UFC Fight Night 51 Results: Andrei Arlovski Knocks Out Bigfoot Silva in Brazil

September 13, 2014
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Andrei-Arlovski-478x270.jpgAndrei Arlovski successfully earned his payback on Saturday evening, knocking out Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the first round of their rematch at UFC Fight Night in Brasilia, Brazil.

Arlovski implemented a game plan that saw him stick and move before landing two right hands that led to hammer fists on the ground, finishing Silva at 2:59 of the opening frame.

Arlovksi used his quickness to land punches on Silva and swiftly move out of the way of danger. With this approach, the former UFC heavyweight champion scored a number of strikes during brief moments in the pocket.

Silva began to find opportunities to counter, but Arlovski adjusted and remained largely out of the way of major damage by his heavy-handed opponent.

Silva then closed the distance and attempted trading shots with Arlovski. With two right hands to his chin, Silva went down to the ground where his opponent pursued. Arlovski finished him off with consecutive hammer fists before the referee stepped in to stop the contest.

With the finish, Arlovski evens up his score with Silva, who defeated him in their first match in 2010 by unanimous decision. Arlovski’s overall MMA record improves to 23-10-1.

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  • Muttley76

    I’m not removing the fork just yet…

    • Martin Bass

      fork you

      • Muttley76

        Only if we spoon afterwards.

        • John Bunch

          I’ve always rooted for Arlovski, even when he had some serious rough patches. I hope he’s back to where he’s capable of being as a fighter. But he still has more to prove to himself, I’d guess. And to fans.

  • Dragon Kid

    Truly is the year of the underdogs. Just like Werdum will find a way to destroy Cain for the belt :p

    • Maddawgmar

      Keep dreaming…

      • Dragon Kid

        First man to beat fedor and travis Browne

        • Austin, TX

          Yeah. I can’t wait to see Werdum and Cain. I’m curious to see what he offers Cain. That’s going to be interesting.

    • shakejunt

      thought that was last year?

      either way, please please please please happen.

  • dandogood

    Huge upset and stunning as I thought Arlovski was washed up folded and dried and put on a shelf.

  • dandogood

    Big Foot Little brain Silva

    • Boomboom1234

      Uncalled for dude, there no need to insult someone because they got knocked out. Big Foot is a class act who is humble, not arragent like most other UFC superstars.

  • Austin, TX

    Nice one man. Very nice Arlovski. Perfect footwork.

    • TrentSki

      Well anyones footwork would look good against Silva who plodded along with very little offense

  • dandogood

    Roy Nelson beats Arlovksi. But Big foot Little Brain cannot react quick enough after being hit and gets submitted by the time big foot little brain starts to react to the big hit 30 seconds earlier. It’s over and Silva is scratching that huge head wondering what happened.