UFC Fight Night 50 Results: Reborn, Ben Rothwell Sends Alistair Overeem Crashing to the Canvas

September 5, 2014
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Ben Rothwell

Alistair Overeem and Ben Rothwell are heavyweights that have struggled to find any sort of momentum during their UFC tenures. Overeem has been in the UFC for three years, has a .500 record, and has had issues with testosterone and drug testing. Rothwell has been in the UFC for five years, has a .500 record, and has had issues with testosterone and drug testing.

That’s what the two were faced with heading into Friday night’s UFC Fight Night 50 co-main event at the Foxwoods Casino Resort in Connecticut.

In short, Overeem, 34, and Rothwell, 32, each needed to find the path towards the UFC heavyweight championship, and needed to do it sooner, not later.

Although the way he lumbered out to the center of the Octagon didn’t give any indication that Rothwell would be the one to heed the “sooner, not later” advice, he was the one to overcome a slow start to capture back-to-back victories for the first time in the Octagon.

Overeem made no secret coming into the fight that he wanted to stay away from Rothwell’s overhand right, and that’s just what he did from the opening bell. He darted in and out on Rothwell, landing knees and powerful kicks to the body.

Rothwell, however, was mostly unfazed. He kept lumbering forward, trying to get in closer on “The Reem.” He stunned Overeem with an uppercut, but the Dutch fighter recovered and went back to attacking from a distance with his kicks.

Overeem slipped up, however, trying to throw an arcing left hook. Rothwell took advantage, landing his patented overhand right to the temple, sending Overeem crashing to the mat.

Rothwell followed him to the mat and landed several right hands that forced the referee to step in and stop the fight.

“I’m feeling like you just witnessed, everyone, what happens when you just believe in yourself. And now I’m ready to make my way to the title. This just proves it, right here,” said Rothwell, who was riding an emotional high after the fight, feeling like he’s done a 180-degree turn with his career.

“That was me being confident from that last round of my last fight and it just stayed with me into this fight,” he continued. “Anything can happen in MMA and I’m a living life story of that.”

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  • TRT-rex

    Rothwell is a true warrior. Hopefully he gets a title shot before his career is over cause he surely deserves it IMO. As for Overeem… I hope they cut his sorry a$$. He has always been sorry!

  • Muttley76

    Was really hoping for more from Reem. Wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of him, but was hoping for more interesting fights at least.

    • Guest

      I felt the same way pre-fight…but after watching him go after Rothwell’s knees, I was happy to see him get dropped. Rothwell’s little dismissive hand gestures after the stoppage were pretty damn funny.

      • Muttley76

        I actually haven’t had a chance to watch the fight yet, but honestly I’ve been SUPREMELY underwhelmed with the Reem since the Lesnar fight. Too bad, like him or hate him, he could’ve provided more depth at HW. Was thinking a couple years ago he and Cigano would’ve been epic. Now… not so much lol.

        • Wolf Ticket

          Damn those random drug tests…

  • julian moran

    Overeem did not fight his fight. His in and out game plan really did not enhance his fighting style. Ubereem would have taken Rothwell in the first.

    • George Sperry

      There’s woulda, shoulda and coulda and then there’s is.

      • julian moran

        it is sad.

    • uncle

      It was good to see Rothwell stand up to
      the bully. Overeem is a coward called out Brock
      because he feels its a easy win. I hope the UFC cuts him, so he can finally fight Brock in WWE.

      • julian moran

        I think Lesnar was ranked second in the world when Overeem fought him.

    • eddie eagle

      Overreem is too soft and quits like a girl. just an Euro soft wimp is Reem.

  • uncle

    The berserko ko dance is classic.

  • eddie eagle

    Overreem is like most all Europeans soft and weak and easily conquered and falls easily. Euros are such a soft lot.

  • Jesse

    Overeem has a glass jaw and Rothwell sucks. End of story.

  • oface

    This proves that steroids truly changes a person. When juiced to the gills he was a machine that destroyed all. Now half way through that fight his shriveled body realized he can’t ko heavyweights anymore with one shot so he quit and got KO’d.