UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs. Bigfoot Fight Photos


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Photos by Allan Allport

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  1. Mark hunt won that fight.. Overall a great night of MMA

    • Mark Hunt has an impressive 9-8 record shouts greatness. A BUM

  2. Mark Hunt is so slow and Silva is just a big 4 foot face with little stamina. great fight between two bums basically.

    • You my friend,are an idiot. You wouldn’t know a good fight if you saw one.Hey champ here’s a question for you. What is your record in the ufc? Or better yet what is your record anywhere? Keep eating your Doritos,watch the fights,and hug your couch cushions but please don’t give anymore commentary.Why you might ask? Because you’re an embarrassment to yourself. Have a nice day!

      • Shut up.

        • I’m glad you called yourself #2 because you saved me the trouble of doing it. Way to be truthful.

          • Mrs Silva I presume

          • That all you’ve got? Seriously? Please don’t post anymore because you’re too stupid to post.

          • That’s Mrs Big foot.

  3. Silva’s face is the size of Uriah Faber.

  4. I wish the referee wouldn’t have stopped the fight in the fifth round to check bigfoot out. The momentum shifted to bigfoot after that. Hunt was potshotting bigfoot before that and might have taken him out. Of course, I was rooting for Hunt though. Did anyone else think that?

  5. ist fight I ever saw that was in slow motion. Those to sorry slow stiffs are terrible.

  6. Silva and Hunt were frozen solid before the fight and fought frozen. so slow.