UFC Fight Night 27 Play-by-Play: Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

August 8, 2013
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Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

Round 1: Bowling lands some big right hands early, but eats a left hook from Trujillo. These guys are going for broke from the bell! Lots of one-two combos from both fighters, Bowling landing a little more frequently, but both man landing with power. Bowling storms in with a powerful combo, eats a couple punches as well, but then shoots, scoops Trujillo and plans him on the mat. But Trujillo immediately gets back to his feet and they start trading bombs again. Trujillo slips in a solid knee to the body. Trujillo storms Bowling, gut wrenches him from behind and trips him to the mat. Bowling tries to roll out, but ends up on his back with Trujillo in side control. They scramble, but Trujillo maintains control, driving knees into Bowling’s thigh. They pop up briefly, but hit the mat again, Bowling securing a guillotine choke, but unable to finish. He lets up and relocks the guillotine, but again can’t finish. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9.

Round 2:

Both men go back to the striking game, trading shots. Bowling scores a takedown, but they quickly return to their feet and begin throwing. Bowling is edging ahead again on the striking, landing with more combinations and more frequently than Trujillo. Trujillo really looks to be tiring. Bowling rocks him with several punches, eats a couple himself, but then drops down and plans Trujillo on the canvas once again, landing in half guard on top. Trujillo gets up to his feet, but eats a knee to the face before they separate. They trade shots for a bit before Bowling lands with a solid body shot. Trujillo starts landing more frequently, but Bowling diffuses him with a takedown. He gets Trujillo’s back and secures a rear naked choke. Trujillo gives a thumbs up and eventually escapes. He plants a couple knees – one in Bowling’s chest, but the other to his face with Bowling was on the mat. The referee takes away a point from Trujillo, but the ringside doctor stops the fight, saying that Bowling was knocked out and deemed unable to continue.

Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo deemed No Contest (Illegal Knees) at 4:57, R2

UFC Fight Night 27 Live Results Home Page

  • Jam E


  • Maddawgmar

    I thought that was considered a DQ. Accidental strikes like an eye poke and low blow are usually no contests. Illegal blows like knees to the head of a grounded opponent are DQ’s. Jon Jones DQ for downward elbows against Matt Hamill, Frank Shamrock was DQ’d for knees to the back of the head against Renzo Gracie. This should be a DQ bottom line

  • #KillaSeason

    Abel got screwed the video doesn’t lie & if that idiot of a referee
    would have taken time out to watch the replay in slow motion or had
    other ref’s to accompany him in viewing then they would have seen it was
    legal too…it seems that the knee went to his face b/c of the angle of
    camera was position, but the force of the knee makes it look like it
    hits his head.Now Dana White has to clean up the mess & go public to
    say my brother Should have won sealed Rogers fate…this message is to
    Roger personally, When Abel said he in an interview that he broke you,
    it wasn’t the whole fight..It was the closing moments of round 2 before
    that idiot ref made the dumb call…He knew you didn’t have enough power
    / strength to capitalize on the choke hold, he knew what he was doing
    when he popped out & was the 1st person up & then finished u
    off”, You even mentioned that in your interview you got sloppy &
    fought his match , which he intended for you to do! you didn’t expect
    for him to pop out of the choke hold & go beast mode on you that was
    the ace up the sleeve…The blackzilians knew what they was doing, when
    they was training him to fight you… you get cocky too quick, which is
    your downfall sir! Even Khabib said he was shocked he couldn’t make him
    tap / pass out, that guy (Abel) is strong & tough…