UFC Fines Jon Jones $25,000 for Code of Conduct Violation

January 18, 2015
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While he Nevada Athletic Commission appears to be unable to sanction Jon Jones for testing positive for cocaine a month prior to his UFC 182 bout with Daniel Cormier, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has fined its champion.

The promotion on Saturday issued a statement revealing that it had fined Jones $25,000 for violating its Athlete Code of Conduct policy.

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Jon-Jones-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-02-750“The UFC announced today that it has fined light heavyweight champion Jon Jones $25,000 for violating the organization’s Athlete Code of Conduct policy. Jones tested positive for cocaine during an out-of-competition drug test conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission on Dec. 4, 2014. The $25,000 will be donated to a substance abuse prevention program,” read the statement published on UFC.com.

“The UFC came to this decision after reviewing the facts surrounding the issue, and after receiving confirmation from the Nevada Athletic Commission that Jones passed all required drug tests following his bout at UFC 182 on Jan. 3.”

When the positive result for cocaine was made public on Jan. 6, Jones voluntarily entered a drug rehabilitation facility. A short time later, Jones’ mother revealed that he spent just one night in rehab, although UFC president Dana White has since stated that when all the facts come to light, people will better understand the situation.

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“When the whole story comes out, people will understand. It will be put into perspective,” White told the Boston Herald in an interview Wednesday. “When Jon Jones comes out and does his interview, the truth will come out, and everyone will understand. Or they won’t, you know. Jon is a very polarizing guy, people either love him or they hate him. Either way, the truth will come out soon.”

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  • EshamTheUnholy

    How about a suspension? How about a bigger fine than that?

  • How about he’s forced to pay back all of the other Fight of the Night winners who were stripped of their bonuses for testing positive for THC? With his UFC 182 performance reward and cut of the PPV, he’ll still have enough leftover for a kilo or two of his Jesus dust and come out on top.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Your THC buddies tested positive during their fights. Jones didn’t test positive during his. You don’t make any sense this time.

      • You act like them getting caught was some sort of performance-enhancing scenario, as if weed was going to do something that wasn’t slow them down and make them hungry and sleepy. Regardless of proximity to the fight, there is something far more serious to cocaine and this little slap on the wrist is a slap across all of our faces.

        So using this very literal logic for my sarcasm that you have, what would have happened to any of my THC buddies if their positive test for cocaine was released? Oh, what’s that? They’d be ejected from the organization and it would take years of proving themselves in backyard brawls to regain a shot at a steady paycheck? It’s hypocritical at best, pathetic and laughable at worst. Dana says you can commit this crime, but sorry, you can’t. The precedent this has set is astonishing and the fact people are standing by him is atrocious.

        Jon Jones is a piece of dogshit that is getting away with murder and the fact that the athletic commission, Reebok, and Dana White are trying to sweep this under the rug makes a mockery of the integrity of MMA, all of their brands, all those Jesus speeches he’s given, the younger generation of athletes that looked up to him, and all the people they take for idiots to believe it, which are coincidentally all of their loyal supporters. He should lose the title immediately if they really wanted to save face and be banned for a year. No tolerance is no tolerance–period.

    • Makes no sense

      Your profile text.. Raised by a cub of lions? Makes no sense at all.. A cub is a young lion

      • Really getting to the bottom of the hard-hitting topics with a profile I created four years ago while drunk!

    • cheflacsto

      He didn’t test positive for anything on fight week, or he wouldn’t of got the money.

      • It still needs to be addressed in any manner other than this slap on the wrist they’re giving him. It was a fight that should have never occurred yet they let it proceed to make their collective paydays. As far as I’m concerned, he did fight under the influence.

  • runner2300

    Find it interesting…Dana knows about the failed drug test but keeps it quiet…UFC 182 goes on and UFC make a boat load of money…Jones picks up a huge paycheck…story then comes out and Dana says he had no control over canceling fight since Jones had contract…Dana keeps saying coke is not a performance enhancing drug…how the hell can he come to that conclusion??? Now Dana is pushing Conor McGregor in to a title fight if he beats a #10 guy…yet he has never faced either Chad or Frankie…seems to me Dana is being extremely hypocritical….how about suspending Jones for 2 years no pay? And no money from Reebok either to Jones…yet you get guys getting kicked out of UFC for weed and Sonnen was banned for life for PED….c’mon Dana…your hypocrisy is showing….

    • stuyn

      Wait til the Jon Jones fanboys catch wind of your post, prepare for some “You’re just a HATER” (a term that reminds me of a hysterical teenage girl) allegations coming your way.
      I suppose ‘pseudo fining’ Jones is an attempt to calm the PR waters stirred up with comments of hypocrisy being thrown Dana’s way, not to mention it generally doesn’t do any favours for trying to expand the sport further when somebody popped for cocaine seemingly walks away scott free.
      I’m sure that one day rehabilitation will fix Jon up just fine and dandy … (sarcasm intended) and will not be seen at all like a pitiful PR exercise.

