UFC Fight Night 62 Results: Erick Silva Stops Josh Koscheck in the First Round

March 22, 2015
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After losing to Jake Ellenberger three weeks ago at UFC 184 on Feb. 28, Josh Koscheck accepted a short-noticed fight against Erick Silva at UFC Fight Night 62 when Silva’s original opponent, Ben Saunders, was forced to withdraw due to injury.

He was submitted by Ellenberger at the 4:20 mark of the opening round at UFC 184 and logged nearly the exact result at in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday against Silva.

Koscheck came out aggressive, taking the fight to the notoriously fast starting Silva. After being separated by the referee while tied up in the clinch position along the cage, Silva landed a straight left hand that knocked Koscheck to the canvas.

The Ultimate Fighter 1 alum worked his way back to his feet, but was wobbled by another well-placed left hand from the Brazilian. Koscheck went on the offense and pressed forward with punches. Silva landed a right hand that caused Koscheck to try and get the fight to the ground.

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As Koscheck worked for a takedown, Silva applied a guillotine choke and pulled guard to tighten the hold. Koscheck was forced to tap out, lasting one second longer than he did three weeks ago. The finish came at the 4:21 mark of the first round.

“I had to prove a lot in this camp. I had to prove a lot in tonight warming up, so I came here and I won,” said Silva following the submission win.

“I knew that he was going to try to grapple and try to take me down, but we trained a lot of straight punches. The plan actually wasn’t to come in here and submit him. We wanted to keep the fight standing, but I train very hard to do this,” added the 30-year old.

The loss was Koscheck’s fifth consecutive defeat.

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  • polk14

    I hate to see Kos go out like that. He has always been one of my favorite fighters.

    • KJK

      Kos hasn’t been the same since GSP destroyed his eye. I’d prefer to see him retire at this point rather than take beatings for pay checks. Father time gets us all and when you consider he’s been mostly relevant since TUF 1 that’s a long time in the fight game.

      • Guest

        not the same since GSP destroyed his eye? He had a very close fight with Hendricks with most critics agreeing that he won the split decision.

        • KJK

          One close fight that started with Kos inflicting an eye poke does not change the fact he’s in the twilight of a carrear and has not been the same since GSP messed him up. I’m a Kos fan but it’s over when the likes of Eric Silva beats you rather easily.

      • Sarge

        diego sanchez has been relevant a lot longer than koscheck has.

        • KJK

          Well they came on the scene at the same time so I don’t know about longer but I’ll give you as long.

  • Sarge

    Wonder what Kos’ excuse this time will be, another rookie mistake?