UFC Fighters Don’t Want You to Know How Much They Make Says Dana White (Video)

September 18, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 123UFC president Dana White sat down with Fox 11’s James Koh recently in Los Angeles to discuss all things UFC.

Of particular interest, White defended the number and quality of events that the promotion is putting on, as well as UFC fighter salaries compared to the big names in boxing.

“In no way shape or form is there anywhere in their contract that says they couldn’t come out and tell you what they make,” said White in the interview. “If a Georges St-Pierre was sitting in this chair or Anderson Silva and they wanted to tell you what their last payday was they absolutely positively have the right to do that. There’s no gag order or anything. They don’t want you to know… I don’t want it to ever be about the money. It’s about the fight.”

Check out what White had to say about fighter salaries and keeping it “all about the fight”…

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  • zacharydetal

    How about that

  • insane187288

    What gets me is what about the ones that are not happy or get cut.. Anthony Johnson for example or even Kimbo. No one ever said how much they make nor had negative to say about the promotion. There might be some sort of gag order or fine but whatever they are doing is going good for them and the fighters.

  • pooby

    Take your OCD medicine, idiot.

  • I remember when it used to be rude to ask someone what they make. I can understand it, whether your making good money or not it is really nobodies business.

    • TKD

      Agreed. Why is everyone so worried about what every athlete makes? I am pretty sure that their paychecks won’t make a difference in how I feed my family, so who cares?

  • TKD

    I can see that this Weidman thing keeps you up at night. Is this really that important to you that you sit on here and post this nonsense all day long? Seriously, get a hobby, a woman, or a job even.

  • KBEsq

    I think it’s particularly telling that the guys in the UFC generally don’t complain about how much they get paid. That should be enough to shut people up about it. People need to stop comparing MMA to boxing. Honestly, part of the reason boxing sucks and can only do a couple money cards a year is because of how it is structured and how the guys get paid. They have too much individual power.

    • bajafox

      Exactly right.

      If Anderson Silva, JDS and Jones (especially that arrogant ass Jones) were making $25M – $30M per fight they would only fight once a year.

      We would never see the match ups we want because they would start acting too high and mighty to accept a fighter that is put before them.

      Obviously the current pay grade is working or we would hear more complaining from fighters instead of the fans.

  • I’m sure that if a poorly paid UFC fighter disclosed their full income to the press, Dana would not retaliate or punish them in any way.

    • Lesnardo

      The poor may have other legitimate reasons for not disclosing personal income information.

      In any case, Tito tried to give a rough estimate one time. Dana simply said Tito is lying.

      There is a reason why every other major sports organization discloses fighter pay.

      No fighter would have an incentive to disclose his pay without knowning what other fighters make.

      MMA fans are so duumb.

      • MMAGod

        MMA fans are “duumb”? DUUMB? Are you sure that is spelled correctly? Aren’t you the one that goes through each and every article bashing people for their spelling mistakes and poor grammar? Kind of makes you wonder who is the DUMB one now, doesn’t it?

  • somecokehead

    The fact that they have medical benefits alone means they get paid enough. Surgery is expensive. You can’t work for months after some procedures. UFC covers that. Not bad for a job in which you will get injured at some point. I’d like to hear it from the fighters though. In any fight they can make at least $40 000 extra for a fight of the night, ko or sub of night. With 8 or 9 fights per card that isn’t out of reach for any fighter.

  • somecokehead

    as long as they can afford their c0ke! lol

  • $30346017

    Snow job?

  • German

    15000 I thought they made.