UFC Fight Night 24 Results: Anthony Johnson Rumbles Over Dan Hardy

March 26, 2011
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Anthony Johnson putting the beatdown on Dan Hardy

Anthony Johnson putting the beatdown on Dan Hardy

The disclaimer on Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson’s UFC Fight Night 24 bout on Saturday night in Seattle read, “Don’t Blink or You Might Miss It.”

The fight didn’t live up to it’s billing, but most fights that promise an explosive knockout rarely do.

Johnson dropped Hardy early with a left head kick, tried to finish with a choke, but Hardy survived and returned to his feet, but that sequence would be the only spark of the fireworks promised.

Johnson quickly put Hardy right back on the mat, looking to finish with the hammers that are disguised as his fists. Hardy searched for submissions, but Johnson easily powered out of everything Hardy went after.

Hardy then looked to get his striking going in round two, but Johnson quickly shot the double-leg and again put the Brit on his back. Hardy tried for more submissions, but Johnson was too powerful and continued punishing him with punches while he defended his Kimura attempts.

Going for a different approach in the final round, Hardy immediately shot for the takedown, but Johnson powered him to his back, continuing his fight-long ground and pound attack. Hardy again made it back to his feet, but ate a knee for his efforts and quickly was taken back to the mat where Johnson took full back mount, pummeling Hardy.

The Brit rolled, but Johnson synched on an arm triangle choke. Hardy survived the choke and the ensuing neck crank, but Johnson dominated the fight, earning the unanimous nod of the judges.

  • sgilliss

    Dan Hardy’s days in the UFC might be over. He seems unwilling to embrace grappling or at least a sound takedown defense. Long gone are the days of the one-trick pony — be it a striker, wrestler or submission specialist. Perhaps the UFC will keep him simply because he’s very popular in the UK, which represents a a sizable chunk of the ever-expanding global fanbase. Take his mostly-localized popularity out of the equation and you’re left with a stubborn Brit with three straight losses.

    • Frye557

      Your right, but I did read in a couple of articles that White wasn’t sure what to do yet. He stated that he loves him so I see Hardy being in the same situation as Joe Stevenson. I think, depending on how he does at 129, Nate Diaz would be a great scrap.

      • sgilliss

        I agree Hardy and Joe Daddy are in the same boat; however, Stevenson (although not a great wrestler) can wrestle and is tougher to get to the ground than Dan. This ability allows him to make fights more interesting, which Hardy can’t do. In short, Joe Daddy is more well-rounded and puts on very entertaining bouts. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hardy. I really do. But he allows fights to be boring when faced against a grappler.

  • ShockednAwed

    I like how he likes Bruce Buffer so much. 😀