UFC Fight Night 26 Results: Travis Browne Mounts Monumental Comeback, Topples Alistair Overeem

August 17, 2013
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11-Travis-Browne-TUF-17-Finale-w-478x270Alistair Overeem appeared to be seconds from finally taking a step in the right direction towards the UFC heavyweight title at UFC Fight Night 26 on Saturday night. Travis Browne, however, would not relent, and swiped victory from the jaws of defeat.

Overeem hurt brown early with a left hook to the body, but Browne soldiered on. Overeem was relentless, however, repeatedly driving his patented knees deep into Browne’s rib cage, dropping him to the mat.

Overeem stayed on him, hammering tattooing Browne’s face with punches.

But just when it seemed inevitable that the referee would have to stop the fight, Browne would make just enough progress to keep the fight going.

“He does throw knees like I’ve never felt before. I was there mentally in my head, but my body was shutting down. I just kept trying to get up and move,” Browne commented after the fight.

Overeem stayed on him, punching and kneeing, but as the seconds ticked away, so did Overeem’s gas tank, giving Browne just enough time to dig a little deeper.

Browne eventually recovered to the point that when Overeem came walking towards him, hands a little low, the Hawaiian launched a front snap kick to the chin, putting Overeem flat on his back.

Browne followed with a hammerfist and the fight was over, Browne taking a monumental leap forward in his career.

“This is just another goal in my career that I’ve achieved, taking out a top five guy,” said Browne. “I’m not done yet. I want to wear that strap. Cain (Velasquez), you’re the best in the world right now, but we’re all coming after that belt.”

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  • uncle

    Overeem is done it’s pretty clear no roids no wins

    • Dragon Kid

      no chin, no win 😉

      • deepgrim

        aye think he has been knocked out nearly 10 times now dont understand why he gets go cocky in fights when he knows he has a suspect chin, he would be better off developing a bit of wrestling GnP. not going to get ko’d that way and he does have a decent submission game

        • Gary Fredericks

          I think he has too much bulk for his fighting style. It’s made him slow.

          • deepgrim

            do ya think he was gassing out? he looked very slow after putting in the effort to finish brown? with his bulk size i would take alot to fuel? yeah that why i was thinking he would be good if he used GnP, ya wouldnt want that man on top off ya, but i dont think he will go to that cause be believes in his striking.

          • Lucas Freire

            The problem is putting the pressure on also needs a lot of stamina.
            Gassing like this I think Overeem will fall on the Nelson-tier, where he has to hit a 1-punch-KO on the first 3 minutes of rounde one, other than that it’ll become a constant struggle.
            Or even worse, having in mind that Overeem doesn’t have the KO power that Nelson has on his hands, I don’t think I’d bet my money on the Reem against Big Country.

            For bad or for good, at least Overeem brings some depth and some hype to the division

          • deepgrim

            its hard to know whether the division is that shy on talent or the top 2 are so far ahead at the minute and it seems that dc wont be staying. problem for me in that last fight with nelson was that he was just relying on the big overhand right, but didnt try to set it up at all- infact he didnt seem to have any game plan what so ever

          • Gary Fredericks

            I agree with you. I definitely think he blew his wad in that frantic attempt to put away Browne. That was my point though, he is carrying all of that extra oxygen stealing lactic acid building muscle. When guys with that much beef on them get winded, it takes a LOT longer to recover cardio-wise.

  • lowlb

    I like it when the terrified guy wins.

  • dgs

    Nice win Browne, but I think your chances against Velasquez are slim and none.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Any talk of Overoids being relevant in the title picture or even the top ten is redundant. Overoids is Overated. GLAD he got beat by a real fighter. He is a gatekeep at best. I see him as merely a stepping stone for up and comers now. For a decorated kickboxer as he was, that kick should have NEVER EVER landed.

  • julian moran

    Give Overeem Mir after Mir looses to Barnett.

    • Dragon Kid

      That’s if Mir still has a job after 3 losses.

  • battle ready

    Ego got in the way once again.

  • bajafox

    Too funny. I thought all that experience was the factor?

