UFC Flyweight Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall Arrested on Outstanding Warrant

August 17, 2012
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UFC flyweight Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall was arrested on Tuesday in Irvine, Calif. MMAWeekly.com confirmed the arrest with the Laguna Beach Police Department.

McCall, according to an initial report by Stu News Laguna, was identified by undercover Laguna Beach detectives and DEA agents that were working on an investigation.

MMAWeekly.com spoke to McCall’s manager Jason House who stated that McCall’s arrest was actually under much different circumstances.

According to House, McCall was driving home on Tuesday when an unmarked police car recognized his vehicle from past occurrences and pulled him over.  The police ran McCall’s plates and they found an outstanding warrant in his name.

The warrant stemmed from a ticket issued in June for McCall driving under a suspended license.  McCall apparently paid the fines, but did not make a scheduled court appearance due to a miscommunication and a warrant was issued.

Because McCall was on parole from previous charges and a warrant was issued in his name, the UFC flyweight must spend a mandatory time of 30 days in jail with his release date currently scheduled for Sept 13.  McCall’s vehicle, home and other areas were searched as part of protocol from his previous arrests, but his manager says he’s only been charged with driving under a suspended license.

According to the Superior Court of California online directory, McCall is listed as currently in jail, but has only been charged with driving under a suspended license.

The Laguna Beach Police Department, however, would only confirm to MMAWeekly.com that McCall was indeed arrested on Tuesday and that he was no longer in their custody.

Stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for more information on Ian McCall‘s case as it becomes available.

  • I’m relieved after finding out it was only a warrant for driving on a suspended license. I thought it was going to say there was a big drug investigation or violent crime. Uncle Creepy is the man though, I can’t wait to see who he fights next. Beautiful muay thai.

  • My apologies. I meant the warrant for not appearing.

  • MaritalArtist

    Another bullshit 30 days of wasting taxpayer money. I hope he kicks someone’s ass in jail who thinks “hey, I bet I can kick this flyweight’s ass”. No, you can’t!

  • oswaldcobblepott

    I’d like to see all the flyweights get arrested, these rabbits are filling up the cards.

    • phrankthetank

      For a guy who’s screen name implies being very short, you don’t like the little guys very much.

      • oswaldcobblepott

        I’m 6″ and 250lbs, I actually love people of all size but think that watching the smaller fighters are boring since the rules are not developmentally appropriate for them. Exercise physiology shows us that they recover at a rate twice as fast as bigger fighters. Therefore they should fight longer rounds like in pride or get less rest between rounds. Do you agree?

  • smill0313

    So his vehicle is well known by DEA agents from past incidents? Wonder what he is on parole for?

    • swatrob

      Guy used to be into drugs heavily, completely turned his life around. Love seeing people turn everything around, I’m sure this was all just a communication problem. I love McCall and I can’t wait to see him back in the ring.

  • pauly12

    I thought the cops need an actual reason to pull you over.