UFC Fight Night 60 Results: Benson Henderson Submits Brandon Thatch in Welterweight Debut

February 15, 2015
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Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson accepted a short notice fight against Brandon Thatch, making his welterweight debut at UFC Fight Night 60 in Broomfield, Colo. on Saturday. Looking undersized at the weigh-in on Friday, many felt Henderson was biting off more than he could chew, but he proved the naysayers wrong.

Thatch pressed forward while Henderson moved along the perimeter of the cage. Thatch had success in the early going, but Henderson had a game plan.

In the second frame, Thatch had Henderson back peddling and retreating. He landed big shots and tripped the former champion to the canvas twice.

Henderson’s corner advised him to take Thatch to the ground between the second and third rounds. Midway through the frame, Henderson secured a takedown and took Thatch’s back. He delivered heel strikes to Thatch’s midsection and the momentum of the fight changed.

Henderson picked up the pace in the forth round. He kept his jab in Thatch’s face. He set up a double let takedown off a combination and quickly advanced to side control. Thatch gave up his back again and Henderson pounded away with punches before sinking in a rear-naked choke that forced Thatch to tap out.

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“Sometimes you have to go out there, you have to give it your all and test yourself. I didn’t know I could win this fight. A lot of times you have to do something you don’t know,” said Henderson following the submission win.

“I knew he was going to come out like a monster in the first round. He did. I was trying to use my movement, I don’t know, run away. But the dude is a big dude, so I didn’t want to stay in there in the first five minutes,” he said. “I wanted to more elusive and then in the second, third, forth or fifth round pick it up on him.”

While Henderson won the fight by submission, his big fight experience may have been his biggest weapon.

“He’s just a tough dude. He’s got the heart of a champion. I thought he was hurt in the first and second round to the body. I think I threw power a little bit more than I should have. I should have stuck with speed. But that’s just trial and error. I think I need more experience. He’s a vet, a class act,” said Thatch after his first loss in eight years. “I’ll be back.”

Henderson’s welterweight debut was a success, and he plans to pursue more fights in the 170-pound division. After the win, he offered to face a top contender in the division who recently lost an opponent.

“I hear there’s a big named (Rory) MacDonald up in Canada who needs a fight. So if he still needs it, I’m game,” said Henderson.

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Congrats to Benson for being a stud and stepping in on short notice taking on a guy who probably had 25 lbs on him at fight time. Excellent game plan. Gee I wonder if GSP who is also a former UFC champ would have ever stepped up on 2 weeks notice and fought a weight class higher? Well maybe in a different life time.

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      You could have just as easily asked if former champ and steroid user Anderson Silva would have stepped up and took a fight a weight class higher on 2 weeks notice.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Well at least Silva like other Champs like BJ Penn did step up and fight weight classes higher.

        I guess I just think a guy like GSP who walks around ripped at 200 lbs shouldn’t have turned down a fight with Silva at 177 lbs 3-4 years ago. Also GSP has an insane 76″ reach which is comparable with most fighters 6’3″ so at 5’11” Imo he isn’t anywhere near as small as his fans try and portray him as being. Also Silva is a 7 years older. Part of GSP’s legacy is fighting a whole hand full of much smaller fighters.

        Maybe its more that I lost so much respect for GSP when he refused to give Hendricks a rematch. GSP has to know every MMA website and all the writers as well as the ref and Dana, fertitta most every UFC fighter scored the fight for Hendricks. I wonder how the fans would have reacted if Matt Hughes or Serra would have refused to give GSP a rematch? What’s weird is I watched that fight with at least a dozen or so hardcore GSP fans and 2 of the girls one of which grew up in Montreal was crying during that fight and I really felt bad for the beating the GSP was taking. I hate watching nice guys take that kind of punishment. Then when the decision was read all of these GSP fans instead of being elated by the “gift” they were flat disgusted and saying things like the fix was on in this one because GSP got whooped.

        • cheflacsto

          I am not a fan of GSP at all but he didn’t get whooped nearly as bad as you make it sound, he had Johnny trouble seconds into the fight threatening with a submission and I thought GSP won a late round either 4 or 5. I did think Johnny won the fight but I can’t be overly concerned with the decision. I do agree that he should of given Johnny the rematch.

      • cheflacsto

        Anderson did step up and fight at higher weight class several times and I do believe he stepped up to face someone on short notice to save a fight card in Brazil. And it was not two weeks notice, they called Benson a few days after his fight with Cowboy which was a month ago.

        • Anderson’sMom

          Against whom?

          Anderson Silva would not fight top 10 LHW with two weeks notice. He would fight Stephan Bonnar or any other irrelevant LHW any time (one day notice) any where (octagon, ring, his backyard).

          Anderson Silva wouldn’t even fight Rashad Evans (let alone Gus, Cormier, or Rumble) on two weeks notice.

          • cheflacsto

            No he would not, but did Benson fight a top guy. No he stepped in to fight an unranked guy with no ground game to speak of. The guy gave his back up several times, and looked completely lost. So Stephen Bonnar, Forest Griffin, are better at 205 than Thatch is at 170. James Irvin was his other fight at 205 and that could be comparable to Thatch. Just because you don’t like Silva, lets not make Henderson out to be all world.

  • Guest

    i can already see henderson vs macdonald being one of those safe boring fights.

  • Sir_Roy

    Meh. He looked just as bad after his fight with Condit. GSP bruises easier than a 5 year old chubby kid. Just saying. Based off “apparent” damage, yeah, he lost the fight. Based off points, he clearly won.

    Hendricks was suspended for 6 months after that fight bud due to injuries sustained to his knee. GSP was only out 45 days!!! Again, it looked FAR worse than it was. 45 days is NOTHING. It’s the minimum really.

    And George always states how he doesn’t remember what went on in the Octagon after the fact. He said the same with Alves, Shields, Josh (etc.)

    To be clear, GSP took the damage on two occasions; during a take down attempt in the 2nd and during some GnP in the 4th (re-watch the fight). Both of those rounds he definitely lost. Rounds 3 & 5 he clearly won. Round 1 remains uncertain. But hey, have to beat the champ to be the champ. Uncertain, or close rounds, should go to the long standing champ.

  • cheflacsto

    I am a fan of Hendricks, not GSP so I want to make it clear. Johnny does hit harder and did way more damage, but he was in a submission hold in the first round, and I thought George won the last round. Either way I don’t care, I am glad he is gone because I am not a fan of a guy going out there and not going for any type of finish. The division is better now with Robbie, Johnny, Rory, Brown. Tough guys who go for the finish. I do think Hendricks won, but I didn’t think it was anything to go crazy about.

  • cheflacsto

    Just to be clear Johnny also has some damage over his eye.