UFC Fight Night 29 Fighter Bonuses: Rousimar Palhares Denied Bonus for Unsportsmanlike Sub

October 10, 2013
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Rousimar Palhares UFC on Versus 3It appeared that most of the UFC Fight Night 29: Maia vs. Shields post-fight bonuses would be relatively easy to assign on Wednesday night in Barueri, Brazil, and they mostly were, save for one.

UFC officials announced the bonuses shortly after the event.

Although Rousimar Palhares scored the night’s only submission with his 31-second heel hook finish of Mike Pierce, he was not awarded the $50,000 Submission of the Night bonus pending an investigation by the Brazilian Athletic Commission (CABMMA) for an “unsportsmanlike finish.”

The controversy stems from the referee calling an end to the fight when Pierce tapped, but Palhares failed to release the hold when directed to do so.

“The commission is investigating the length of time that (Palhares) held the submission,” said UFC executive Marshall Zelaznik, when explaining why the promotion had decided to withhold the bonus.

“Dana reacted very strongly to it and the commission reacted very strongly to it,” he added.

Regardless of the commission’s findings in the matter, Zelaznik said that, contractually, the UFC has the authority to not only deny Palhares the post-fight bonus, but take further action against him if they deem it warranted. He did not indicate what that further action might entail, though it could include releasing Palhares from his contract.

The Fight of the Night was awarded to the main card openers, Raphael Assuncao and T.J. Dillashaw. The two fought a back-and-forth battle through all three rounds of their bout. Both men earned an extra $50,000 for their efforts, but Assuncao was the one to also take home the split-decision victory.

The Knockout of the Night was another easy one to figure out, as it would have been difficult to deny Dong Hyun Kim’s surprising knockout upset of Erick Silva. The Brazilian took control of the fight early in the second round, until he and Kim launched punches at the same moment. Kim’s punch landed on target, putting Silva’s lights out and sending him freefalling to the canvas.

The surprising finish netted Kim the $50,000 post-fight bonus.

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  • fsunoles10

    i was actually watching this fight with my grandpa and was walking him thru why palhares is an ass hole based on his past history before he even got the finish and that bs he pulled tonight was disgraceful. i was rooting for him to get violently ko’ed tonight but i was disappointed, hopefully it happens in his next fight cuz that guy is about as big of a pos there is in mma.

  • Jay Magallon

    I was screaming at the television and amongst my friends at the finish of this fight. 99 times out of 100 I will never say anything negative about a fighter because I completely respect what they do. But in this case, I will say Rousimar Palhares is a total piece of dog $hit and I hope his career gets ended in the cage, and very soon at that. Palhares completely held on to that hold. I understand not releasing when the fighter taps to you but when the referee dives over to you and yells for a stoppage and you still hold on, even arching that back tighter and turning into it….that’s total crap.
    And its not the first time he’s done it. He did it to Tomasz Drwal and he’s tried to hurt other fighters before. There is a such thing as sportsmanship.

    Anyone who watched that fight tonight saw what he did and it was totally out of line. F Palhares.

  • Ian Price

    Rousimar…. I hope he gets KO’ed in his next fight.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Maybe Palhares is slow? If he’s not mentally slow then he’s a POS. A heel injury could end a career and he keeps doing these dirtbag holds. Also I think it’s the only way he can win fights. I think he should be fired.

    • fsunoles10

      he was putting torque on his knee but nonetheless its still a dick move and i hope he gets violently ko’ed or and im usually not this ruthless when speaking of random people i dont know but i hope he suffers a career ender since he seems to love going for them so much himself.

    • Bryan A

      Heel hooks don’t hurt your heel, they hurt your knee. I agree, they should fire his ass. It has nothing to do with being mentally slow or not knowing the fight is over. He’s a black belt, he’s trained jiu jitsu for well over a decade! He knows what a tap feels like! Palhares has a history of deliberately trying to hurt guys in mma and jiu jitsu matches. Everyone who trains or fights understands the potential for injury, but most students and fighters aren’t trying to injure people like this thug. I hope he gets ktfo in his next fight, then they can fire his ass!