      • runner2300

        Well said….the fine is a joke….that would be like fining a lower tier fighter $10…a suspension would be much more effective…and how about stripping him of his title….and make the winner of Johnson – Gustaffson the new title holder…this whole thing is a joke…Dana really turning me away from the sport…loved it up until this latest hypocrisy…and the Conor McGregor issue is a whole other story….I mean let him fight a #1 or #2 to get a title shot….

        • stuyn

          I agree. It is a joke and UFC isn’t doing itself any favors because blind Freddy can see through this whole PR stunt, which is being poorly and amateurishly handled the further it goes.
          I’ve Irish relations, so I’m sort of use to Conor’s ‘mouth’ , not to mention the show he puts on. He’s making truckloads of money so half his luck and I sort of admire his ‘chutzpah’ but he should NOT be fast tracked into a title shot. There are at least two other fights minimum he should fight before a title shot, on top of Siver’s match, so that’s three at least all up. (minimum)

          • Mounty

            Dana’s reply to you would be something like, ” but didn’t you see Conor’s sports science records, the guy is amazing.” Dana does stir the pot well but they are losing fans because of this and the fact every ppv card is watered down. Thanks Fox!

          • stuyn

            I agree. I understand that polarizing fighters, especially the ones people love to hate, make money but I agree, fans are being lost.
            I like Conor, irritating and brash as he is, but he should have to tread the same path as other fighters mostly have In order to have a title shot.
            I find myself watching less and less UFC these days for various reasons and when I watch a fight card where even a quarter are good fights I stupidly feel pleased.
            It should be a case of when a quarter of fights are bad I don’t feel ripped off. I haven’t watched PPV for a while for that reason.

    • Guest

      Sonnen was not banned for life…

      • cheflacsto

        For multiple steroid tests. Come on.

    • RoBEERtoe

      Obviously, you’ve never done cocain…

      • TheCerealKiller

        But I bet he smokes weed!

  • Timothy Malone

    Dear god I hope we don’t have to read ignorant comments in every single post about Jon Jones from now on

    • stuyn

      Did you post your comment as an example?

    • snapdad

      jon jones is a scumbag. jon jones is stupid. jon jones is a idiot. jon jones smells like poop.

  • B_Smith

    He’ll find enough under his couch cushions to pay that fine

  • guest

    I’ll bet the last time Dana saw Jon, He slipped him a check for 25K, and said “Sorry in advance!!”

  • Jesoos

    What a joke.

  • UFClosingMyrespect

    What a joke! I thought the fine was based on how much a fighter makes. He got fine just like Nate Diaz and the only thing Nate did was tweet a homosexual slur; not to mention the UFC (Dana) was quick to pull the trigger on Nate and shoot him down; whereas with Jones he had to praise him first and then when he saw he had no choice he comes down with this stupid 25k fine. Pathetic! I hope the other fighters win their lawsuit and bleed the UFC’s wallet dry for a change!

  • Daniel Muresan

    25k is pretty much nothing to Jon, who made 3-6 million off of this fight, including endorsements. I think a reasonable penalty would be to strip Jones of his title and suspend him for a year. Let him think about it.

    But fining him 25,000 is like doing absolutely nothing at all. Can’t suspend him? Ok, then fine him 250,000.

    • cheflacsto

      They cant suspend him, then what strip the title and pay him huge money to fight tomato cans. Or strip the title and he fights a guy or two and wins it back? Either way its silly. Give the huge fine, is probably the best way to go.

  • Seth

    Well…that’s gonna hurt him badly and make him stop doing that, for suuuuuure…they don’t even try to hide the fact he can do whatever he want

  • Joe Dog

    Lesson: Coke is expensive??? 25K is a puny fine. Simple math: 25,000 is to 1,000,000 as 250 is to 100,000. Puny by Jones’ money standards.

  • stuyn

    Open my eyes to what? Remove the debate about the cocaine use, the handling of this by UFC and Jon Jones has been farcical and sloppy. Jon, I wouldn’t expect any better because he is what he is, but the UFC has professional resources to draw upon and a boatload of money.
    Jon being busted for cocaine has become secondary to the pathetic way it has been handled, the latter is now making Dana look wishy washy laughing stock. It’s akin to watching a comedy, except critiquing it I would say it was written so poorly that the plotline is unbelievable.
    Listen….listen….like… OMG…you are …like …just totally…like… listen, Jon is fab ..like a fave …stop being such a haterrrrrr….

  • Wit

    Without Jones in the UFC, you have nothing. Ppl are insane to believe that eliminating the best fighters will make the sport better. If an athlete is putting his life on the line to entertain the fans, who gives a f*** what he does in his spare time to enjoy his life. Cocaine is not going to make him a better fighter, fine the guy a petty fine and move on with your lives, Respect the Champion fighter.