UFC Fight Night 57 Results: Frankie Edgar Dominates Cub Swanson, Scores Latest Stoppage in UFC History

November 23, 2014
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Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar made a solid case for a rematch against featherweight champion Jose Aldo by dominating No. 2-ranked Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night 57 on Saturday.

Swanson looked impressive in the early going, stuffing takedown attempts and landing combinations. Late in the opening round, Edgar secured a takedown and that would set the tone for the remainder of the fight.

Both traded and landed at the start of the second frame, but Edgar’s wrestling took over. Edgar fought hard and got a takedown. He landed short elbows and punches from the half guard position. He opened up a cut over Swanson’s left eye with an elbow and spent more than three minutes in top position pounding away.

The threat of the takedown opened up Edgar’s striking. Edgar utilized a variety of strikes to keep Swanson guessing. He closed the distance and slammed Swanson to the canvas early in the third. Swanson had no answer for Edgar’s wrestling and top game.

The fourth round looked a lot like the third. Edgar secured an early takedown and battered Swanson with punches and elbows. He mounted Swanson at one point. In the closing seconds of the stanza, Swanson got to his feet, his face bloodied and swollen.

Heading into the final round, Swanson’s corner told him he had to knock Edgar out. But he couldn’t remain standing long enough to mount an offense. Edgar took him down and attacked with submission attempts and strikes. Swanson scrambled, but Edgar stayed on him. Edgar advanced to the mount position and opened up with punches. Swanson rolled, giving up his back. With seconds to go in the round, Edgar locked on a rear-naked choke. He cranked and Swanson tapped out. It was the latest finish in UFC history with only four seconds remaining in the fight.

Dana (White), you said you’d be watching. I hope you like what you see. I’m coming for that belt. If you don’t give it to me right away, I’m coming for it,” said Edgar following the submission win.

“For all those people that have been doubting me, you better buckle up. This is just the beginning. I’m just getting started,” he added. “I feel like I’m still getting better. I haven’t hit that ceiling yet.”

The win was Edgar’s third in a row. He moves to 3-1 in the 145-pound division.

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  • Packed14

    Cub looked like a rookie tonight.

  • Guest

    I’m guessing Conor mcgregor will get the next title shot

    • TheCerealKiller


      • Seth

        Come on, Cereal. We know that will happen. After fight like that, Swanson won’t get top guy like McGregor – which was THE ONLY WAY to delay title shot for Connor – to give him loser of Swanson/Edgar. Like I wrote in my comment higher – I think McGregor would be blessing in disguise for us, as far as 145lbs division goes. He may just be that one person that Aldo needs to fight now.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Okay, fine. As much I don’t think he deserves it, give Connor the next shot. I guess Jones didn’t deserve his shot either. My problem with the guy is that he he is way too disrespectful for what he has accomplished. This could be a blessing in disguise if he gets his a$$ beat like Cub did. Of course this all depends on if he can get past Siver. Dennis will be the first fighter he has faced with a serious contender record.

          • Seth

            It will be blessing in disguise because he may just be the kind of guy that can reigninte the fire in Aldo – who becomes more and more decision-machine. We need old Aldo – the one the Double Flyin Knee’d Cub Swanson in 8 seconds.

          • Lucas Freire

            I don’t see Aldo as a decision machine. It’s just that he isn’t fighting only small/second-tier guys like in WEC times. Other than Faber and Swanson(and maybe brown) his defenses on WEC were against small/second tier guys

          • Lucas Freire

            What record is this? His biggest win was against Gamburyan.
            Poirier has a much more relevant record.

  • Spike

    I kinda feel like Swanson didn’t want to hear the judges scorecards so he decided to just skip them and tap out instead.

  • FreedomOfSpeechTwitter

    was a good fight?

    • TheCerealKiller

      No, it wasn’t. Cub can’t stop a take down at this level? Terrible fight.

      • FreedomOfSpeechTwitter

        Edgar, is becoming serious fighter!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seth

    So…Cub…broke? We saw guys in that RNC/Neck Crank thing and we saw them fight against that, when Cub just tapped right away…idk, Cub is awesome fighter but I think he just mentally broke after that beating he took…

    Though…do we REALLY want to see Aldo/Edgar 2? As much as I think Edgar is top 145er and that fight would make sense…do we really want to see it? I doubt Edgar can finish anything else than his dinner inside 25minutes. He finished Swanson, but I dont think it was legit tap out because Cub had no chance to escape that – he just didn’t want to. He didn’t even try. Reminds of Brimage’s fight in TUF house – he didn’t even try to fight, he was ready to tap as soon as Edgar connected his hands. Aldo also isn’t as he used to be – he really wants to make as much money as he can, which means he has to keep winning and he found a way to do that with decisions – same as GSP or Fitch did it…I think Aldo needs someone who will bring a fight to him – like Mendes did, or like TJ did to Barao. He needs to fight someone who will wake him up and either reignites the fire in him and bring old monster-version of Aldo, or make him realize that cutting to 145 is too much for him and he should go up to 155. Anyway, he beat EVERYBODY at 145 already, so he has nothing more to prove there, right?

    • Lucas Freire

      Cub said his jawbone was already f*d up, and a neck crank puts a lot of pressure into it. He felt it was gonna break then tapped.

      • Seth

        Ohh, I didn’t know that o: So, I apologize to Cub for saying that. I had no idea about that o: