He beat Weidman and they’ll find something else to come up with… The ref sucks,he ran the whole time,etc etc…Haters are everywhere

    • Monk

      You should sell all your belongings and place your bet on Weidman if you are so sure. Stop your words.

      • silvas daddy

        Sell your mother? I would never!!!

    • tyrone

      Everything you said is true, cause I’ve seen the highlights on ufc of munoz and silva sparring and silva was on bottom. Also remember silva not wanting to fight munoz over “friendship “,lol. Its funny that you stated the truth as was shown to everyone and people want to act as if it never occurred. I also remember silva coming up with so many excuses not to fight weidman. First time i ever seen him try to get out of fight with anyone. From silvas actions, he must know he doesn’t stand a good chance against weidman. I haven’t seen anything you wrote that qualifies you as a hater that people have called you without validity, you only stated the truth!

    • Milosc

      He does that in practice with everybody

      It’s a way of training, much like ‘going light’ while rolling. You learn more from keeping your mind lucid. He does this on purpose

    • battle ready

      Come up with something new! This is the exact same post you placed on at least one other article. What is this?

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Quit abusing your freedom of speech.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Silva is a :;/ssy. Anderson (the duck) Silva.

    • Wolf Ticket

      It’s funny how many people need medical care after being ducked by Silva, lol. But whatever, even haters need some meaning of life, so enjoy your hating

  • ImCoMiN4yOu

    WTF your talking about Muñoz here! Since when has he became a contender or even a threat to the division? This is the same CANN that was knocked out by hamil! Stop your non sense mr silvas daddy. Weidman is gonna get destroyed!

    • fsunoles10

      you realize he was getting the title shot with a win over weidman right? that wasnt that long ago bud.

  • afdskl

    I hope weidman doesn’t win. The guy is good, but he’s not nearly as exciting to watch as silva.

  • afdskl

    @127af53406036740b26e9743d73cae9b:disqus You can’t really judge the fighters by who gets the upper hand in training.You don’t go full blast in training. Rashad man handled Jon Jones in training before but look what happened when they actually fought. It’s a different story. Is Munoz a better wrestler? Probably. But so were Henderson and Sonnen, look who still wound up with the win.

  • $6100227

    who has made the “black swan” theme music in the beginning?