UFC Fighter Alex Caceres Accepts Responsibility for Failed Drug Test, Issues Statement

March 20, 2013
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Alex Caceres against Mackens SemerzierIt was revealed on Wednesday that UFC on Fuel TV 8 fighter Alex Caceres failed his drug test following his March 3 fight against Kyung Ho Kang, having tested positive for marijuana metabolites.

He received a six-month suspension retroactive to the date of the event, agreed to attend drug rehabilitation classes, and must pass a drug test upon completing his suspension before he can return to competition.

Caceres made no attempt to diminish his responsibility for failing the drug test, and issued the following statement to MMAWeekly.com late Wednesday afternoon:

“I accept full responsibility for my actions and the consequences from those actions. I apologize to all that I have disappointed, including the UFC, my family, coaches, training partners and fans. I accept the sanctions from the UFC and I look forward to completing the necessary steps to getting back in the octagon following the suspension and assuring that this never happens again.”

Caceres initially scored a split decision victory over Kang, but the result of that bout has been changed to a no contest. The victory would have been Caceres’ third consecutive.

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  • Cereal Killer

    *puff puff, pass* “Yeah, I’ll really sorry.”

  • travisb71

    Why the hell do they even test for MJ? It’s not any kind of performance enhancer if anything a detractor from performance.

    • shakejunt

      not sure it’s the ufc’s choice

      • Buckley

        It’s not the UFC’s choice, it’s the choice of the athletic commissions. Dana has said he doesn’t think it should be illegal, but he has no say in it. The UFC isn’t above the NSAC (or any other athletic commission) and if they want to operate, they have to follow the rules.

    • Cereal Killer

      Because it’s a federal offense. As long as people still go to jail for possessing it, sports will not allow the use of it. This isn’t rocket science.

      • Guest

        At one point in history it was a federal offense to drink alcohol. Just because the federal government passes laws without any clear medical or statistical evidence to back them up doesn’t mean people should stop questioning them. (which means the federal government) For example, Nick Diaz legally obtains and consumes marijuana in a state which believes he should have the right to do so, and that was not taken into consideration when determining his penalty. The Bill of Rights specifically states “the powers not delegated to the United States (which means the federal government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The last time I checked Marijuana was not prohibited by the Constitution (although the original document was written on hemp paper), so if the people and State of California don’t believe smoking pot with a physician’s documented approval should be a crime, maybe athletic commissions should be taking into account where fighters train and under what circumstances they tested positive for a specific substance. TRT is a performance enhancer and it is still monitored and allowed if deemed necessary by a physician, so why is marijuana, which is only useful as a pain killer for a short period of time directly after consuming it, not given the same consideration? No one thinks fighters should be smoking the day of their fights because that would be dangerous, but considering the metabolites stay in your system for up to 30 days, I find it hard to believe that anyone out there think a fighter has an unfair advantage weeks after the last time they smoked. I don’t even smoke pot, but I am unbiased enough to see that this rule is absurd, and should be reconsidered.

        • kbroesq

          Wow, you’re one of ‘those’ people. It actually is a performance enhancer. I don’t smoke it, but if Joe Rogan says it’s a performance enhancer (and he does), then it’s a performance enhancer. Rogan says it helps performance for BJJ. Either way, it’s still illegal, notwithstanding your long, drawn out statement.

          • kaioken

            Are you sure Joe Rogan wasn’t joking around…. he is a comedian after all. Because that is total bull s*** otherwise. It shouldn’t be anyone’s business if a fighter wants to smoke/vape/eat MJ, in that same sense that it is no ones business, other than the fighters, if they decide to drink alcohol in the months/weeks leading up to the fight.

          • kbroesq

            Wasn’t a joke. He was specifically discussing it on beat down in after the N. Diaz fiasco. He’s said it several times that Eddie Bravo smokes it to enhance his performance.

      • ryan

        Its legal by state law and even feds backed off legal states……your no rocket scientist.

    • Which is why they test for it. It’s for a fighters safety. I don’t know what the big deal is. The commission won’t allow it, so what? It’s not necessary to be fighting high and it keeps the sport clean. It’s bad enough idiots think this is human cockfighting we don’t need drugs allowed in the sport. It’s not only MJ they don’t allow other prescription drugs either in most cases.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Should it be illegal? No. Are you stupid to be smoking it if you’re a professional fighter/ Yes.

  • Ahmade Adoodi

    Nothing enhances performance like marijuana metabolites in your system!

  • Gary Fredericks

    It’s not a matter of if pot is legal, good or bad, right or wrong. It’s simply not allowed and their are channels in place to assemble against it. You guys crying about it being illegal when it should be legal…have you ever put any energy into the legalization movements or even wrote an email/letter to your state and/or federal representatives? Do you even know who they are?? Campaigning in the comment section of an MMA news site will not do anything for your cause.

    At the end of the day, most people cannot go to work drunk, and it is legal. They cannot go to work high either for the same reason. These guys training camps and fights are their jobs. How hard is it to stay clean and sober while you’re at work??? They are idiots and should be cut.

  • Montrealanglo

    Obviously it’s a bad idea to take chances with smoking/using marijuana if you’re in mma, but at least it doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as getting caught with PED’s. They really, really need to take Marijuana off of the list of banned substances, this is really stupid.

  • for weed??? that’s like cutting somebody’s head off for J-walking… !@#$ the commission and the horse they rode in on