UFC Fighter Quinn Mulhern Retires: “I Won’t Be Competitive at This Level”

January 4, 2014
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Quinn MulhernUFC fighter Quinn Mulhern on Saturday night called it a career.

After seven years in the fight game, Mulhern came to the realization that he had taken his career, for the most part, as far as he felt it would realistically go.

Could he still get better? Yes. But would he compete at the UFC level and become a championship contender? He seems to think that he likely would not, and would rather refocus his energy elsewhere.

Mulhern is coming off of back-to-back losses in his move from Strikeforce to the UFC. His overall professional record stands at 18-4.

Mulhern announced his decision via his Facebook page:

Hey guys. First, just let me express how grateful I am for the love and support of a whole community of people. Especially those folks who have been with me from the beginning of my MMA career. I love you all, thank you.

The dust hasn’t settled exactly so I wouldn’t normally do this now…but it feels like it’s the right time: I am retiring from MMA.

This camp was as perfect as they come. Everything fell into place, mentally, physically…my weight cut was a success. I got to a place of mental focus where I have never been before. But when I got in the cage I just didn’t have it. It wasn’t nerves, I didn’t freeze…I just didn’t have the physical gifts or skill [to get] the win. Bottom line is that I could put in years of continued work but I won’t be competitive at this level. Perhaps I’d get quite a bit better, but I think if rather spend that time on something new. I feel this in my bones.

So this is not a tantrum of self-pity. In fact, I feel very clear and good about this decision. I’m so grateful to have done what I’ve done. I’ve gotten to travel all over the world and to fight professionally over twenty times. But this is it.

Now what to do next is the question. I’ll leave that alone for a while. But I’m hopeful and excited for the next step.

The phrase that was the theme of my training camp was “All in due time.” I think that phrase is quite fitting, even now.


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  • chanceiiplay

    You are a quitter

    • Have you ever stepped foot into the octagon?

      Wait, scratch that. Have you ever stepped foot outside of your house?

    • dgs

      Excuse, but what professional fighting organizations have you ever fought for? Exactly, none, so your words are as hollow as your post. But, when you make it to the UFC, and have to compete at the highest level of the sport, please come back here and update us all so we can all celebrate your victories together!

      Anyway, that Facebook post took a lot of guts. I’ve never heard of Quinn Mulhern, but that doesn’t mean respect shouldn’t be given for what he’s accomplished, and for being honest with himself about his standing in the sport. It’s a shame more fighters don’t go through this self-analysis and really ask themselves, “do I have what it takes to make it at the highest level of this sport?” If more fighters took this self-assessment, they would save themselves unnecessary physical and mental abuse.

      • You can’t compare somebody that watches MMA and has an opinion on their viewings with somebody that competes in the sport and has dedicated their lives and career path to it. It’s asinine. If you work two days at any job and leave, you aren’t commended for it. He is a quitter–there’s no debate.

  • TheCerealKiller


    Not trying to be dick, but never heard of you.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Wow, coverage on winless UFC fighters. My mom retired too.

    • TomMMA

      Funny that this site’s name is not UFCweekly but MMAweekly, it encompasses the world of MMA not just the UFC you try to re-enact with your friends in your mom’s basement.

  • shanp

    I’m glad he made this decision on his own. Best of luck to him in his future.

  • El Gvapo

    Who are you talking to in that last paragraph?

  • El Gvapo

    Best of luck to the guy. Not a household name for sure but deserves a little more credit than the clowns above are giving him. He made it to the UFC, more than any of you ever have.

    • When you took your last job, did you work for an hour then walk out of the office because the assignment was too difficult and you couldn’t figure out what printer your Word documents came out of?

      He’s a fighter. We aren’t. Your logic is retarded.

      • El Gvapo

        Pathetic analogy. You can’t see any difference between working a normal office-type job and being a high performance athlete? Idiot, I’m sure your job consists of you fetching stuff from the printer for people and I’m sure you’re best in the world at it. You go, champ.

