UFC Fighters Pick the UFC 168 Main Event: Will Weidman Reign or Anderson Storm Back?

December 18, 2013
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While it seemed many UFC fighters picked Chris Weidman to upset Anderson Silva the first time the two met, it’s not so clear-cut for their Dec. 28 rematch at UFC 168 in Las Vegas.

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  • tyrone

    Weidman will destroy silva with gnp ko

    • King_DG

      Yeah I agree if SIlva comes in and tries to clown him again, that will happen. But if Silva comes in serious and focused, Weidman may be the one getting KO’d this time around

  • It was luck,

    Silva will come in serious, and take the belt.

    • shakejunt

      no, it was a simple backfist that threw anderson off his left-right rhythm.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Good catch. It was that right backfist after the right hook that had him set up for the left. Very smart boxing by Weidman.

  • Informed One

    People just don’t get it. Silva wasn’t clowning for the fun of it, he was trying to goad Chris into an angry standup war. If you watched the fight, you will know the first 3 minutes were christ dominating Silva on the ground. Silva got hit hard and a lot there, he wanted no part of that. He was playing a very calculated mental game, trying to keep chris from the TD, it just happened to cost him his chin.
    He had to make a choice, either avoid the TD by keeping his hands low and taunting, or keep hands high and go down. You hear what Weidman has said recently, “if his hands are up, im going for TD. If his hands are low, im going to hit im”. Chris is smart, he noticed this too in fight #1. I guess Silva fans didn’t. It wasn’t carelessness, it wasn’t games, it was Silva trying to stay off the mat.

    • Usmc8408

      No one denies it’s a tactic used by silva and not necessarily being arrogant and cocky. But it’s a tactic that was bound to catch up with him and he paid for it. Next time he shouldn’t try to Matrix dodge those punches….unless he really is Neo, then none of this is real and it doesn’t matter.

    • deepgrim

      i agree but i think silva risked his chin because he didnt think weidman would be able to ko him especially a rusty weidman. i think he will still engage in his usual antics and attack with selective strikes to minimise the risk of been taken down. weidman seemed to really seemed a level above silva, on the feet you still have to fancy silva

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      I agree. This time I see Anderson being more offensive but this will expose him to takedowns and some G&P. Weidman will finish him again, most likely via G&P stoppage, TKO.

  • jim

    Weidman needs to go after silva right away like sonnon did in the 1st fight, if not, silva will pick him apart, we never seen silva fight without being cocky, he will be aggressive and smart this time, Weidman better not give him breathing room or he could lose on points

  • Marc Livingood

    he has got to take him down and forget about submissions i predict this will be a bloody ground and pound mess weidman will have to have the guts to beat on Anderson until hes out or taps

    • Mike Hauben

      His submissions are incredible, elite black belt level. Why forget about subs?

  • Big Tuna

    Anderson is coming like a bat outta hell and I hope he gets ktfo by the champ!

  • Donald Czerwinski

    Silva will khtfo 1st round.

  • chriswillieless

    I predict the same scenario to what happened to Chapel in their second fight. Chris will try to take up down by using his wrestling and Silver will stand against the cage to prevent himself going down. Silva will turn the momentum with his speed, footwork and combination to KO Chris clueless in the second. Silva will keep his hands up most time but will dance around inviting Chris to come at him.

  • Mike Hauben

    Its funny, because in the first fight, nobody knew Anderson was going to act like that and they all still predicted Weidman would win. So the idea that now they’re picking Silva to win because they think he wont goof around is interesting, because its the same as the first fight

  • RandomUser

    This time Weidman will make a pretzel out of clowny Silva. Or Silva will go out Gumby style as is Matt vs Royce.

  • dgs

    Once again without sounding redundant (I have posted this on many other threads), if Anderson Silva fights the way he did when the UFC first brought him over, which is before he became both cocky and bored of beating the competition so easily, it will be a short night for Weidman.

    If however, the clowning, hands down lazy Silva shows again, that version of Silva will get KO’d again. While I think Silva is a much better fighter (or can be a much better fighter), Weidman has proven to me he is not to be taken lightly.