UFC Fight Night 28 Results: Jacare Souza KO’s Yushin Okami, Staking Claim at Title Shot

September 4, 2013
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Ronaldo Jacare Souza - Strikeforce

In a fight with serious repercussions for the middleweight title picture, former Strikeforce middleweight champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza faced former UFC title challenger Yushin Okami at UFC Fight Night 28 on Wednesday night in Brazil

It was Okami’s first time fighting in Brazil since his 2011 defeat at the hands of Anderson Silva.

Jacare is renowned for his ground game and has some of the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu credentials in the entire MMA world, but it was his striking that made the difference, as he snapped the Japanese fighter’s three-fight winning streak courtesy of a couple of perfectly timed right hands.

The first right hand came early in the round and stunned Okami, who was trapped up against the cage as Jacare looked to finish the fight with a frenzy of punches followed by a hard knee. The Japanese veteran, however, dug deep and survived the onslaught.

It proved to be no more than a temporary reprieve as another right hand from Jacare connected clean with Okami’s chin and this time there was no escape. The Brazilian swarmed all over him, raining down punches, forcing the referee to step in and call a halt to the contest.

It was a dominant performance from Jacare, who made a serious statement about his striking and has to be in the pole position for a shot at the middleweight title, although the question is whether he is prepared to sit on the shelf until after December’s UFC 168 rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.

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  • Give him the winner of Bisping/Munoz. I love Jacare but one more win will set him up as the top guy cause right now Bisping and Munoz are going to want title shots. Bisping has been around a long time and I don’t see him being happy with Jacare getting a shot after 2 fights. Munoz who knows what he’ll think.

    • Ian Price

      I totally agree. By that time, Anderson and Wiedman winner will have fought Vitor (hopefully), and the winner of Jacare vs Bisping/Munoz should fight for the title.

      • It would make for a great match up and a clear number one contender. Also Costa Phillipou is coming up. He’s on a 5 fight win streak and ranked 10. Him and Tim Kennedy are great names to through in there although I’m not sure if many are interested in a Jacare/Kennedy rematch.

    • John Bunch

      Man…we’ve both talked about what a beast Jacare is…he looked great tonight. The guy just keeps getting better on his feet, which is pretty scary considering how good his ground game is. Okami is THE gatekeeper in this division and he is usually able to impose his will on everyone just shy of the top guys. Huge win for Jacare…he will def get a title shot soon if he keeps looking like this.

      • I can’t wait to see who’s next for him after that impressive win. Costa P. would be a nice fight? He’s on a five fight win streak. He’s ranked 10 if I’m not mistaken but maybe he could even get a top 5 guy next. I know Dana was very pleased.

  • Lucas Freire

    Well…what about now?
    I always said Jacaré’s striking was in constant evolution. Okay, I wouldn’t bet on a TKO, but nonetheless…this W puts him at least on #4? I’d say, let Rockhold get a win and then make it a rematch for the title shot(It’d be the same scenario as Bisping coming from a loss against belfort, a win against Belcher and getting the TS with a win against Munoz) or put him against Vitor.

  • John Bunch

    You just pretending to be a moron or is this the real you? Sakuraba…and Godzilla.

  • Guest

    NO !!! winner of Bisping-Munoz… Yes they dont have the streak but they have UFC experience + they’ll sell esp. Bisping in UK

  • shakejunt

    sara mcmann

  • shakejunt

    wouldn’t be upset if he got the shot. you beat okami, you’re ready for it. would rather see him re-booked against costa if/when he beats carmont, but jacare is probably too far ahead right now for that to happen.