        • See, I can, which is why I replied insulting your mindless opinion with sarcasm while discerning between the two. It wasn’t serious and is still more qualified than anything you could possibly type.

          You’re comparing somebody who watches MMA to someone who is a professional fighter. But I’m sure your experience as a part-time UFC Fighter Advocate and Mom Joke Maker really puts a lot of food on your table.

          • El Gvapo

            Surely you’re the one comparing someone who watches mma to a professional fighter? My comment made no assumptions on this fighter, just wished him all the best. And my experience as a fighter advocate etc etc wouldn’t put food on the table, it’s not a salaried profession idiot.

          • You need a basic education before you reply again. Devry University offers a wide range of certification courses that might help you interpret simple thoughts above a first grade level. Thanks for showcasing that ignorance truly is bliss.

          • El Gvapo

            I think you’re confused. You failed to answer my question and are now just rambling. You are clearly an antagonistic fool with self-esteem issues. You’ve tried to run me down for a simple comment I made wishing this fighter well, but have been outwitted and made to look a fool again so now you’re just babbling random nonsense. Unlucky junior, next time perhaps.

          • It was a rhetorical question. The point of you asking it was to inflate your own ego and provide your aimless opinion with more hubris, as the problem with your comment didn’t stem from anything fighter related. You aren’t smart and the harder you attempt to be, the more of a mongoloid you become.

            If you were simply “wishing this fighter well”, then I guess I am just having trouble lowering my common sense and reason down to your level to separate your compassion for a nobody from the following bitter comment:

            “He made it to the UFC, more than any of you ever have.”

            Insulting an entire board for calling a quitter a quitter…yah, such endearing well wishes. Good thing Obamacare is here to cradle the useless dipshits of our society.

          • El Gvapo

            You really are confused aren’t you? I didn’t ask any questions, you did. And my comment about him achieving more than some of the naysayers was really bitter wasn’t it? Certainly more bitter than calling him a nobody.

            The simple fact here is you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you’re desperately trying to save face. Unfortunately you’re struggling to do that and I can sense your frustration with yourself. It’s got to the point where you’re fabricating points you claim I have made when the evidence is clearly above. The fact that you end with some lame comment regarding the US health system goes to show how basic you are. You assume the rest of the world gives a flying f*** about your healthcare? Stop eating so much and layoff the moonshine if you’re so concerned about it. Until next time halfwit.

          • “You failed to answer my question.”

            “I didn’t ask any questions.”

            I win. Back to the unemployment line.

          • El Gvapo

            Thank you, I haven’t laughed like that in a while. The comment in question is clearly the initial one I made, any subsequent questions were posed to understand the bile you were spitting. Again, you’ve scraped the barrel because I’ve made you look a fool. Over and over again.

            And what’s your obsession with employment? As I’ve stated previously, you clearly have self-esteem issues. I’d imagine you’re some sort of admin clerk who fires envious glances at all the executives and senior management as they drive home whilst you’re waiting for your bus. Don’t worry though champ your day might come. Just don’t try and start a coherent argument with any of them because you will lose, you’ve shown you cannot joust with your superiors. Unlucky tough guy, don’t give up.

          • What are you even saying anymore? This isn’t difficult.

            You said:

            “You failed to answer my question.”

            Then in your very next comment, placed the barrel of the gun in your own mouth with:

            “I didn’t ask any questions.”

            The harder you try to be intelligent, the more self-inflicted embarrassment you aim at yourself. There’s nothing to even refute with your delusional rambling nonsense. It’s check and mate.

  • james j

    I have never heard of this fighter either. Somehow he scores an article on this site. Well good riddance and now it is time to get a job guy. Welcome to the real world.

  • chanceiiplay

    He is a quitter. Lost twice in the octagon. Now he’s done…that is a quitter.ask all yourselves this..would you have quit? Or would you pick up the pieces and get ready for your next war? Good thing he quit. Too many athletes in the mma scene not enough fighters. To all his fans..you all his fans hook this guy up with a job, these days its not about what you know its who you know. So hook him up.