UFC Fighter Shane Del Rosario Rushed to Hospital in Full Cardiac Arrest

November 27, 2013
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Shane Del RosarioUFC heavyweight Shane del Rosario went into full cardiac arrest and was rushed to a Southern California hospital on Tuesday morning, a representative for the fighter told MMAWeekly.com Wednesday.

Del Rosario collapsed in his home and was rushed to a local emergency room where he was resuscitated and is currently in critical condition, according to Jason House, the fighter’s representative at Iridium Sports.

“Shane had a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse at home on Tuesday morning,” House wrote in a text message. “He was brought to the hospital in full cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated in the emergency room back to a stable heart rhythm and blood pressure. He is currently in the coronary care unit critically ill. Our prayers are with him and his family.”

MMA fighter Erik Apple posted a picture on social media early on Wednesday, advising that his “friend” had two heart attacks and is “fighting for his life.” The picture was of Apple with del Rosario smiling in the background.

No cause for the cardiac arrest was given at the time of publication. MMAWeekly.com will update on del Rosario’s condition as more information becomes available.

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  • bajafox

    Wow that crazy. I hope he gets well soon

  • RFL

    Man, what a shocker. My heart goes out (no pun intended) to him and his family.

  • Shakir Hanifa

    One of the nicest guys i ever met. My prayers are with him to get well soon.

  • Dragon Kid


  • Mark McDowall

    That sucks…even guys in great shape are vulnerable to this! Good Luck Shane!!

  • robc

    I almost hate to say it but maybe steroid abuse?

    • MuayThaiFood

      Maybe you shouldn’t have!

  • FTC

    Steroids do not cause heart failure. dont believe the hype by the idiots on the news. steroids, if anything, make it EASIER for your heart to pump blood because #1 the heart is a muscle and steroids strengthen all muscles and #2 steroids thin the blood making it flow much easier through the heart.

    I had a friend who had cardiomyopathy and he was told that while his Dr couldnt script him steroids for his condition, he also couldnt tell him to stop taking them because they were actually helping him. When he finally did quit taking them he passed away within 10 months. He was 29.

  • dkf85281

    The heart is a muscle… but muscles do get bigger and in the case of a heart muscle, it can possible get bigger inwards as well. Thus, decreasing the ejection fraction… making it more difficult to circulate the blood.

  • George Sperry

    Get well soon Shane.

  • Big Tuna

    Shane fight through this one buddy

  • macarrech

    Any update?