UFC Fight Night 59 Results: Donald Cerrone Defeats Benson Henderson in Controversial Decision

January 19, 2015
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Former lightweight champion Benson Henderson had previously defeated Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone twice heading into their third matchup at UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver in Boston on Sunday.

Cerrone, who fought and won fifteen days ago at UFC 182 on Jan. 3, stepped into the co-main event on short notice after Henderson’s original opponent, Eddie Alvarez, was forced out of the fight due to illness.

Coming off the first knockout loss of his career to Rafael dos Anjos in his last outing, Henderson looked tentative in the opening moments of the fight. Cerrone established his jab while the former champion landed a variety of kicks to Cerrone’s body and legs. The opening round was competitive and difficult to score.

Henderson continued to utilize kicks in the second frame. He delivered side kicks to Cerrone’s lead leg and mixed up his attack with knees and punches. Cerrone secured a takedown late in the round, but was unable to inflict damage before Henderson worked his way back to his feet. The second stanza was also close, but it appeared that Henderson was outworking Cerrone.

Cerrone’s coach, Greg Jackson, urged his fighter to pick up the pace between rounds. Cerrone responded by moving forward. Henderson landed a head kick that had Cerrone looking to get the fight to the ground. Cerrone ended the round by leaping in with a knee and landing a combination, but it appeared that Henderson had done enough. The judges did not agree.

As the fighters stood in the middle of the octagon at the TD Garden awaiting the judges’ decision, Henderson was confident his hand would be raised. Shock and disbelief came across his face as Cerrone was announced as the winning by unanimous decision.

“It was a tough fight. I couldn’t unload like I wanted to because the dude’s a stud. He’s been at the top of the game. My hats off to the guy,” said Cerrone following the fight.

“I took him down in the second round. I felt that was good. Only the judges know. The only thing I can do is fight. Win or lose, I’m here every damn time,” he said when asked if he felt that he had won the fight.

“It is what it is,” said the disappointed Henderson. “You’ve got to go back. You’ve got to accept it. You’ve got to man up and move on.”

The win extended Cerrone’s winning streak to seven consecutive fights. For Henderson, it was the first time the 31-year-old has suffered back-to-back losses in his nine-year mixed martial arts career.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I really like Cowboy, but I thought he lost all three rounds. I don’t know what happens when he fights the top competition, but he shits the bed. Where was the Cowboy from the Jury fight?

    • shakejunt

      i think you answered your own question.

  • Paul

    Totally agree, he looked to be out worked in all 3 rounds.
    One of two really interesting judges decisions

  • The Milkman

    Great fight but I had Benson. He wasn’t super dominate but I think he won every round and landed a decent amount more strikes

  • Abuse OfPower


    • Guest


  • Inquiring Minds

    Stay out of Boston UFC. Henderson had a title shot riding on that fight and now this man gets literally robbed of a huge payday.

  • Austin, TX

    Thats payback for all those bs decisions back in the day with Frank Edgar. He shouldn’t be upset now that one of his razor thin close fights turnoff a dime away from him this time. He’s lost 2 fights that went his way. (title fights.) Stop the crying Benny…….

    • shakejunt

      in case you didn’t notice, his response was pretty mature and level-headed.

      • Austin, TX

        I actually thought he was going to start crying right there. Did you see his face. It was all he could do not to throw a tantrum. So he goes to his release valve… “I can do all things through Christ who….” That’s the only thing he knows to say. He looked like he was about to blow a gasket. Later he said “It is what it is…take it like a man” etc….but you could tell he was about to cry right there by his facial expression.

        He should have smiled and thanked everybody for a great night. He’s won 3 or 4 bs decisions, Josh Thompson, Edgar,etc …title fights as well….that went his way and he’s all smiles. It’s about time he lost one.

        I actually thought it was Cerrone that showed more class in the interviews.

