UFC Fight Night 61 Results: Frank Mir Knocks Out Bigfoot Silva In the First

February 22, 2015
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Frank Mir defeated Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the first round of their main event at UFC Fight Night 61 on Saturday in Brazil.

The former heavyweight champion set up the knockout with a well-placed jab-left-hook combination, which saw Silva fall to the ground and be pounded out at the 1:40 mark.

“I came out looking for the jab,” Mir said during his post-fight interview. “I got back to the roots of it. That’s where you saw the jab, setting it up … I’ve never had a dominating jab. The dominating jab is an important punch, especially in the heavyweight division.”

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Mir and Silva measured each other in the early moments of the bout. While gauging the distance, Mir shot a quick jab, landing it cleanly on the chin. Mir then followed the initial punch up with a left hook that sent Silva crashing to the floor in an obvious daze.

While on the ground, Silva attempted to defend against his opponent’s ground and pound, but couldn’t avoid damage. After two significant elbows, Silva appeared unconscious and the referee brought a stop to the bout.

With the win on Saturday, Mir won his first fight since 2011 and stopped a four-fight losing streak.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Love watching these roid cheaters get beat.

    • George Sperry

      Hmmm…. The TRT cheater won. Mir was using until the ban took effect, and he clearly didn’t need to.

      Big Foot on the other hand had to take steroids for his health due to a condition he was born with. BF has to forego medical treatment to fight MMA.

      “A former patient of the since-banned testosterone replacement therapy [TRT], Mir now believes the treatment only served as a stop gap helping to push through his larger issues.”

      • TheCerealKiller

        The difference is that BF abused it and had testosterone levels way above the limit twice.

        • Frank’smom

          I heard differently. I heard he really needed the juice to cure an illness. Something that has to do with his growth hormone.

          In any case, I guess we will see a more vocal Frank Mir until his next fight.

          Rubber match against Lesnar? Why not just fight Stipe Miosic?

          • Austin, TX

            Nobody “needs” anything to cure an illness (steroids wise) except the illness of wanting to win so badly that you gamble…

            TRT is somewhat different. Even though I’m against that too.

            2 clean fighters here and Mir won though in this scenario.

            Stipe is headed towards title fights. Mir is heading back towards just contention.

  • Sarge

    Bigfoot has no chin anymore.

    • FranksMom

      Yup. This has been confirmed.

      • bigfoots_foote

        Ah yes, however his foote is very BIG!

  • deepgrim

    anyone else think big foot took a dive? second fight in a row i am very suspicious of him. Against hunt he absorbs all the punishment of the day and now he cant eat anything- maybe without the trt he isnt the same, but i have a feeling he was fairly broke after the lay off from been caught on the trt and is making a big of side money

    • Austin, TX

      Bigfoot isn’t the same without the roids. But then again …Mir has the most finishes of any man in the HW division. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

      No. Did you see the puddle of blood behind Bigfoot’s head. He’s a slow man especially at the beginning of a fight. Mir finishes people frequently early when he’s on. he’s done it many times to people. He was an animal before the motorcycle accident.

      • deepgrim

        but the punch wasn’t even a proper hook, it was off a jab and there was no hip movement in the delivery and the shot landed high of the cheek bone. then on the ground when mir’s first couple of shots miss he still doesnt recover. sure enough the elbows afterwards were vicious. what makes me suspicious of big foot is that he never looked like he wanted to throw a punch in the fight and the first real shot that comes his way he goes down. it was the same in the arlovski fight, one of the punches he did throw in that fight was way off the target even tho arlovski was a still target. i think he dived but it could just be the after effects of losing the trt. yes mir has been a prolific finisher in the past but most of the time it was due to his bjj and not the striking

        • steeltown65

          look where it caught him. it just took his equilibrium away. then he got smashed. nobody gets beat down like that if he’s taking a dive. he’s actually just not that good a fighter. he can’t fight backing up. and he constantly drops his right hand. heavyweights all come with power. if you get tagged you can go down. he’ll be in bellator once his contract is done.