UFC Fight Night 29 Results: Dong Hyun Kim Scores Second Round KO Over Erick Silva

October 9, 2013
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Dong Hyun Kim 460x270Dong Hyun Kim recorded a massive upset with a second round knockout victory over Brazilian prospect Erick Silva at UFC Fight Night 29 from Barueri, Brazil, on Wednesday night.

Kim, who had the superior wrestling game, looked to chase Silva early, pressuring for the takedown. Silva worked with knees to the body of Kim with the Korean starting to miss badly. Kim was able to catch Silva off balance and land the takedown moving into mount. Silva looked to sweep from his back, targeting Kim’s leg, but the “Stun Gun” kept the pressure on.

Silva came out as the aggressor in round two, attacking Kim and dropped him with an elbow. Kim scrambled to Silva’s back, but the Brazilian broke free. Silva looked to catch Kim coming forward and after a flurry of shots he had Kim hurt, as the tide was starting to turn in the Brazilian’s favor. As both came in to throw a cross punch, it was Kim that landed with a huge left hand that knocked Silva out cold at 3:01 of round two.

The victory was Kim’s third straight, but just his first knockout since 2008. While the loss dented the momentum of the 29-year-old Brazilian, who was on the rebuild after he dropped a decision to Jon Fitch at UFC 153.

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  • broz0rs

    How is Kim winning a massive upset when he’s only lost one legit fight against one of the best WW in the world? Silva hasn’t beaten anyone of significance and is now 3-3

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Maybe he means it was an upset and a massive win and not that it was a massive upset. It was definitely an upset though which was quite apparent in the fact that Silva was winning fairly dominantly up until he got put down (also 2 to 1 odds or so i believe). Worked out for me because I won a little money on that fight. I felt like Kim would be able to take him down and control him but it wasn’t quite going according to my plan, so glad he got the KO and I never saw that coming.

      • Ian Price

        My guy couldn’t make it back to Vegas in time to place the bet. Too bad…. I would’ve been 3-0 today. Palhares, Lim and Shields. 🙁

        Palhares really pissed me off. Again. What’s he trying to do, instill fear in his future opponents? Or is he just plain stupid? Asshole.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Some of those split decisions seemed a little sketchy but I would have to re-watch to say if they were bad. I thought TJ did enough win as well as Beltran. I figured they would’ve given Maia the win just because it was a home town fight but that was a really close fight and I think Shields did more in the 5th even though most of his stuff was blocked and negated versus the late flurry of Maia which connected a little better but was just too little too late.

    • Ian Price

      Agreed. I figured all judges would score it 49-46 for shields actually. Was surprised by the split decision.