        • Frank Ryan Freeman

          No you’re the only one that saw that. he says that in victory and in defeat that’s not his release valve that’s what he sincerely believes. He won 2 bs decisions, the second edgar fight and the Thompson fight, all the other fights he won and he’s a respectful, classy and exciting fighter. Since he’s obviously said FAR more than “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” your claim is baseless and empty and you sound far less educated and classy than what you claim Ben is. It sounds like your issue is his worldview to be honest.

          • Austin, TX

            I have no problems whatsoever with his worldview. I grew up Christian. 😉 I have problems with his style and his way of winning close ridiculous fights and how they always give it to him. He’s not exciting. Get real. Dana’s favorite comment about Benson Henderson fights that go to a close decision that he always wins is …”Well, that’s a Benson Henderson fight for ya…”

            It’s about time he lost one.

          • Frank Ryan Freeman

            I won’t debate too much about him being exciting cuz that’s
            an opinion thing however I severely disagree with ya. He’s very exciting. One
            doesn’t have to knock someone out to be exciting. The entirety of mma is
            entertaining not just the rock em sock em robot fights. Does he have as much
            “stopping power” as Pettis and cerrone? no but not many pple in that
            division do. It’s very difficult to stop another warrior at that level. I know,
            he said that after the Melendez fight. However, you’re presupposing. Dana could
            have been saying that cuz his fights are close not cuz he’s not exciting. And
            since he’s had about 3 or 4 performance awards in the ufc (not including wec)
            AND he woulda had one more if him and gil’s fight wasn’t on the same card as that
            Jordan mein and matt brown fight the interpretation that dana was simply saying
            that cuz his fights are close is probably the more accurate
            interpretation. Also, yea ben has won 2
            fights that he shoulda lost (Frankie/ben 2 and ben/josh Thompson) but that
            doesn’t mean that he should loose a fight that he won, that doesn’t follow. And
            still the claims you were makin about him are still completely untrue and
            fabricated. Your bitterness towards him cuz the second Frankie fight should
            have went to Frankie is causing you to imagine him having poor class and
            crying. Even winning a close fight is part of being a good martial artist. He’s
            only won 2 fights that he actually lost, you make it seem like it was half of
            his career wins or something. Plus he’s not a judge, he doesn’t decide that if
            it goes to decision.

        • shakejunt

          both accepted that the fight wasn’t as advertised. it’s not like he pulled a diaz.

    • Tokim

      Didn’t see any crying on his part. He handled it like a man.

  • Floyd Wilson

    UFC is less realistic than the WWE these days.

    • Sarge

      wwe is so fake you can tell what a wrestler’s gonna do for is next move before he even does it. ufc is all guts, glory and hard knocks.

  • Jim Mace

    Push kicks to the thigh don’t win rounds. Rounds 1 and 2 for Cerrone. He was moving forward and looked less like the one who didn’t want to punch his friend in the face. 3rd round was close but for sure Hendersons. No controversy. Just seriously bad ringside announcing by Joe Rogan all on Hendersons nut sack.

    • mrsoulo

      Forgive him o lord for he knows not what he speaks.

  • JoeShmoe

    It was certainly close, cerrone seemed to give the impression that he thought Benson won.
    I’m happy with the result, but it should have been a 5 rounder for sure, it was very exciting and ended too soon.

    And yes, Benson almost cried, his voice quivered and his face wrinkled up, only for a split second but he did. However, can you blame him, big stakes, they obviously put everything into it. I just wish he’d shut up about the god bullocks, then I could be a fan…

    • Sarge

      i laughed when he cried at the WEC post fight conference after losing the belt to Anthony Pettis.

  • A Priori

    Benson, please change up your training camp. Drastic changes must be made.

  • Sarge

    What a crock of sh#t. Henderson won all 3 rounds and Cerrone robbed him of his win. I reckon the judges only gave it to him because they didn’t wanna see Henderson knock off another top lightweight contender.