UFC Fight Night 26 Results: Matt Brown Makes Case for Top 10, Starts Georges St-Pierre Talk

August 17, 2013
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04-mike-swick-vs-matt-brown-ufc-on-fox-5_9072-2Matt Brown (18-11) stamped his case for a top 10 spot in the welterweight rankings – and perhaps a title shot – with a dominant first-round knockout over Mike Pyle (25-9) on the main card at UFC Fight Night 26 from the TD Garden in Boston on Saturday night.

Brown went straight on the attack, dropping Pyle with a right hand to the head, followed up with a knee just 20 seconds into the bout, and with Pyle unable to return any shots from his back, Brown put him away by knocking Pyle out cold after just 29 seconds.

“I’m just glad I get to talk to you this time man,” Brown told Joe Rogan after the fight. “I know Mike Pyle, how good he really is, if I let him get comfortable in there it’s going to be a dog fight. Mike Pyle is good enough to be champion. He’s better than GSP; I guarantee it.”

After seven straight wins in the Octagon, Brown tentatively called out UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

“We’re you at George? 6 in a row!” Brown stated.

The loss ended Pyle’s four-fight winning streak, and at 37 years of age and with a child, his days in the UFC may be coming to an end, while for Brown, at 32, he looks to be in the prime of his career.

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  • Mclay

    Mike Pyle champion , better then GSP? WTF is Mike Brown smoking?

    • Anthony Dubois

      Yeah that wasn’t really thought out statement.

    • cs

      Matt Brown*

  • Anthony Dubois

    It’s only 6 wins in a row.

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    I wish Brown would get a step up in competition his last 3 opponents were all mid tier welterweights.

    • lowlb

      Yes^ Sad to see Pyle lose but… Maybe Ellenberger next for Brown’s first loss in a while. He’s a bad-ass though. Diaz vs Brown would be sick too..

    • Manuel Lopez

      Not his fault, he has 6 straight wins! No title shot yet? What crap!

      • Kris-tyahn

        Yeah 6 straight wins over non ranked CANS. Brown is such an idiot, used to like him, until the “Pyle the other Can crusher, would be Champ and he’s better than GSP” – Apparently Brown thinks he’s the best WW on the planet since he just KOd a guy who’s better than GSP in 20+ secs…. Bahahahaha, maybe Brown can defeat a few top 10 first, instead of these cans!!! See Browns losses?!? Look who he’s lost to. Enough said!

        • Manuel Lopez

          So UFC has put 6 CANS in front of Brown? Is that what you’re saying? Aren’t you UFC fanboys always claiming that UFC doesn’t have cans? And if indeed Brown has fought only cans, how is that his fault? He is not the matchmaker. In mma 6 wins in a row is to be respected no matter who you fought. The bottom line is he fought anyone that UFC put in front of him and won. And by the way, so called cans pull upsets all the time!!!

          • Chase Brian Beebe

            quality over quantity all day everyday

      • shakejunt

        it’s like costa’s situation. gotta get them that marquee name match-up before you can sell the shot.

      • Chase Brian Beebe

        At the end of the day you need a signature win; that being top 10 opponent

    • Lucas Freire

      It’s not his fault.
      I think the fight with Thiago Alves would be the best way to gauge where Brown is on the division. To bad he got injured…AGAIN. lol
      As much as Alves is out for a long time, he’s a beast, and his only losses are against the top of the top on their prime, Fitch on his prime,Story on his prime when he defeated the now number one contender Hendricks, and Kampmann in a desperation move in the last 10 seconds.

  • Gary Fredericks

    I’d like to see Brown vs Condit, Kampman, MacDonald, or Ellenberger before getting GSP just to make the shot legit.

  • drkdisciple

    Brown is an exciting fighter but before calling out the champ he should start by beating a top 10 ranked fighter. Also to say that Mike Pyle could beat GSp is the most ridiculous thing I heard in a while!

  • I liked Matt Brown when he first on TUF. After a while I just stopped. After the Mike Pyle better then GSP comment, I really don’t care for him. I really hope Thiago Alves fights him or Nick Diaz. I want to see how long the aggression last against top fighters like that. Still congrats to him for being on a 6 fight streak though, but guys like Jon Fitch and Alves fought 6 and 7 fight win streaks against the top guys in the division. Ellenberger, Kampmann, Rory McDonald, Josh Koscheck, Nate Marquardt, these are fights he needs to rack up before calling out GSP.

  • ElbowSlice

    I really like Brown. His fights are always exciting. He definitely comes to bang. But I’m not sure how he’ll do against some of the better guys in the div. His gameplan always seems to be ” just bring the heat”. But if that doesn’t work for him, what next? I think a lot of the guys in the division can either avoid or outlast Brown’s bomb drops, then have their way with him. Guys like Condit, Diaz, McDonald…he better have a well rounded gameplan if he expects to beat them.