UFC Fighter Rankings Set to Launch in February

January 31, 2013
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UFC LogoFightMetric, the official statistics provider of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, will continue to enhance fans experience by providing UFC Fighter Rankings. UFC Fighter Rankings by FightMetric will poll opinions from sports media worldwide and will be recognized by the UFC and integrated into its broadcast and featured on UFC.com. Voting will be open to media immediately after each live event with results made available to UFC.com within 24 hours.

“We are thrilled to have UFC recognize our fighter rankings and to have them hosted on UFC.com, as well as incorporated into event broadcasts. FightMetric has worked closely with the UFC for several years as an industry-leader in MMA statistics. Sports fans are accustomed to seeing performance data and rankings on their favorite baseball, football and soccer players, and now we can engage UFC fans on a similar level,” said FightMetric creator Rami Genauer.

“UFC Fighter Rankings are a great tool for new and existing fans alike to learn and better keep up with the fast pace of the UFC,” said UFC President Dana White. “We always look for opportunities to engage fans and media, allowing them to connect and voice their opinions, and this just one more way of doing that.”

Media members will vote for top fighters, currently active in the UFC, by weight class and pound-for-pound. A fighter can only appear in one weight division at a time. The champion and interim champions of each division are set in the first and second positions respectively and are not eligible for voting by media. However, champions can be voted on for the pound-for-pound rankings. Media voting is by invitation only and interested media members can apply at UFC.com/Rankings.

Since November 2007, FightMetric has furnished data that tracks the complete fight history of UFC athletes analyzing bouts across more than 125 statistical categories, encompassing all strikes, takedowns, submissions, and position changes. Currently, FightMetric data provides media and fans with an opportunity to track the history and performance of UFC competitors beyond simple wins and losses.

  • Mitchell

    UFC has guys fighting #1 Contender matches at LHW for the MW title (ala Rashad Evans) and guys who lose one title match come back to fight another (Sonnen, Edgar, Diaz) What is the point of an official ranking system if they just give away title shots like candy?

    • gnodeb

      They will put Sonnen, Edgar and Diaz at #2 spot without single fight… actually, nobody cares so everything is fine 🙁

  • Then how are they going to screw people out of title shots?

    • Mike Oxafloppin

      That is f–king awesome, totally what I was thinking before reading this comment

  • Gary

    Why would a stats service like FightMetric base their rankings on subjective criteria like fan polling? That’s just stupid.

    • Retnan

      Not fans at large, sports media people like the BCS polls.

      I can’t think of a better way. They’re stats seem semi accurate to me so I wouldn’t want it to be based only on that.

    • gnodeb

      and sad :(. I hoped it will be based on results so we can finally have some seance in match making. Looks like circus is not going to stop any time soon…

  • George Sperry

    Will Chael be the #2 LHW?

  • Timothy Malone

    I don’t think this is a very good idea. I guess it is for casual fans because they can throw the top-ten list up on screen and the viewers get a general idea of the best guys. For hardcore fans though it is just going to bring a ton of complaints lol

    • shakejunt

      definitely will get some complaints, but i think it might be useful in defining a real pecking order inside the organization