UFC Featherweight Matt Grice in Intensive Care Unit Following Car Crash

September 9, 2013
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23-Matt-Grice-7265-UFC-157-weigh-478x270UFC featherweight Matt Grice is in critical condition following a car accident Saturday night in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.

The accident was reported by Oklahoma City’s 9News.com, and later confirmed by UFC officials.

Grice is also an Oklahoma City police officer.

“Officer Matt Grice was off duty and sitting at a red light when another car slammed into the back of his vehicle near Shawnee,” 9News.com reported. “He was rushed to OU Medical Center, where he underwent brain surgery Sunday night.”

Grice had been scheduled to fight Jeremy Larsen at UFC 166 on Oct. 19 in Houston. Following the accident, Grice is in a completely different fight now, and obviously won’t be competing in Houston.

He is currently in the intensive care unit following Sunday’s surgery.

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  • bajafox

    Damn that sucks

  • The Best Eva

    Wow were praying for your health man, must have been a really bad rear end.

  • onehitwonder

    man that does suck, why can’t people pay attention when they drive, a f’in RED light of all things.

  • robc

    Rear end an off duty cop… Now that is a way to get favorable treatment from the law. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.