  • james j

    Overeem is HW gatekeeper

  • Daniel Melville

    I dunno. To me it seemed a little unfair that Brown was given minutes to prove he was still in the fight while Overeem was punching him in the side of the head against the cage. Minutes later overeem is knocked down but has his head up and looks aware when the ref jumps in. I woulda much rather seen the ref give the same amount of leeway to overeem as he did brown and maybe get to round 2.

  • Not to be a bad sport, but this fight was b.s. Yes Reem lost, but he was destroying Browne and showing his kickboxing was on another level. Travis was in trouble. The ref should have stopped the fight. Overeem got caught and hit twice on the ground and Mario didn’t even give him a chance to defend. I’m so sick of fans talking trash about Overeem to, it’s bad for the sport. It shows that fans don’t care about a guy who keeps fighting in combat sports and has had a high point in his career. Alistair has grappling credentials, k1 kickboxing experience and has been a champion in MMA promotions. He’s a real combat sports competitor. Big deal if he suffers a loss now and then, especially when those losses are in the UFC. I do wonder what’s next for him now though. Okay I’m ready to be abused now 😉

    • TheCerealKiller


      • YES! That would be an awesome kickboxing match. I don’t want to bad mouth Overeem obviously but I had no clue why he stood in front of Browne even when he was hurt. He should have used footwork to move in and out and side to side while picking his shots to not gas out. Such a bad mistake for a world class fighter.

    • Mark McDowall

      You know I usually agree with everything you say…BUT…

      1. I don’t think you can consider someone who has always had a questionable history of PED usage as good for the sport.

      2. He is finally in the big leagues…and he’s 1-2, with the 1 win being when he failed a drug test for having excessively high T levels.

      3. He doesn’t exactly have the most impressive list of names on his resume. The one’s he does he has lost too. With the exception of Werdum in SF.

      • You always state facts and that’s what I love about your Mark. His resume may not be to crazy but it is respectable to see a guy keep fighting in all areas of combat sports. I’m just a loyal fan is all when it comes down to it.

        • Mark McDowall

          He does have a good record as far as wins and losses. I’ve always been a believer that the names on a fighters record make or break it. Overeems record is dusted with some big names…but the big names are mostly followed with an L.

    • Kbroesq

      I’m not here to abuse, but people don’t bag on him because he loses occasionally; they bag on him because he is (or was) an arrogant, condescending A-hole. It’s nice to see that he was more humble for his fight with Browne, and I hope he keeps it that way. Lots of people win and lose and don’t get insulted for it, so that’s not it. I listen to a lot of MMA podcasts, and I have heard many interviews with Reem; he’s just so arrogant and hateable. Again, I hope that has changed with losing some fight and being humbled.

      Regarding the fight, Browne was doing what the ref was asking him to do. He had his hand up, and was moving to get up. I don’t get how you can say it should have been stopped when Browne came back to win the fight! Reem, on the other hand, was out. All those credentials don’t mean anything when you step in the Octagon. Reem has now been KO’d by two guys aren’t even known as being stand-up dynamos; that shows you what those credentials mean.

      • ElbowSlice

        I really like Reem too, but let’s face it….glass chin. And I thought he was going to be more humble too, but he kept plodding straight forward, no dancing or angles, without his hands up to protect himself as if he didn’t respect Browne. I think his glass chin and his arrogance got him another loss. Maybe, just maybe, next time he’ll respect his opponent enough to practice a little defense.

      • Very well said. Browne did come back to win it but he was being out classed completely. He caught Reem fair and square due to Reems mistake I seen it in Brownes eyes how he was hurt bad. Yet he lands a kick and two punches and the ref stops it but when Overeem has top control throwing punches and knees having Browne fall back down Mario keeps it going. I’ll admit I could be being biased but I heard other guys make the same comment while I was watching the fights. I do get where your coming from though and respect your comment.

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    Overeem has the chuck liddell syndrome you poke his chin and he goes out


    Happa Brown v Bigfoot #2, Alistair v Big Nog #3, give them both a shot at avenging losses