UFC Fight Night 24: Dan Hardy Wants GSP & Condit Again, But Eyes AJ

March 22, 2011
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To say 2010 was disappointing for Dan Hardy would be an understatement.

The British banger failed in his attempt to wrest the UFC welterweight championship belt from around the waist of Georges St-Pierre. He then, admittedly overconfident and cocky,  was summarily knocked out by Top 10 fighter Carlos Condit later in the year.

As would be expected, Hardy wants another shot at both. Against St-Pierre, it’s more or less the want for an opportunity to prove that he can be the fighter to beat one of the all-time greatest champions in the sport’s history. The rift with Condit takes a much different path. He just plain doesn’t like Condit and wants to beat him down.

Neither, however, is on his immediate radar.

That position is held for Anthony Johnson, a fighter that Hardy considers a friend, but still the man that he is burdened with defeating at UFC Fight Night 24 on March 26 in Seattle.

As much as Hardy wants to make up the losses of 2010, he knows that he can’t afford to look past Johnson. He’s been training hard, trying to shore up his deficiencies… namely his wrestling and ground game.

Hardy took time out of his training recently to talk with MMAWeekly.com’s U.K. correspondent Lee Whitehead to talk about all of the above and more.

  • jared499

    Yeah, I think Mr. Hardy better stop even thinking about GSP and Condit, AJ is going to be a big enough challange. Not to mention he is coming off 2 big losses, a devestating KO and a 5 round total domination. He had just better hope he wins this one, if not he may be fighting in other promotion.

    • armendo420

      i think hardy is going to get killed

  • BigGuy

    Dan Hardy Wants GSP & Condit Again???? Who does he think he is? Don’t you have to be on a WINNING streak to be even thinking about becoming the champion? While we’re at it, I think I want a chance at Cain Velasquez!

    • Frye557

      Well said, not to mention he was destroyed by both the guys. It’s not like either of them were close decisions. Hardy was far over hyped going into both those fights, GSP and Condit both proved it.

  • Mario

    Hopefully Hardy get’s KO’d again.

  • somecokehead

    Hardy will hold his own… I wouldn’t be surprised if he won. He will never beat GSP though. He probably knows that… Just like BJ Penn does now.