UFC Fight Night 59 Fighter Salaries: McGregor and Cerrone Top $800,000-Plus Payroll

January 21, 2015
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Conor McGregor kept his hype train on track in a special Sunday UFC Fight Night in Boston, bloodying Dennis Siver en route to a second-round TKO stoppage. The victory sets up a challenge of featherweight champion Jose Aldo, likely at UFC 187 on Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas.

Fighting for the second time in two weeks, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone escaped with a decision victory over Benson Henderson in the night’s co-main event.

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Conor McGregor and Donald CerroneNot surprisingly, McGregor and Cerrone were the top two earners on the fight card, McGregor taking home $170,000 in disclosed pay, while Cerrone followed with $146,000 on the $831,000 payroll.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Athletic Commission on Wednesday revealed the full UFC Fight Night 59: McGregor vs. Siver fighter salaries to MMAWeekly.com. The event took place on Sunday, Jan. 18, at the TD Garden in Boston.

UFC Fight Night 59 Fighter Salaries

Conor McGregor: $170,000 (includes $85,000 win bonus)
def. Dennis Siver: $39,000

Donald Cerrone: $146,000 (includes $73,000 win bonus)
def. Benson Henderson: $48,000

Uriah Hall: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus)
def. Ron Stallings: $10,000

Gleison Tibau: $90,000 (includes $45,000 win bonus)
def. Norman Parke: $20,000

Cathal Pendred: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
def. Sean Spencer: $14,000

Lorenz Larkin: $56,000 (includes $28,000 win bonus)
def. John Howard: $21,000

Chris Wade: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Zhang Lipeng: $15,000

Patrick Holohan: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
Shane Howell: $8,000

Johnny Case: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Frankie Perez: $8,000

Charles Rosa: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Sean Soriano: $8,000

Sean O’Connell: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Matt Van Buren: $10,000

Joby Sanchez: $16,000 (include $8,000 win bonus)
def. Tateki Matsuda: $8,000

UFC Fight Night 59 Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $831,000

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  • BarrysHypocrisy

    So let’s break this down:

    Cerrone is 14-3 in the UFC and beat the #6 guy in his division – makes $146,000. Now, he has to fight the #3 guy to MAYBE get a title shot if he wins.

    McGregor is 5-0 in the UFC and beat the #10 guy (or unranked, depending on who you believe) in his division – makes $190,000. Guaranteed title shot after beating a guy who wasn’t ranked in the top 10 by the UFC until after the McGregor fight was announced and isn’t ranked in the top 15 by most other websites.

    Something is wrong with this picture……….

    • Seth

      No, everything’s fine. Connor at this point is bigger draw for UFC.

      If you have a choice to put Cowboy or Connor in ME of the show, you will go with Connor. He’s more popular and easier to connect with casual fans. Cowboy is someone who you enjoy watching when you know more about the sport – but if you are casual fan, you will be more interested with that irish, trash-talking dude who demolish people. Casual fans doesn’t care about rankings so they don’t know that they guys he battered aren’t on his level, or on the top level. They assume that since it’s ME of UFC show, they are top guys.

      And since UFC is aiming for more causual fans nowdays (with moves like signing CM Punk), Connor is more valuable to them, thus he makes more money. It’s easy to understand from business-standpoint.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        Oh, I understand the money thing just fine. The UFC is a business and businesses are about making money, but that still doesn’t make it right. Should the UFC only be granting title shots to the 2 guys who can make them the most money or the 2 top fighters? And there have been other instances of this happening, but the McGregor situation is the worst.

        Here’s another way to look at it: What would everyone think if the NFL did an analysis of which 2 teams would earn them the highest viewership and the most money in advertising and then put those 2 teams in the Super Bowl without any kind of playoff to determine which 2 teams were deserving of being in the Super Bowl?

        • James Williams

          Maybe that’s why Jose Aldo looked so disinterested. He was sort of bemused. He knows he is making a ton of money by signing up for a fight with a guy who hasn’t earned a shot.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            Aldo must not be listening to Rogan and Goldberg’s endlessly nauseating hype of all things Connor McGregor. It’s probably a good thing he can’t understand English very well.

        • Seth

          Difference is simple. In UFC fighters are draws. In NFL SuperBowl alone is a draw. And gigantic one. Even if 2 weaker teams would make it to the SB, I doubt it would affect ratings and money much – because SuperBowl alone is almost like a national holiday.

          You can put a UFC PPV, but if you don’t put someone popular on it – nobody will care. And you have bunch of examples, when UFC PPV didn’t draw, because fights weren’t really interesting. Would you buy a PPV headline by 2 guys with 0-0 records in the UFC? Or would you rather pay for JBJ/DC PPV? With Superbowl, it doesn’t make a big difference who’s playing who.

        • Jeff

          If you haven’t figred it out by now, there are ALOT of things in this world that aren’t “right”. Simply because of MONEY. And there are things VASTLY way more wrong than what is going on here. This is NOTHING in comparison to what goes on for the sake of MONEY. Get used to it. It wont change anytime soon.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            Keep wringing your hands about it. That will solve all of the problems.

      • James Williams

        There’s the money, then there is the shot at the title. I agree that he is a draw and deserves the money. I do not agree that he deserves a title shot. Not yet.