      • David Huenecke

        Heel hooks do hurt the heel as the heel is clenched at the tendon to hold the leg in place. But you are right that its main purpose is to torque the knee. But you can do damage to both if put on tight enough

  • Lol ufc pussies

    Man you guys are such moral fags. Who the hell cares.. Peirce along with other fighters know what there getting to. Fighters do this ALL THE TIME. Palhares do this all the time, It no surprise.. If they were smart they should of tap out 10 secs sooner.. From what i could tell this dude grip might of been really strong… From all the people that comment on here you guys don’t know the pain you guys have to endure to be put in a submission hold. It not like he broke a person bone completely This is a competition! People get hurt.. people limb get broken.. IT A SPORT IT MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      i know right, why they all gotta be p*ssies. you should be gangsta enough to know what’s gonna happen when you get in the cage. if people were tough like you with that wife beater on and a diamond stud in their ear they would know what’s up. i bet you would never even tap, let that sh*t break before you tap. you are a true gangsta. but you know what, truth is people probably tap when they see you cause they all know you tough as sh*t. can’t wait to see you in a few more years, prob be the champ of 3 weight classes in the UFC. then you would prob give the belts back and be like this sh*t is too p*ssy for me, peace. man you are so awesome, keep up with the real talk.

      • lolz youz puzziezzz be trippin

        ^ HAHAHAHAHA careful how you talking ninja..that’s Little Bow Wow’s cousin. You should tap 10 seconds before someone puts you in a submission dawg…in daw street suckaz be tapping before daw fight breaks out at Circle K. Sheeeit.

    • fsunoles10

      you’re either a moron or you’re a young kid which looking at your cute little picture there and im gonna go with a jitterbug. they showed the replay multiple times and despite me being intoxicated it was clear as day even after the ref tried to stop it he actually put more torque on it. you’re talking about morals dont matter and then go on to try and explain what mma is about when you dont know what it is yourself, mma is about respect and discipline among other things which sounds a lot like morals to me bud. how about you think before sticking that foot back in your mouth.

    • Bryan A

      Well , it’s easy to see that you have no experience in jiu jitsu. Every gym I’ve ever trained in would kick your ass out if u did that to a competitor. Like u said, “this is a sport” it’s not war, it’s not a fight to the death, it’s a competition. When your opponent submits, the competition is over. Palhares does this bs because he wants to hurt people, because he’s an asshole. This is the same as soccer kicking someone after the ref steps in. Palhares should be fined massively! You must not watch many fights, u said everyone does this, really, very rarely have I seen fighters hold onto a submission after the ref stepped in. In fact, Palhares and Babalu are really the only two I can think of off the top of my head.

    • “lol ufc pussies” wing man

      I’m witch you on diz one “lol ufc pussies” deez ninjas don’t be respectin muh swag up in this mofo. I tryz to wearz daw wife beater but playas be hating! Shieeeeit brutha ..you wanna go to IHOP with me and pick us up a prom date? We get some us some big boned puzzy and make them tapz out all night. ya heard? Letz do diz!

    • KevStinx

      oh lord jesus, the sport is attracting some right little G Units. Tap 10seconds before? What planet are you living on?
      Why not verbally tap before your opponent actually puts you in a submission?

      Big difference between a street turd and a professional fighter. Palhares is an unprofessional scum bag.

      Why does MMA weekly attract so many youngsters? It is like being part of a teenage counter-strike community which is 90% full of dickheads who think they gansta. What bollocks you wanksta!

    • Chaz

      If the ref tells you to stop then you stop and if you don’t you get fired like Dana did. Pierce tapped while still standing on Palhares left side. Pierce tapped with his right hand to leg and continued tapping while Palhares flipped him over to his right side and down to the mat. Ref would have easily seen tapping while Pierce was standing and started giving Palhares commands to stop. You see the ref coming into picture frame panicking trying to break Palhares grip.Verbal commands would have begun immediately when tapping started while Pierce was standing. Look at the video again and see Pierce begin the tapping with his right hand while still standing and continued all the way down to the mat.

  • David

    palhares let go pretty quickly he deserves the bonus. What he has done is in the past. In this fight he def deserves the bonus so this is bs.

    • derp

      you’re an idiot with no respect for fighters

    • Seth

      Let him twist your knee out and see if 2-3 seconds is later is “pretty quickly”. I wouldn’t like him twisting my knee at all, prolly I would tap out as soon as I realize there is no way to escape, to even avoid him twisting my knee (which he would for sure either way)

    • Chaz

      Sorry David, but you can easily see Pierce tapping while still standing while Palhares has him in heel hoof. The ref is out of the frame but would have seen Pierce tapping. Palhares flips Pierce from left side (standing) to Palhares right side and down to the mat all while Pierce is tapping. The ref is shouting out to Palhares to stop but Palhares doesn’t respond. You see the ref jumping down to the mat panicking trying to remove Palhares grip. All refs gives verbal commands as soon as they view tap/KO’s and then continues to move to separate fighters. Professional fighters break as soon has they hear the verbal command. On tap outs, you see the fighters break immediately. With strikes sometimes you might see one or 2 strikes after verbal command is given. The Judgement is up to the ref if it is excessive.

