UFC Fight Night 47 Results: Ryan Bader Grabs Unanimous Decision Over Ovince St. Preux

August 17, 2014
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Ryan Bader UFCFN33-IMG_0041-110x77Ryan Bader went the distance and topped Ovince St. Preux in the main event at UFC Fight Night 47 in Bangor, ME on Saturday evening.

Bader controlled the bout with the use of his clinches and takedowns on the way to a unanimous decision with scores of 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46.

Bader scored the first significant move of the fight, taking down St. Preux a minute into the contest. Bader then landed a number of short strikes on the ground before his opponent was able to return to his feet. Bader later scored another takedown, finishing off the opening round in top position.

St. Preux fought with his hands down, taunting Bader in the second round by wiggling his tongue in his opponent’s direction. He later stunned Bader with a looping left, which led to a takedown attempt that St. Preux stopped. Moments before the end of the round, Bader secured a takedown, adding a few short strikes on the ground thereafter.

The two threw looping punches each time one of them closed the distance. Bader, however, continued put St. Preux on his back nearly every time they clinched. St. Preux struggled to gain control as Bader held body clinches.

In the fourth round, St. Preux began to tire, leaving his arms down at his side after each strike he threw. Bader capitalized, securing takedowns and outscoring his opponent in total strikes through 20 minutes of fighting.

St. Preux gained some momentum in the final round, scoring a takedown, and later landing consecutive elbows while Bader worked to secure a single-leg. Bader recovered and ran out the time by shooting in for double-leg takedowns until time expired.

With the win in Maine, Bader improves his record to 18-4 and is on a three-fight win streak, while St. Preux loses his first fight since coming to the UFC from Strikeforce.

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  • brad king

    jones vs bador II the masses screamed, and white sratched his noggin and listened

  • Austin, TX

    doesn’t he get a rematch? barao does. hey Dana why isn’t there a Bader – St. Preux ll ? It was closer than Dillashaw and Barao? What do you have against St. Preux getting his rematch man…. ? I demand a rematch of this contest!!!

  • BaderSucksSodoesOSP

    Jones vs Bader II LOL Bader would get murdered again. The way he fought was boring to say the least. With that game plan or any game plan from him for that matter, he would get chocked out by Jones again or eat Jones’ foot. Face it, Bader, Rashad and the rest of the clowns at 205 won’t become champions as Long as Jones holds the belt. The ONLY one who has a chance is Alexander Gus and maybe Cormier, but I highly doubt Cormier will be the one taking Jones down. Bader and Rashad makes more sense or just feed new comers to test them agains Bader and Rashad, but don’t even insult the sport by demanding a Jones vs Bader 2, is not fair to Jones or the real fans who actually understand MMA. You know, names have meanings, and it just so happens that Bader, Rashad and Cormier mean the same — Gate keepers!
    By the way, I love the advice OSP’s corner gave to OSP — go finish him, you know how…LOL

    • brad king

      Bader needs to add a lil spinning and he’ll do just fine. Im telling you Bader is coming back for a title shot this time. The master will conquer this time