        • Seth

          Well, both are connected. His fight with Aldo will be huge money-wise. Especially if they do it in Ireland. That’s just pure gold, waiting for UFC to pick it up.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            The fight’s going to be in Las Vegas. If McGregor loses, does he get an immediate rematch in Ireland to try and maximize the profits?

          • taylor2008

            Probably. Aldo will have to fight in Ireland with his hands tied behind his back. After Aldo beats him again they will have a trilogy, since Dana likes them so much, and they will fight in Scotland. Since its so close to Ireland. Then after Aldo submits him again they will fight in England, since it too is so close and connected to Scotland. Then a 5th fight will be in Wales since its so close to both of them. By that time Aldo will be so tired of going there that he will relinquish the belt to Conor.
            Thats how I see it playing out.

          • Groinstrike

            Your comments pretty much show you aren’t thinking with your brain, but just emotions. You are wrong on a lot of things. “How I see it playing out”. Well considering it’s already been stated the first fight is in Vegas you are wrong.

          • taylor2008

            Its funny how you say I am not thinking with my brain, but with emotions. Any moron could have seen I was joking around…if they would have known how to read. So WHO wasnt thinking with their brain?!

          • Groinstrike

            I was also referring to your other comments. Like how he doesn’t deserve the shot. Who should be ahead of him? Chad Mendes? Beaten by Aldo twice. Frankie Edgar? Lost 3 of last 6 fights, one of them to Aldo. Ricardo Lamas? Beaten by Aldo in 2014. Cub Swanson? Just lost to Edgar. There isn’t anyone else ahead of him.

          • taylor2008

            Yea sure you were.
            Did you read what you just wrote? Who isnt thinking right? Yes he should be fighting Mendes, Edgar, Lamas or Swanson before he gets a shot at Aldo! He hasnt fought a true top 10 guy yet! Dustin isnt a true top 10 fighter and Siver wasnt even ranked in the top 15 until he was going to fight Conor. then somehow he magically went to 10! You have him fight someone worthy in the top 5 before you should get a shot…..but we all know it isnt about the fight but about the money.
            If Siver beat Conor I would guarantee you he would NOT have gotten a title shot.

          • Groinstrike

            My comment was about who should fight Aldo next! Who then? If not Conor who? The top guys ahead of him have all been beaten by him except one, and he just lost his last fight. So who? Who deserves a shot against Aldo?

          • taylor2008

            They already have Lamas and Mendes fighting. They should have Edgar fight Aldo. They fought 2 years ago. Edgar deserves the shot. Conor should fight Swanson. He hasnt fought a top 5 guy let alone a real top 10 guy. But we all know its not about the fight but about the money. So dont worry you are getting your wish anyway. Aldo is fighting conor.

          • Seth

            Didn’t they consider ireland too? I thought they didn’t make up their mind yet and think about Ireland or Vegas o:

          • TheCerealKiller

            They announced after the fight that it was going to be in Vegas due to weird laws and PPV loss because of the time zone.

          • Seth

            Good to know o: Looks like I missed that

        • taylor2008

          You are 100% correct! He doesnt deserve one! Its all about the money and draw. I truly want the big mouth to crash and burn!

    • taylor2008

      Barry you are 100% right. Siver was NOT in the top 10 till the fight was announced. They wanted to pump up Siver like he was something. I dont even know if Siver is truly top 15 material! But yes that was hyped up so he can get a title shot if he won.
      And yes Cerrone should have been paid more. Its a bunch of crap that Conor gets a title shot for not fighting a true top 10 guy and gets paid more. I hope Aldo crushes him.

      Its not about the fight but about the money draw with Dana “the hypocrite” White.

  • solo

    Wow, shares have fallen for Benson Henderson!
    Uriah gets only 14000 to show??

  • Lucas Freire

    What I don’t understand is how he earns so much being a new face in the organization.
    As far as I know, fighters have contracts for X fights when they’re signed. He’s on his fifth fight in the UFC and is already earning 85k just for showing? How much was his starting paycheck? Would they modify his contract to their loss? That’s my problem with this payroll. He has a PPV share? lol
    I mean, Only Aldo is getting that much. And he has the longest champion run for now. NO ONE else on the lighter divisions are getting THAT much.

    • RoBEERtoe

      Durrr… I don’t get it…
      He’s responsible for an entire new Market with Irish fans both in Irland and the US. Irish LOVE to get behind their own and this = more PPV buys & $$$ for the UFC. So he gets paid higher than the average veteran. Not to mention, he’s more rediculous than Sonnen to boot so haters are going to pay to watch as well to see him lose.
      Get it now?

  • Groinstrike

    What people seem to forget is the UFC is not just about fighting. It’s entertainment. You either get money by destroying your opponents, or being very popular. If you can do both then you will be rich. So many people say “The UFC is about money”. Guess what, if the UFC was not about money the fighters would be without a job, and we would be without fights. Get over your populist, entitlement mindsets. Conor has destroyed, destroyed his competition. He’s 17 – 2 with 16 wins by TKO/KO 1 Sub and 1 decision. UFC he’s 5-0 with 4 TKO/KO, 1 decision and a win over #6, and #10. Frankie Edgar on the other hand lost to the current champ, and 50% of his victories are by decisions. If he hadn’t already lost a title shot I’d say he deserves it over Conor, but that’s not the case. He had his chance, and lost. Same with Chad Mendez who thinks it’s not fair. Again he had his chance, and lost. That doesn’t mean he should be back at the front of the line.