  • julian moran

    What was so surprising about Kim´s knockout?

    • Dragon Kid

      He KOed a guy from Brazil in Brazil who had never been knocked out before. And it was his first finish in like 5 years.

      • Advance*

        Plus he was looking extremely tired when it happened

    • JJ

      If you’re a true mma fan you would know that someone from Brazil getting ko’ed in Brazil is just crazy. They usually get ko’ed more on the east coast of the US.

    • John Bunch

      Probably because Kim was like a +340 dog in this fight. After watching Fitch and Silva, I was taking Kim in this fight. Wish I would have had a hundred to spare.

  • Mike mckinney

    Palharres has done that before. Seems like he does it more often than not.
    Most guys when applying a submission, especially any non choke holds, ease into submissions. He normally does not.
    For example, it would be quite easy when grabbing an arm bar to lean back and rip an arm apart before anyone could tap out. However most fighters gradually apply pressure until they get a tap out.
    Palharres doesn’t seem to be that kind of guy. If he gets the chance, he’ll rip your limb to shreds.
    There’s a few different moves that guys don’t use in the cage out of respect.
    Let him do that to one of Maia’s friends, and then throw him in there to fight Maia, and put an end to it.

  • James Perry

    Now I just watched this on youtube.but from what I saw the tap happened before the hook was fully set in. And it appeared that his eyes were closed as he wrenched it back. You can see that when he opens his eyes and sees the ref he lets go. He’s a nasty guy with nasty subs.but he should get his money. Tyson biting hollyfields hear off is unsportsman like. I’ve watched Mir break folks arms off. This is unfortunate. But not unsportsman like.

    • Advance*

      He’s done it before and it’s too dangerous of a submission to hold on longer than necessary. Mir broke arms because his opponents refused to tap. Pierce tapped immediately.

      • James Perry

        But it was such a quick tap while they were hand fighting, before he even sunk it in all the way. Jon Jones faught Cheal for how long with his toe broke off. I’m not saying Palhares is an angel. But maybe he didnt feel it. I saw nothing watching it in real time that I found to be unsportsman like. None of us fans know what it’s like to be in the cage. We can only imagine and fantasize. When I watch a fight I try to watch it as unbiasedly as possible. Like when Chael held Anderson down for 4 rounds. How much damage was actually inflicted? Kinda like a gsp fight. But if you let the announcers and your heart fool your eyes. That is on you. Again I saw nothing even in the realm of unsportsman like.

  • Advance*

    They should cut him. He’s done this twice and if you count his positive test for the Lombard fight then that’s three strikes. If I was a welterweight I would refuse to fight him. A fight is dangerous enough when your opponent isn’t still cranking when a ref is on top of him

  • TheCerealKiller

    StunGun dropped a huge hammer fist to a clearly unconscious Erick Silva, but everyone seems to have loved that.

    • Seth

      I think its kinda different thing – yeah, Erick was out, but in situation like that fighters wants (and needs) to be sure that he is out. Sure, acting like Stann Vs Sakara is how they should do it, but when adrenaline kicks in and you see opponent falling down you jump all over him, making sure he’s out. Pierce tapped out and Rousimar should release the hold right away – as Pierce was done at that moment.

  • diazfan209

    …just re-watched it, Palhares held it a little longer than he could have for sure, but you can’t even count past two seconds from the point Pierce taps and Palhares releases the hold.

    • yourmothersdate

      cuz no one like brock

    • Chaz

      You have to realize that Pierce was tapping when standing on Palhares left side then Palhares flips him to Palhares right side and down to the mat. Watch the video again and see the tapping begins while Pierce is standing and continues until he flips to the right side and down to the mat. Now, the ref would start yelling verbal command for Palhares to stop. You see the ref moving into frame panicking trying to remove Palhares grip. You are not taking into consideration the refs verbal command because the ref is out of your viewing frame. The ref always gives the verbal commands immediately and then moves to separate fighters and ref would have seen Pierce tapping at point while Pierce was standing and tapping with his right hand on leg.

  • Bugster

    This guy will never learn it seems he doesn’t even know is too late. His mind is into cranking it and it takes a while to snap that state out of his mind. You can’t change the brain of this guy like a normal person.

  • bajafox

    Well it’s offiical, banned for life