UFC Fight Night 38 Results: Dan Henderson Stops Shogun Rua in the Third Round

March 23, 2014
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Dan-Henderson-Strikeforce-Ohio-7964-460x270Dan Henderson earned a technical knockout over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the main event at UFC Fight Night 38 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil on Sunday night.

Henderson came back from being down two rounds to none, landing a powerful right hand that began the end of the contest, which ended at 1:31 of the third round.

“This one probably means more than most,” Henderson said in his post-fight interview.”I was a little too patient I think in the beginning of the fight and it just means a lot more to me than most fights to fight and beat a guy like Shogun.”

The card’s featured bout started with both competitors being calculated, staying patient in looking for striking opportunities. Henderson landed a left hook, but Shogun countered with a strike combination of his own, dropping his opponent to the floor. The rounded ended with Henderson on his back and Rua mounting him, landing strikes from top position.

Henderson attempted a takedown early in the second round, but awkwardly fell forward without accomplishing the shot. Later, Shogun landed an strong uppercut that dropped Henderson again. After some brief inactivity on the ground with Rua in Henderson’s guard, referee Herb Dean stood the fighters up, where the bout remained through the end of the round.

As the two exited a clinch in the third round, Henderson threw a massive right hand that connected with Rua’s nose. Shogun fell back and Henderson followed that up with another punch and a number of hammer fists. The referee stopped the fight and Henderson walked away with his hands raised as Rua fell to his back, clearly shaken by the barrage of punches.

The Fight Night 38 main event was a rematch of Henderson’s and Shogun’s first fight at UFC 139 in November 2011, wherein Henderson won a unanimous decision.

With the win, Henderson stops a three-fight losing streak. His last two wins have both come against Rua.

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  • RoBeRtOe

    Even tho Hendo won, he should retire. He is slowed down and one dimensional. Hes going to get hurt. All he has is a punchers chance going forward with the elite of the division, and he will be taking a lot of punishment to get it. At 42, not much left to prove.

    • Manuel Lopez

      “He’s going to get hurt”?? … wtf? it’s a sport based on (brace for it) HURTING the opponent to get the win!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheCerealKiller

      What about Shogun?

    • robc

      He is actually turning 44 this august… but close enough. And I agree, time to hang it up. His iron chin and ko power are still there, but he has slowed down too much.

    • Skylizard

      I disagree he looked really good in the first couple minutes of that first round wobbling shogun which is no easy task and he went in for the finish and that’s when he got dropped. That’s when he started slowing down but when you get caught by shogun and you are fighting inside a building that’s 94% what do you expect? Maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll find out in his next couple fights

    • deepgrim

      i would like to see him retire, he showed tonight what he is all about tonight, tough and has a big right, but where can he really go from here, he is not going to make a title run and he has nothing to prove to anyone. but he is a bit of a warrior, so i think he will still take another fight or 2

      • TheCerealKiller

        He just signed a six fight contract, I think he’ll be around for a while.

        • deepgrim

          i see there is an article about him wanting to win a ufc belt before he retires. that would take a while if he is serious, there is alot of traffic at the top of the lhw division. A fight with phil davis would be a good match up for him and would get him heading in that direction

    • Gabriel Miranda

      Hendo never gets hurt.. hurt gets hendoed

  • Dragon Kid

    Wow, Hendo defied the odds. Bet nobody expected him to win!

  • Austin, TX

    That was a fascinating come back victory. Hendo looked impressive. He is getting old, but the H bomb connected. A pleasure to watch. I think he could have easily gotten the nod against Machida too here a while back. The guy is 43 years old. A true legend.

  • dabone

    Hendo has been one of the greats….But he needs to retire! He cannot compete with the top guys at 185 or 205. And he cannot fight on TRT anymore. No more TRT hendo. No more TRT vitor.
    Their days are done. He should go home and just be a dad and ride his horses