UFC Fight Night 26 Results: John Howard Makes His Way Back to the Octagon, Upsetting Uriah Hall

August 17, 2013
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John Howard 3058 UFC 94-478x270John “Doomsday” Howard made his way back to the Octagon on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 26, after two years and six victories outside of the promotion. The former welterweight looked to re-establish himself at middleweight by defeating The Ultimate Fighter 17 runner-up Uriah Hall at the TD Garden in Boston.

Hall wouldn’t make it easy for him though.

Hall immediately showed a new wrinkle in his game, shooting and taking Howard down at the beginning of the fight. After mounting little offense on the mat, Hall allowed Howard back to his feet and used his reach advantage to establish his jab.

Howard, however, fought his way back, landing some stinging leg kicks and power punch combinations.

The pace slowed in round two, Howard now stalking Hall, and swinging for the fences, forcing Hall into a counter-fighting role.

Again, Howard got things going in the latter portion of the round, landing some of his power strikes. He scored a takedown with about a minute to go and ground and pounded Hall until the horn.

Hall tried again in the final round to take Howard down, but Doomsday was ready, stuffing him at every turn. Howard kept control, pressing the fight, again forcing Hall to try and counter his attacks.

The TUF runner-up wouldn’t give up though, eventually securing a takedown, although they returned to their feet with less than a minute left in the fight.

Neither took any real risks in the waning moments, although Howard made a last ditch flying superman punch attempt to a downed Hall. He missed with the punch, but walked out of the Octagon with a victory, earning the split decision nod from Boston’s judges.

Howard was a welterweight in his past UFC tenure, but has now established himself in the middleweight division, improving his overall record to 21-8 with the victory over Hall.

One of the favored fighter on The Ultimate Fighter, Hall lost in the finale and now to Howard, and finds himself searching for a way to get on track.

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  • adice89

    So glad Uriah HYPE TRAIN Hall lose again. Cant believe so much attention was on him for a knockout kick he did against a amature in the house.

    • lowlb

      That was not a decisive win for Howard. I thought Hall looked good first round.
      Then he just kept backing up… The backing up lost him the fight.

    • Clizzark

      Why be glad someone lost just because others hyped up that fighter? That’s a dumb mentality to have. The fight should have been a draw anyways.

      • homebrand

        obviously you didn’t see the fight….if you thought that was a draw you’re still caught in the hype

        • Clizzark

          What did Howard do in that fight? Not much. The big problem was that Joe Rogan greatly exaggerated everything that Howard did. Howard just landed those little, piddly shots in the clinch that did very little to no damage and also a lot of other strikes barely connected. I know he landed some leg strikes, but Hall landed more of the significant strikes (check the numbers). I’m saying neither guy really deserved that win as it wasn’t decisive either way. In fights where there’s no decisive winner in any real manner, then it should be a draw. What in the hell did Howard do to deserve that win? Hell, he clearly lost the 1st round.

          WTF does this fight have to do with hype? Regardless if the decision was a win, loss or a draw for Hall, his hype died, so again, WTF does this have to do with his hype? It’s dead either way you slice the outcome of that fight.

          • homebrand

            Howard moved forward and pressed the fight that’s why he won…Hall wont stand in the pocket and bang,so he looks ordinary backing up.Remember Howard took the fight on short notice

  • james j

    Hall will be cut after he loses his next fight. He is well liked so he needs a cupcake fight fast.

  • Very impressed with Howard. I’ve always respected his muay thia and I counted him out coming back in the UFC as a MW against a bigger, athletic Uriah Hall. I liked the sportsmanship both fighters showed but it was a little much during the fight. I wonder what’s next for Hall. He’s now lost the 4 biggest fights on his resume. I’m sure he’ll get another chance with all the hype that surrounded him on TUF. Not like he was ever completely dominated.

    • Mark McDowall

      I think that Hall needs to not only win his next fight…but he needs to absolutely destroy, ala TUF, his opponent. He blew the fight to win TUF and pretty much did the same last night.

      His days are numbered….

  • Chicago

    1 thing UH does that really pisses me off is lean his head back with his hands down to avoid a strike. that’s how the LHW champ ko’ed him.

    • abe lincoln

      Do you mean the MW champ?

  • abe lincoln

    Glad for Doomsday, i can’t say i follow his career but he seems like a good person. I like seeing good things happen to good people.

  • ElbowSlice

    The fight was pathetic. I was so tired seeing Hall and Howard constantly touching gloves and hugging. Too much love and respect for each other. Didn’t they know this was supposed to be a fight? Maybe they should have bought some condoms and met at a hotel instead of meeting in the octagon.

  • laleggenda27

    Mr. Pishna, you make the fight seem far better than it actually was. In reality, we saw two fighters who refused to engage for most of the fight. Whether it be nerves or mental shortcoming, Hall appears to completely shut down inside the Octagon. It’s a shame because he has all of the physical tools to be a world-beater, but there’s clearly a glitch in the wiring. We’ve seen this plenty of times in combat sports, and it’s unlikely that Hall will ever actually realize his physical potential, but perhaps the tutelage of someone like Greg Jackson would help.

  • BobGyro

    Uriah Hall sucks and has no business in the UFC. Terrible and mentally weak. Dump this loser.