UFC Fight Night 25 Play-by-Play: Jake Shields vs. Jake Ellenberger

September 17, 2011
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Jake Shields vs. Jake Ellenberger

Round 1: Shields going for the takedown early, Ellenberger tosses him to the mat on the first attempt, and defends the second. They clinch up and Ellenberger pulls Shields head down, driving two knees, one to his body the other to his face, dropping him face first on the canvas. Ellenberger immediately follows him down and finishes with strikes.

Jake Ellenberger def. Jake Shields by TKO (Strikes) at 0:53, R1

UFC Fight Night 25 Live Results Home Page

  • All that smack that Shields talked about Ellenberger not being in the same league…. well it only took Ellenberger 53 seconds to prove Shields wrong! I’m really sorry that Shields lost his dad not long ago but if he even thinks about using it as an excuse for this loss that would be a shame. I always thought Shields was a little overrated. No doubt a good fighter but overrated, I hope they put Ellenburger against the Penn vs Diaz winner and the person get the next title shot.

  • BigGuy

    Like I always said…SF is not the UFC. Once they get to the octagon it’s a whole new ballgame. I never thought Shields would fare well in the UFC.

  • sb

    This kid Ellenberger is serious. He just tossed Shields around. An athelete at a much higher level.

  • thomaskavany

    They both did a great job as far as they were able to go. Too bad ellenberger couldn’t go farther.