UFC Fight Night 36 Results: Erick Silva Makes Quick Work of Takenori Sato

February 16, 2014
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Erick-Silva-2-UFC on FX 3Erick Silva quickly finished Takenori Sato, earning a win at UFC Fight Night 36 in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil on Saturday night.

Silva was fast to pressure his opponent, landing several strikes to earn the knockout just 52 seconds into the first round.

“I had to put on a very good show for everyone to believe in me,” Silva said.

Silva came out aggressive and Sato shot in for a single-leg takedown soon after the fight started. As the Japanese fighter struggled to finish the takedown, Silva hammered away at his opponent’s head and landed numerous blows.

With a sequence of hammer fists, Sato’s arms went limp and the referee stepped in to put a stop to the contest in the opening round.

With the win, Silva earns his 16th career victory, getting back in the win column after dropping his last fight to Dong Hyun Kim by knockout.

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  • joe

    I could of sworn Silva kicked him while the guy was on his knees still? Least it was some excitement, such a boring card so far. These announcers are awful too, like I really enjoy MMA and UFC but come on, and when they go to the “Fox” studio …what a joke. UFC should stop letting Fox turn it into NFL type broadcasting. It sucks, makes it difficult to watch. It was way better on Spike. This Fox thing has way to much filler for me. I just want to watch the fights, not the hypes.

    • Mike mckinney

      That first heel kick to the head was landed while the guy was down. Seems that it was clever enough that just about everyone over looked that fact. I’m not sure the ref was even aware Silva threw those kicks.

  • scott k

    Let him fight the champ. I want to see another Silva bite the dust 🙂 white pride 🙂

    • Chicago

      poking the bee hive are we. lets see how many people bite.

  • Jon Doe

    This fight was the most blatant gift fight i had ever seen. You match up an undersized (5′ 8′ 165lbs at best) Japanese guy that has no UFC experience and is basically just another wrestler with no hands and stick him in the cage with arguably a legitimate 5′ 11 186lbs top 5 WW with some of the most explosive striking ever seen. WTF? I wouldnt even take that fight if i was Silva, its an insult, give me a man of proper size and skill. All them 170ers and this is the guy they pick? Rick Story, Ellenberger, Brown, so many. Disgusting

    • lowlb

      I’m wondering if the whole card was a kick-down to the Brazilian fighters. The Brazilians are dealing with Sonnen right now and Wandy is about to lose… Story, Ellenberger and Brown would have done a Fitch on Silva. Fitch beat this kids ass and then shortly after got cut. I think you’re right, they are codling this guy.