UFC Fight Night 24 Fighter Bonuses: Jung Runs Away With $55,000 Sub Bonus

March 27, 2011
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Chan Sung Jung's finish of Leonard Garcia

Chan Sung Jung's finish of Leonard Garcia

There were several fights at UFC Fight Night 24 on Saturday night in Seattle that didn’t live up to expectations; fights that were thought potential producers of post-fight award winners.

But there were other bouts that delivered on the promise, with fighters providing performances that netted them bonuses of $55,000 each.

Without a shadow of a doubt, “The Korean Zombie,” Chan Sung Jung ran away with the Submission of the Night bonus. His rematch with Leonard Garcia didn’t go the way most fans expected, after a bell-to-bell slugfest in their first meeting, but he delivered a dramatic finish with one second left in round two.

Michael McDonald eats a kick from Edwin Figueroa

Michael McDonald eats a kick from Edwin Figueroa

Jung finished Garcia with Eddie Bravo’s patented Twister submission, something that no fighter has ever done in the Octagon. It was something that Jung learned from watching Bravo’s YouTube videos, and had longed to pull off in the UFC.

Michael McDonald and Edwin Figueroa, whose fight was featured on the UFC’s Facebook preliminary bout stream, was one that Spike TV officials surely would have cherished having time for on their broadcast.

McDonald lived up to expectations, showing the wide range of his skills earning a unanimous decision against Figueroa, but Figueroa impressed as well, taking the fight on 10 days notice, never giving in to McDonald’s efforts. Their battle was enough to earn them the Fight of the Night bonus.

Johny Hendricks rocks TJ Waldburger

Johny Hendricks rocks TJ Waldburger

The Knockout of the Night went to a fighter that didn’t make the Spike TV broadcast or the Facebook prelim stream. Johny Hendricks TKO’d T.J. Waldburger a mere minute and a half into their fight.

Each of the winners pocketed an extra $55,000 on Saturday night for a total of $220,000 in reported post-fight bonuses.

  • Good to see that the Baconator got a bonus for his TKO.

  • sgilliss


    Amazing. Never heard of or seen that used. Great stuff. Definitely deserved sub of the night.

    In fact, Jung looked pretty good the other night and of course looked amazing in Garcia v Jung I. But he looked *terrible* against Roop. Just really bad.

    So I don’t know what to think of the Korean Zombie. Is he the real deal or not?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    Got a feeling we’re going to see a Nam Pham v Korean Zombie match as well as a Nam Pham v Garcia II fight. Nice.

  • sgilliss

    The MacDonald v Figueroa fight was great. Love seeing young guns in action. As impressive as MacDonald was, props to Fig. Fought on short notice and was pretty slick in the ring. Not sure if MacDonald was executing his sub moves with perfection, if Fig was slippery with sweat (or drinking water, ahem) or if Edwin was just flat out tough. Could be a combo of all. Either way both impressed and deserved Fight of the Night.

  • sgilliss

    Anyone know why the Hendricks fight didn’t even make Facebook let alone Spike?

    Seems like a demotion of sorts when you don’t make either card. Seems like a 10-1 fighter with some notable clashes should’ve made prime time.

    Just sayin’ …